5 SHOPR Trends To Flaunt Your Style In 2018

Kate Burgess

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2018 will be a big year for fashion, there’s no doubt about it. New York Fashion Week has showcased some memorable styles, with a number of clear patterns paving the way for this year’s big trends. Some looks have repeated themselves in recent years, with classic ideas continuing to lead the game with tried and tested styles. Others are making a comeback from earlier days, some dating back to up to 2000 years ago – at almost the start of the world as we know it.

It’s not hard to believe that fashion was as important to the social culture and self-exhibitionism centuries ago as it is today, but you may be surprised at some of the modern looks that are not so modern at all – and are in fact dated back to the start of recorded civilisation.

As fashion as an industry becomes more open-minded, and new technology lends its practices to this wearable form of art, we see new styles coming in to play, and old styles receiving fresh and fantastic updates. 2018 is the year to embrace fashion as a form of self-expression – tell the world your story.

We’ve done the hard work for you, presenting the most wearable trends from the runway to street style.

Shopr is ahead of the game, having collated the best pieces from designers all around the world. Shopr is your one-stop shop for whats hot this season.

Denim Skirts

Originating in the 1800s, denim has a long-held stature within the fashion world. A century after it’s inception as a durable fabric for miner’s, denim featured heavily in American cowboy movies, from which it’s popularity grew quickly.

American youth started wearing jeans as a means of rebellion – but before long denim transitioned from a culture to fashion as more and more brands experimented with styles and colours.

Denim has been featured heavily throughout Fashion Week’s mega runway shows. There’s no mistaking its presence across multiple industry-leading brands.

A versatile piece, denim can be dressed down or glammed up, making it a staple in wardrobes all around the globe.

We suggest pairing these classic pieces with a bold print blouse and some ever-popular ankle boots.

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Blazers are making a come back – and for good reason. They’re an adaptable piece with the potential to be the feature of an outfit or a stylish addition.

Blazers are often thought about as being a work-culture piece, but its preppy side is put to good use with the fashion innovators of today.

As a piece that suits all body shapes, it’s no wonder these babies are on the bounce back.

Simple t-shirts and cigarette pants are a good combo with a blazer adding an edgy look. Pair these with a statement necklace or flashy earrings for a more glammed up look.

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Mini Dress

The mini dress is here to stay. Ever since our obsession with model Jean Shrimpton’s daring debut at the 1965 Melbourne Cup Carnival, we have been pushing the boundaries with this piece, raising hemlines and adding thigh splits.

This year is seeing some great designs, with both bold and simple styles coming to the drawing board.

This style has unlimited potential. Tights or bare leg; heels or flats – the choice is yours.

With an ability to be party, casual, cocktail and more, you can’t go wrong with this tried and tested style.

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The Peep Toe


This flirty style has been around for a while, gaining traction in the 1940’s and sticking around ever since. A fun and flirty look, peep toes span a range of variations, from the classic pump to the recently popular open-toed boot. These can bring a bit of life to an otherwise basic look, or totally transform an outfit with a splash of style and edge.

A popular look for this year is a bright, eye-catching peep-toe coupled with the classic Little Black Dress. Spice up with fun earrings and a scarf or leave as is for an effortless outfit.

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Few will be surprised that this outfit make-or-break item is roaring back up the trend charts.

With so many patterns and ensemble options, you don’t have to limit yourself to one colour, cut or style cue.

Many believe that tights came into play after the war in the 1940’s, but this isn’t the case. The item has long been around, with archaeologists discovering a pair belonging to a wealthy Egyptian woman over 2000 years ago. Until a couple of centuries ago, tights were mainly made of silk. After the 19th century, fashion became more experimental and nylon and cotton materials were introduced into the production of this ever-popular fashion piece.

Luckily, tights are much more comfortable in this day and age and fashion has found a way to make our beloved accessory combine fashion with sensibility.

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You may have heard that winter is coming. Make no mistake – this year it’ll be a cold one.

As smart fashionistas do, our idolised designers have found a way to keep us warm whilst looking incredibly stylish. During the 13th century, gloves were worn by those seeking elegance and social status – so it’s no surprise this accessory has stuck around.

As technology has evolved, so have our gloves. During winter you will see fingerless gloves, elbow gloves, heat-pad gloves suitable for your mobile phone and many more adaptations. Each year we welcome back the glove with eager (and cold) hands, with styles that suit the current climate, and more importantly, our love of winter fashion.

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There you have it! Your personalised rundown of how to be ahead of the pack in this year’s fashion faves, courtesy of Shopr.