5 Best Fabrics for Summer Fashion

Jelena Borojevic

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Summer is the most popular season to be creative with your fashion choices. This special season allows you to combine an almost endless variety of colors and patterns, allowing even fashion beginners to create great summer style combinations and express themselves freely.

However, summer is also the hottest season of the year, which means that fashion at this time of the year comes with the price of unpleasant heat and sweat. Even if you love summer, no one likes to be sweaty and uncomfortable all day. You need to make sure that you choose the right fabrics, which will let your skin breathe in the scorching heat, while also allowing you to stay fashionable. Luckily, there are wonderful fabrics to choose from during the high digits of the summer season.

cotton plant fiber


Cotton is known as the fabric with the most ‘natural-fiber’. The fluffy fiber grows around the seeds of a cotton plant. Once picked, the fiber is processed into the cotton fabric that we all know and love. It is an incredibly breathable fabric and the best choice for hot days and long periods of time spent outside. Any clothing item can be made from cotton, which means that your summer fashion will not suffer while you stay cool and dry. It doesn’t wrinkle easily, and it absorbs sweat and moisture very well. It can also naturally dry while still on your skin, which is why people love choosing cotton when they know they will be spending an entire day outside.

Fashion tip

Dresses and t-shirts are the most popular cotton choices for the summer season, especially because they absorb unwanted sweat easily. But remember, cotton can shrink if you put it in the dryer, so it is best to air dry it instead. linen fabric


Similarly, linen also comes from the fibers of a plant, in this case, the flax plant. Although it takes a long time to manufacture linen, it is an incredibly strong fabric that dries faster than most others. It feels almost weightless when worn and allows the skin to breathe, and the air to freely flow around it. The downside to linen is that it wrinkles very easily and needs to be ironed after each wear. But this is all part of the chill, down to earth fashion style that linen brings with it. You should embrace the freedom that comes with this fabric, and match your summer fashion style to the linen.

Fashion tip

Linen is a great fabric choice for trousers, shirts, and dresses, and it easily matches with any other fabric in your summer fashion choice. If you don’t have an iron at hand to fix the wrinkles, you can lightly spray the linen with some water and use your hand to straighten it. light blue chambray


Chambray is in many ways like denim, but it feels a lot more lightweight. It is also manufactured in a similar way to denim. Both weave cotton strands to produce the fabric, but chambray is made with a ‘plain weave’, while denim is made with a more complex one. This plain weave makes chambray much lighter and looser than denim, making it the perfect summer alternative while still giving your summer fashion that denim look. It works very well for absorbing sweat, and the cotton fibers will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the day. Like denim, it also adapts to the shape of your own body the more you wear it.

Fashion tip

Its denim look means that you can combine it with a sporty or semi-formal summer style. Try not to wash the chambray too often because it will become soft and lose its denim-like quality. seersucker dress


This is another member of the cotton family fabrics, but with a very special superpower. The way that seersucker is woven gives it an overall wrinkled appearance, but this is where the special superpower comes from. It has the power to keep away from your skin while you wear it. It is usually used in loose fashion styles, meaning that it will not stick to your body even in the hottest summer days. Seersucker is very versatile when it comes to combining it with other clothes, and is also great for more formal occasions in the summer when you want to look professional but not overheat your body in the process.

Fashion tip

Make sure to choose the right size and fit for your body, because seersucker is not one of those fabrics that looks good ‘oversized’. Stay away from too many accessories and combine it with light shoes and bright t-shirts for the best look. rayon trousers


This fabric is made from altering cellulose fiber from wood pulp, and like seersucker, it also has a weird superpower. Depending on how rayon is manufactured, it has the ability to imitate other fabrics, such as silk, linen, and cotton. Because it is not a natural fiber, it does not absorb moisture well, meaning that this fabric is best worn in dry heat instead of in humidity. However, its ability to imitate other fabrics makes it a great fashion choice for completing a look that would not otherwise be possible in the summer heat.

Fashion tip

Stick to bright colors that will reflect the sunlight and the heat away from your body. Rayon is not the kind of fabric that will fit tightly around your body, so choose clothes from rayon that will drape over your body and give you a cool look and feel.

Mix and Match for Endless Possibilities

Although each one of these fabrics is great on its own, mixing and matching them together can give you an endless supply of fashion choices while keeping you cool and fresh. Whether you’re going for a sporty look or a more professional first impression, these fabrics can do the job with ease. Whenever possible, choose natural fabrics of the highest possible quality and make sure to wash and dry them according to the manufacturer’s instructions. One high-quality set of clothes made from any one of these fabrics will last for years and stay gentle towards your skin throughout.