5 Fashion Tips for the Savvy Traveller

Ali Dowton

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5 Fashion Tips for the Savvy Traveller Are you planning to travel to any far away destination in the near future? Although the thought of an exotic holiday is exciting, the anticipation of a long flight can be quite daunting and stressful. I’m sure the last thing on your mind right now is what kind of outfit you plan on wearing on the plane, but there is no doubt that it will cross your mind at some point in time. As enticing as sweat pants and an oversized t-shirt may sound, pulling together a comfortable, yet stylish travel outfit is well worth the time and effort. Not only will you look great in your departure Snapchat, you also stand a much better chance at scoring an upgrade to your plane ticket!

If you travel frequently, for work or leisure, you may already have your travel fashion routine down pat. But for those who need some extra guidance when it comes to making the right wardrobe choices, I’ve got you covered from tip to toe with some simple travel fashion hacks! Read on for my five fashion tips for the savvy traveller, to help you stay on the ball and in style

1. Embrace the frizz with a cute headscarf.

If you thought hat hair was a problem, wait till you experience 18-hour flight hair. While tight braids or a simple up-do might help contain the mess, the long-haul flight frizz is inevitable. A simple solution: 1950’s housewife headscarf. There’s no denying this classic look has made a huge comeback in 2018, and thankfully this trend carries some practicality. When it comes to headscarfs, there are not many rules, only that bigger is usually better! There are plenty of tutorials online to provide inspiration for new ways to tie it, making it an extremely versatile accessory. Personalise your look by choosing fabric and patterns to suit your personality or mood.

2. Make a statement with fresh sneakers.

Thank the fashion gods for making sneans socially acceptable at last! The sneaker and jeans combo is no longer just for the oldies, with big shoe brands and celebrities making waves with the popular street wear trend. The best part? Sneakers are super comfortable to travel in, and they make that mad dash to the departure gate so much easier. Opt for a plain white or black shoe for versatility, or have fun mixing and matching colourful features and soles with your outfit.

3. Invest in a small backpack.

Anyone who’s ever experienced a turbulent flight understands the stress of travelling with an unsealed handbag. Backpacks are a perfect alternative as they are sealable, and in most cases, small enough to fit underneath the seat in front of you, meaning your belongings are easily accessible throughout the flight. Not only do they compliment the urban look, they are also much more ergonomic than a handbag or shoulder bag, resulting in less back pain! Having multiple zippers and storage compartments is another huge plus, allowing you to position the more frequently used possessions (such as phone, wallet and water bottle) in easy-to-access places.

4. Cardi is all the rage right now.

And by ‘cardi’ we mean cardigan, not the American rapper (although we like her too). Regardless of what time of year you are travelling, you can always count on the airplane air conditioning to be set to below freezing point, and unless you’re flying in First or Business Class, those skimpy airplane blankets don’t always cover up the extremities. Cardigans are a must-have travel fashion piece as they are easy to layer and eliminate the awkward elbow dance when trying to remove a sweater without knocking out the guy sitting beside you. They are usually a lighter fabric meaning they are easy to pack into your carry-on luggage, and don’t take up too much of your baggage weight allowance. As for the style? That’s completely up to you, although I find a classic grey colour easy to match with just about anything!

5. Keep up with your skincare routine.

Pressurized cabin air keeps us breathing while we’re flying high, but it also leads to some very unfortunate side effects for our skin. The easiest and most important skincare tip is to keep your lips hydrated throughout your flight with your favourite lip balm. If you want to go once step further, rub the lip balm into your nail cuticles to keep them looking healthy (or pack a small hand cream). I always carry a hydrating face mist that I spray onto my face and neck before landing – best to do this in the restroom to avoid any conflict with your neighbours over wondering sprays (although they should be thankful!). Maintaining some sort of skincare routine while travelling can dramatically improve the way you feel and look, so always pack prepared! You can find special travel-sized beauty products at most pharmacies, grocery stores and beauty shops, which fit perfectly into your carry-on luggage. If you’re travelling internationally, make sure you buy products that are 100ml or less to abide with airline rules. Now that we’ve checked-in your outfit, it’s time for take-off! These five simple fashion tips will make your next trip just that extra bit more Insta-worthy, without having to compromise on comfort and practicality. Start simple by taking on just one travel fashion tip at a time, and see what a difference this makes to your next travel experience.

HERE’S AN EXTRA TIP: If you’re a frequent flyer, download a packing guide app to remind you of your newfound travel essentials! There’s plenty to choose from for both iOS and Android, and most of them won’t cost you a penny. Pre-populate the app with a list of your favourite travel fashion items for all kinds of travel (i.e. headscarf for leisure, black ballet flats for business). This way you’ll always be prepared, and on-trend.

Do you have a go-to travel fashion accessory that I’ve missed on the list? Leave a comment and let me know!

Happy travelling!