10 style tips to dress on budget for millennials

Anjolaolorun Alabi

Anjolaolorun Alabi or simply St_anjie is a freelance content creator from Lagos, Nigeria. As an avid reader and literary enthusiast, he writes about marketing and social media. He has articles published on some popular local blogs like ynaija and bellanaija among others.


Making a lasting first impression starts with your look and it is occasion specific. You don’t want to wear the same kind of coloured t-shirt to all event except you own a Facebook or suit up to ski unless you a character in a Hollywood comedy show called How I Met Your Mother. While wearing same coloured tees and jeans at all times can be on a budget, how will you look at a cocktail party? Not very fit. Stocking your wardrobe with piles of suits, on the other hand, is quite expensive and it is not what you want to wear at a beach party on a sunny afternoon. You want to make a good and lasting first impression on people you meet in everyday life. You want to rock a cool style on a budget. Let’s dress you up…

Wear self-confidence with style

It does not matter how expensive the suit is or the watch or the shoes; if your confidence is missing; it simply won’t fit. self-confidence should be your number one fashion accessory. The way you rock a $99 suit will determine what value admirers place on it and invariably on you. Good thing is, self-confidence comes at no dollar bill cost; know the occasion and the language of the people, where a charming smile along with a clean breath. Smell good and be kind, all of this can help to boost your confidence.

Keep it simple

Remember, the goal is to dress on a budget. You probably don’t have unlimited cash to hire a fashion stylist and you are short on time, you know, work and other important life activities. Dressing on a budget starts with keeping it simple. For instance, you have a casual meetup with other industry professionals on a Saturday, you can simply rock a plain t-shirt with a pair of jeans with complimenting colour(s), a loafer, face cap and a watch wrist instead of trying to look the 2chains part with all the jewellery.

Don’t be influenced by fashion shows

One thing you should know is most styles showcased on the runway does not always see the light of another day. While it represents what is in vogue, it fades in time and fast. What this might leave you is an empty pocket and a closet filled with outdated clothes. Except you are a fashionista and that is what you do for a living, ignore the latest fashion shows, they might influence your style and before you know it, you are going off budget.

Know the occasion and dress for it

A professional networking event and a nightclub begins with different letters and so should the way you dress the part. The first thing you should consider when dressing up for an occasion is the kind and personality of people you’ll be meeting at the event. Understand their fashion language, respect the culture of the environment and dress to fit in. Being classic, the form of dressing match with such event from the dawn of time is always the best way to go. A well-fitted tuxedo to the cocktail party is never wrong, except for casual days. Sometimes I do wonder why people wear a shade to a night party and still compliment it with a cap.

Pay attention to your personal brand

“What do I want people’s perception of me to be?” “If I wear this, what first impression am I creating” “What do I do and which style best suit my job?” These are questions to ask to help you define your personal brand. Pay attention, this might help, lawyers have their dress code and so are the pop musician (tattooed skin, jewellery and yes, a shade why still donning a cap). Know what you want to represent and create the kind of image you want to portray.

Being trendy is not being stylish

Many guys mistake being trendy for being stylish. Although they are sort of intertwined, they are two different things. To be a functioning wardrobe however you need to know the difference between the two. Being stylish simply means you show elegance, refinement and taste while being trendy means following the latest fashion trends. Now that you know the difference, it is important to know that you can be stylish without being trendy although at some point the two might cross path, you need to understand style first to be on a budget

Choose quality over quantity

Spend more money on quality, especially on the most important fashion items like pants, shoes, wristwatch and others. Less important fashion items, most time the trendy items, should attract a smaller fraction of your budget.

How about a perfect shave?

Beard gang is a new trend, some people (especially ladies) find it sexy, if you must, groom that beard hair well, if not, keep a clean shave. Your outfit maybe nicely put together, but your unkempt hair maybe the big no-no. A well-groomed hair and a clean shave give you a sharp look.

Wear what fits

You don’t need to have an ideal body to look good, how well what you are wearing fit goes a long way in the kind of statement you make with your look. Except you are indoors or you want to look the hip-hop part (depending on your social group), try to avoid baggy clothes as much as you possibly can. Baggy clothes might make you look skinny or bottom heavy. Always wear a cloth that fit well with your stature.

Choose the best fit over the brand name

Why the use of brand name and designer clothes can make a resounding status statement, what your priority should be is how well it fits. It is more important to wear a no label dress that fit that rocking an expensive clothing that leaves you style wanting. Tailored made clothe are best fits, while they can be quite expensive, you can still find good fashion designer that will make you look like a million dollar on your budget.

There you have it, go paint the world, your canvas, cool.