2018 Fashion Trends: Reuse Pieces From Your Closet

Naomi Beretta

Hi, I’m Naomi! I am a freelancer working in business, administration, blogging, and other ventures. I currently live in South Africa, but am from Canada – I have also travelled to many countries through backpacking, volunteering, and vacationing. In my travels and volunteer experience overseas, I have gained perspective, creativity, and adaptability. While pursuing freelance work, I am moving in the direction of fashion and textiles, and also event planning. I would love to learn under leaders in business, textiles, and events coordination.


What’s In For 2018?

New trends have been the buzz after the Oscars and the runway shows this year – but what is essential of the 2018 fashion trends? How do we take the styles off the runways and forecasts without going out to buy a whole new wardrobe? Look inside your closet – even the closet of your older parents, friends, and neighbours because some of these styles can be taken right from the 80’s back to you.

Yellow, Yellow.

All the rage was the stunning yellow pieces worn by celebrities Eiza González and Greta Gerwig at the Oscar this year. More than that, the runway seems to be confirming this trend. So before dismissing yellow, consider how you could bring it in. Finding a shirt, a pair of shorts or an old accessory in yellow could be just a small item to use for this year. With yellow, keep in mind the shade and brightness will suit everyone differently, so do some window shopping (trying on wouldn’t hurt) of some different hues!

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-wearing-yellow-spaghetti-strap-dress-745136/

Fanny Packs

It’s definitely time to dig through your attic or basement to find this gem. Coming into a streetwear style, small bags are moving back to fanny packs and making its debut. Depending on your style, and accessibility to the old statement accessory, using various styles is a go! Whether you are a minimalist, a retro at heart, hipster, or glam girl – there is something for everyone. Look out in your local thrift stores for what the oldies see as a giveaway. It’s now fashion gold.

Show Shoulder Power

Very much in line with the 80’s comeback are the unmistakable prominent shoulders. Shoulder pads were not just a sight of the past. Pull out those suit jackets, dresses, blouses and all things shoulder pad because shoulder power is in. On the runways, puffed sleeves and exaggerated shoulders were seen in various clothing articles of high fashion to streetwear. Embrace the large flowy sleeves or thick shoulders of your wardrobe. Dig into your mom’s old blazers with the pads or your older sister’s flowy bohemian tops and pair it with some tight bottoms. Right there, you have a winning 2018 look.

Prints and Colour Trends

Polka Dots

This print, with so many varieties, can be so easily worn in another fashion season. Keep a lookout for specific styles, but having some basic monochrome polka dot pieces can pump up your trendy wardrobe already. Find different sized prints and pair it with a subtle neutral or a bright statement piece depending on your look! Some styles on the runway had a full polka dot outfit, so for the braver soul, try a show-stopping polka dot romper or full-length dress. Although it can be easy to sport a more out-there look, dots can easily be incorporated into an outfit and still be classy for any occasion.


Funky Florals

This season, think grandma’s floral prints instead of the more recent prints. Pulling out a piece from grandma’s closet might work if you have no floral piece yourself. A good trip to the thrift store or fabric shop might give you some floral inspirations. For the milder spirit, a single vintage floral scarf or cardigan may add that style pop to your outfit without overdoing the print. More outgoing styles were seen in full vintage floral dresses – which could be used in an everyday look with more neutral accessories.

floral print romper What if you can’t find the vintage looking florals in your closet? Don’t stress, use a floral with big and bright colours and look for that older theme. When you go to look for this item piece at the stores, try to keep your vintage objective in mind – try second-hand shops or raiding friends’ closets if you are low on cash!

Bright 80’s Colours

When fashion is bringing back the 80’s styles, they are going in full force. Look through the 2018 runway designs to spot the bright and neon colour trends highlighting especially reds and yellows in their hues. Although these reds and yellows appear often throughout, using bright colours from within your closet is sure to set you on track with the upcoming trends. Although lighter and softer pastels were seen, the brighter and bolder look of the 80’s was clearer. Choose some pastels in your wardrobe, including lilac and softer pinks, to feature in your outfits. The bolder pieces from the last few years are more likely to be your regular outfit choices moving into 2018.

Trench Coats

trenchcoat girl Giving away some clothes? Don’t donate your long jackets, and most especially your oversized long trench coats. This season, trench coats and pantsuits with jackets and blazers are in. You can use longer coats to be dressed in trench fashion, with a belt or over your everyday look. This year, these are the choice.

If you don’t own a trench coat, do not fear, but rather call on your dad, boyfriend, uncle, grandad – or closest substitute. Look into their closet for some staple long coats that can be transformed into your fashion favourite.

These are a great piece as they stay within the comforts of what has been stylish – and hopefully – already in our closet. This clothing item is a staple that is still simple enough not to push the boundaries of the more neutral minimal style.

Think: 80’s Fashion

There is so much that can be done to meet each new fashion trend, and fashion year, without blowing your clothing budget. It can be so tempting to go buy many new items as the trends hit the stores, but before you do – think the 80’s. Go through your closet and compare the new trends and the 80’s fashion style to what you have already. What prints do you already have? What colours do you already own – and wear well? What can be used creatively towards this fashion?

Our clothes are not so permanent if we are able to creatively reuse them towards new and changing seasons. Some pieces are timeless, but others can be adjusted to the flow of fashion. See what you can do!