3 reasons every girl should have a pair of jeans

Fiona Mai

Freelance writer with a customised approach to writing


People say jeans are a girl’s best friend, and it is so true! At any time in my life, I always make sure that there is at least a pair of jeans in my closet. Jeans are also what many female celebrities opt for in their daily lives.

If wearing jeans is not familiar with you, these 3 reasons below will change your mind.

You do not need to wash your jeans often

How many times do you often wear your pair of jeans before washing them? Most people answer 2 or 3 times, while some say you can wear them regularly for months without washing. Levi’s CEO Charles Bergh even shocked everyone by claiming that you should never wash your jeans.

There seems to be no correct answer for this tricky question. In fact, denim is such a durable material that most people find it not so uncomfortable to keep wearing their pair of jeans for weeks. Therefore, if you often wash your jeans after 10 times of wearing or more, there is still no need to worry as long as they do not smell too much.

Jeans come in handy when you do not know what to wear

For most ladies, the decision of what to wear for the day can be quite difficult to make. If you spend lots of time standing in front of the closet every morning to think of what to wear, jeans should definitely be your choice when nothing else seems to fit.

Jeans are easy to combine with many other items such as a plain T-shirt, a dotted shirt or a flowered blouse. They are perfect for casual get-togethers with your friends, spontaneous visits to the shopping malls or even short trips out of town. Although jeans are mostly worn during informal occasions, they can make a great smart casual outfit as well when combined with a blazer and a pair of leather shoes.

Wearing jeans can highlight your body curves

Have you ever felt that your body size limits your clothing options? Jeans will eliminate your concerns. Whatever size you are, jeans can help to highlight your body curves and thus make you look more attractive. There are also different types of jeans that you can choose to fit your body shape. Jeans flatter your body in such a way that will make you more confident no matter which size you are!

Every girl should have a pair of jeans

In short, jeans deserve to be in any girl’s closet as they are so durable, easy to form your style and also fit so well to highlight your body curves.

You can wear your pair of jeans for weeks before washing them without anyone complaining. You can comfortably pick jeans for your outfit of the day when you are unsure of what to wear. Last but not least, when putting on your beloved pair of jeans, you are able to show the best of your body to the world.

If you have not considered possessing a pair of jeans, think about it now!