2 Styles that never go out of style: The Rocker and Bohemian

Génesis Vidal Santos

A freelance writer doing a BA in Psychology.


You do not have to choose between sexy or classy, this post teaches you all you need to know on how to combine classy AND sexy. The two style options that I present here are very accessible, it is not difficult to find the balance girls! It has happened to all of us at some point in our life that we want to create a style that identifies us but we do not know where to start. Do not get rid of any garment, for sure you can give it a new use! Here I leave some suggestions for pieces of clothing, accessories, footwear, and other things that we can use for different styles. Do not limit yourself to just one!


For the ‘rocker’ style there are several garments that are essential. The typical black leather jacket with kicked details is essential to achieve this look of a rough girl. It does not have to be a specific brand, it just has to be leather and black.

Loose-fitting t-shirts or sleeveless shirts almost always of neutral colors like black, white or gray are perfect and even more so if they have a combination of details in colors that stand out, like the typical ACDC shirt or the rolling stones one.

When choosing what will match your shirt and jacket you can have a little more freedom. This look is perfectly matched with short high-waisted jeans or light or dark skinny jeans. In case of not having the black leather jacket we can replace this with black leather pants or with a black or light high-waisted skirt, it can also be in leather!

You are probably asking which shoes goes with this look, the answer is very simple, BOOTS! The boots are something that all ‘rocker’ has in his closet. In the absence of these do not enter panic, pointed heels with a color that stands out is a very good option, try to combine the colors of the t-shirt with the colors of the shoes.


This look is quite bearable in the issue of the accessories, you will not need more than a few medium earrings and a small and simple necklace, this style is a little charged so you do not want to add anything unnecessary and make you look very full. A quick summary of the look: Black leather is a must, whether in a jacket, in a pair of pants or in a skirt. Few accessories needed. Dark colors but with details in bright colors that stand out. Black boots or heels in bright colors.

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BOHO or Bohemian

This style is a little bit more complicated at first glance, but calm down! I will explain everything you need to know to be seen as if you had designer clothes. This look is all about hats, many necklaces, prints, and wallets. Fashion is constantly changing and launching new styles and garments; With this boho look, you do not have to worry about not having the last scream of fashion and even then you will see yourself as a million dollars walking. The best of all is that you may have all the pieces for this look right in your closet!

To get this look, the first thing you need is a ‘conner’ hat. It is strongly recommended but your style will not stop being boho if you do not have it.
The dresses with patterns or design on it are one of the most important things of this style, whether short or long attached to the body or not, that is to say, favors any figure.

Belts. They are used as a complement to the dress and give a more formal touch.
Last but not least, the vests. These are the inseparable friends of this look; whether it’s a sleeveless fur vest or a regular vest of whatever fabric. Search your wardrobe, for sure you have one!

Can I combine with other things?

Of course! You can make your variations for any style, for the boho style you can use the oldest jeans you have, some shorts, skirt or even a romper, just make sure to incorporate a few items that I mentioned earlier. Use any of the options to make this look more jovial or more mature.


For accessories one or two collars, usually long, is fine. The earring depends on how you wear your hair at that time. If you wear your hair tied up it will be better to wear longer and larger earrings but if you wear your hair loose it will be better to have small earrings. The bags are a very common accessory for the boho look. I only have a small or handheld wallet, does that work? Of course! The bag can be large or small with print or bright colors. Now that I got my style, what should I wear on my feet? The shoes may vary, boot heels ankle style would go well, sandals can be a good alternative too, just be sure to be comfortable.

A quick summary of the look: Dresses and hats are strongly encouraged but they are not necessary. The vest is a must, this can be any fabric or texture. The accessories are very important, a double necklace or two necklaces are usually enough. The rings are a good way to complement your look.

In conclusion, it is important to wear clothes that make us feel comfortable and reflect our style although we can never say that we have a definitive style, every experience, feeling or mood can make us express different styles. In the day we should dress to have an appointment with ourselves and make the world know a little of us with the first and last impression of our own fashion and maybe doing this we are dazzled and surprised ourselves discovering new stages that before we had no idea that they existed in us, these looks are for every girl, whether young or mature and for almost every occasion.