5 items that achieve the professional look for that job

Margaret Sitawa

Sitawa has a B.Sc degree second class upper in Applied Statistics with computing. She manages her own successful blog and has written articles for companies such as Travelista Club, Twisted Fitness, Style Plus and many more. She has expertise in fashion, travel, web design and paper art. Her work ethic is impeccable and always has a unique angle to every work she pours herself into. She’s worked in sports, finance, and has a real passion for food. She is also SEO trained, web design certified and currently managing an eCommerce site https://elbmac.com.


I recently graduated from college and as like most people, I had applied for numerous job positions. One of the things I found out soon enough was that I needed to improve on my present ability. First impressions aren’t everything but they matter a lot to everyone you meet especially if they intend to employ you. For me, a professional look was the kind I wanted to project and I have come to find a number of things that enhance that look. Apart from improving, these items also come in handy when need be. Below are the 5 items that enrich my professional look.

1. Wrist Watch.

This is one item that is widely worn and works well with all kinds of style. Apart from the fact that they look chic, its primary function is to let us know what time of day it is. Some also work like alarms, calendars, and compasses. A wristwatch implies that you are the kind of person who values his time as well as that of others and hence make your look proficient.

2. A folder.

When you’re going for interviews, you always have your resumes, certificates and other important documents handy. A well-arranged folder not only makes it easier to remove your documents when asked to hand them in but will show your interviewers that you are indeed an organized person. It also keeps your documents in good shape and protects them from getting wet or torn. They come in various types and some are adequate enough to carry whatever you need.

3. Pen and notebook.

These two go together because that is how they operate. With a pen and notebook, you can write down all the things you think are important. One advantage of putting things down is that they become easy to remember and additionally, you will come off as a person who takes his work seriously and also listens keenly to what you are told.

4. Big handbag/Briefcase.

This may come as surprise to you but a big handbag or a briefcase gives off a success vibe. It gives an impression that you can handle a lot of work comfortable and that you don’t buckle under pressure. A big handbag also carries many of your belongings, fits your folder right in perfectly and makes you seem professional.

5. Closed shoes.

You may be on the move a lot during your interview period and flat shoes make your movement simple. Besides this fact, closed shoes whether heels or flat, make you seem respectful of the work environment. They are comfortable to wear, protect from a number of foot-related injuries and also keep dust and mud off your feet. The above-mentioned items should also be combined with a tidy look. Well maintained hair, neat fingernails as well as clean attire which is part of our hygienic routine, need to always be practiced in our choice of wear every day. I hope you get to pull off that professional look and better yet land that dream job.