10 Classics to stick for the Foundation of Your Style

Mary Garner

I’ve been an entertainment and music journalist for seven years under the pseudonym, Mary Honeychild. Last year I left the corporate magazine publishing world to run my own beauty product startup, Nempilo Health + Beauty. I’m also an avid sartorialist and street style fiend that mostly follows European “It girls” on Instagram and fashion houses that I admire. I use Facebook, not for keeping up with old friends but for tech, fashion and business news updates.


You’ve probably heard it before. Stick to the classics when establishing a wardrobe or refreshing your style image. And if you haven’t yet, well things are going to get a little easier for you after this. A classic approach to your style could streamline your fashion experience and make getting ready in the morning a simple task.

If you’re unsure of how to move forward with the shaping and defining of your own look, a key to remaining timeless is to remember, the simpler the better.

The part that can get confusing is, just what exactly are “classics” and how can we distinguish those from fads? A true marker of an established classic is its undetected quality of remaining forever in sight no matter the decade.

Another tell that classics have is the simplicity of the pattern and ergonomics of its design. A classic fit is one one that makes room for and serves the person wearing it. Classics also rotate in and out of sartorial history, surviving commercial peaks and lows with ease.

It’s probably ok to look back on your old photos and laugh at the fashion choices you made when you were younger, but it may be even more fulfilling to notice how your own sense of taste and style shone through in all of the fashion choices you made.

By sticking to the classics you give your own style a chance to grow as you get comfortable in the staples of your closet. You’ll experience fashion brain freeze less often and getting dressed may even become a daily pleasure.

1. White T-Shirt/Vest

Throwing on a box-cut white t-shirt or loose fitting vest on a hot day with a pair of jeans, tucked in partially or knotted at the back is no sweat at all. Pair this with a pair of ankle boots, a bomber or leather jacket, a smack of red lips and you’re good to go.

2. Red Lipstick

Always a winner. If you’re feeling unsure of red lips or even lipstick at all, you could opt for the gel versions that most major brands have, these go on easier and require less precision. However, if you’re an old hand at lipstick then make sure to line your lips with red lipliner after application for a volume effect.

3. Denim

The uniform of the rebel and the ultimate in casual cool, all you have to do is ensure that you get the right fit denim jeans. Making the decision to invest in a good quality pair helps this classic really pay off in the long run. The lighter, acid wash designs are great for summer while darker denims work well in colder weather.

4. Leather

Timeless tan leather hasn’t left the collective human consciousness as you can’t go wrong with a simple design tan wallet, satchel or handbag. Knowing how to style your leather pieces usually comes down to one leather item per look.

5. Diamonds

Delicate diamond/or diamond like/crystal ear rings, bracelets or necklaces add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a casual or formal outfit. When choosing which pieces of jewellery to wear, consider making one of them your statement piece and layer according to its specific style.

6. Sharp Point-Toe Pumps

When considering buying a heel that’ll serve you longer than one season, remember the sharp point-toe pump and its versatility. The pointed toe elongates your legs, making you appear taller and your feet dainty. It’s this flattering design that sees the reinvention of this shoe pop-up throughout decades and even centuries. Start with a black pair and work your way up to colours when you’re feeling creatively inspired.

7. Tailored Linen Pants

The tailored linen pants is another easy-to incorporate wardrobe staple. Depending on which style design you choose, you can wear something like this simply and match it with an oversized box-cut t-shirt or button up shirt. Linen pants are also versatile when mixing and matching thanks to its simplistic quality, it could go with nearly anything in your closet.

8. Clear Varnish Manicure

Although overlooked and often dismissed, a simple, short, buffed, clear varnish set of nails improves your confidence and has an overall clean around the edges effect for your look. You can get a Gelish or Shellac manicure that lasts up to three weeks, or you can do this easy manicure at home once a week.

9. The Low Bun

Sleeking your hair back into an uncomplicated and neat low bun with a side or middle path is an easy way to be work-day ready without risking looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. The trick is to use a gel, pomade or hair spray that’ll help you achieve the sleek effect. Bobby pins are also useful to tuck in any stray hairs. Do this hairstyle with red lipstick and eyeliner. If you’re up to it you could even flick the eyeliner up a smidgen at the outer corner of your eye and make off with a cat-eye.

10. Groomed Eyebrows

You don’t have to live with the eyebrows given to you but you also have to make sure that the grooming technique you’re using on them suits your face and sits realistically on top of it. Gently brush your eyebrows with a clean mascara or eyebrow brush and trim the excess bit of hair outside of your desired shape. Use a combination of a colour appropriate pencil and brush to fill in your brows and keep doing light layers until you’re satisfied. Fulfilling your own style destiny is one that you will redefine throughout your life as your experiences and values evolve. Figuring out the basics of your wardrobe and by shopping with necessity and efficiency in mind you’ll end up buying less of those pieces that look phenomenal but are nearly impossible to pair with anything else in your closet.

You’ll be more conscious of what you enjoy wearing and what looks good on you but most importantly, you’ll be wearing more of what makes you feel good too.