4 Outfit Tips to Stay In Fashion During the Rainy Season

Liz Paelmo

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Some of us worry about what to wear when the weather favors storms and raging winds. If you’re one of those fashion-inclined persons, then I might have a solution for you. Well, actually, four answers to keep you in style during the inclement weather.

Be best friends with your jacket

Blazers, cardigans, leather jackets, parkas–whatever you choose, you can never go wrong with a jacket on a chilly day. The great thing about jackets is that they are easy to pull off regardless of the style you’re aiming for. Hoodies, for instance, are so versatile during this windy period. They can be worn with shorts, pants, skirts, skorts, and basically any bottom clothing you have! Hoodies can also brighten the black-and-white environment that’s caused by the earth’s showers. Just wear a colored hoodie to turn the mood upside down! Here’s a tip: Restock jackets for the stormy days and stay on trend when the chilly time of the year arrives.

Trendsetting with Denim

guy-denim To wear denim is to make a classical move. Denim is an all-around outfit, and aside from making you look in fashion, it can also keep you warm. That way, you don’t have to pretend that you’re not freezing inside while sporting a stylish outfit. Cropped denim jeans and a denim jacket are just two of the denim outfits that will always be reliable during the cold season.

Layer up to cover up

Stay warm and in style with lots of layers. Layering up is a classic move to keep your body warm while avoiding to look like you’re wearing clothes that double your weight. You could go with: a tank top + a cardigan + maxi dress + a scarf or a simple tee + a light jacket + jeans. Experiment with different clothes, and you’ll see; the combinations are limitless!

Wear Something Knitted to Make a Statement

woman-knitted-clothes What statement, you ask? The statement that you don’t have to look horrible during the rainy season. Knitted wear can make you look good without feeling ice-cold. An oversized knitted sweater, a knitted blouse, a knitted sleeveless + a knitted cardigan, a pair of knitted leggings, a knitted bonnet, a knitted dress–these are just some of the trendy knitted outfits you can clad yourself in when the waters of heaven are pouring down.


Final Words

Basically, all you have to do is to experiment with outfits you don’t usually wear during summer. But hey, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to wear your sunflower shirt anymore. You can still wear your clothes for summer as long as you remember to put some layers or to follow another tip listed in this article. However, in your experimentation, don’t forget the basic rule regarding the designs of tops and bottoms: a plain top + a printed bottom (or vice versa) is acceptable, so is a plain top + a plain bottom, but never a printed top + a printed bottom. When it comes to colors, dark bottoms + light tops would be better for the rainy season. Then again, real fashion is when you’re comfortable with your skin and with what you’re wearing, so don’t sacrifice comfort for style; it’s best to have both!