5 sneaker trends to keep you one step ahead in 2018

Alexandra Uytenbogaardt

The world is riddled with anomalies. I’m here to discover and share them through the written word.


Sneakers have long left the fitness realm to enter the world of fashion as a key piece of iconography. Thanks to the pioneers in athleisure (we’re looking at you Kanye West and Beyoncé) and its fashion revolution, sneakers are seen on the feet of many a street styler, whether they’re on their way to work, the nightclub or heading for a quick walk in the park. They’ve become an everyday essential and inevitably a part of our identities. That’s why staying on top of the latest sneaker trends in 2018 is a must – or fear a possible identity crisis (eek!). Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


1. Chunky soles

Boost sneakers tied to branch You are more than likely familiar with the saying, “the bigger, the better”. Sneakers with big, chunky soles have taken over, and are here to stay. They have a place in our wardrobes not only because they look awesome, but they give your feet that much-needed support when on the move. These sneakers boast a versatile design that can be paired with a fitted pantsuit, automatically transforming your formal look into one that’s smart-casual. At the other end of the fashion spectrum, chunky-soled kicks look just as fly when worn with leggings or track pants, with elasticized ankles, and a hoodie. For those of you who are always keen on taking it a step further, pair the sneakers with a high-waisted tule skirt and a white tee. This way, you’ll still keep that hint of glamour with your active outfit. Another key factor to these sneakers, which is most often overlooked, is how you tie your laces. Bunny-eared loops don’t always work from a visual point of view, so rather tie an inside bow and tuck it into your shoe. This tiny adjustment makes for a much sleeker look, trust us.


2. Exaggerated platforms

As far-fetched as these may seem, buff sneakers make a bold statement at the end of the day. Not only are they strangely comfy (given your balancing ability is up to scratch), they also give you that extra bit of height and, in essence, make your legs look lengthier. Platform sneakers are a token to the fact that sneakers are not solely worn to improve performance at the gym or on the sports field. They are a necessary accessory in themselves. So why not go big or go home. When donning platform sneakers, opt for metallic tones with black skinny jeans for subtle eccentricity. Or, if classic hues are more your thing, go for colours like white, grey or black with a pair of blue jeans and a crop top. Oversized jerseys also look great with platform sneakers, a nod at to the ever-popular bulky trend. Sock choice is entirely up to you and depends on how far you are willing to push this look. Secret socks that show some ankle puts more focus on the sneaker. On the other hand, however, pineapple-patterned socks poking out from your sneaker tops just adds to your outfit’s overall character.


3. Muted tones

Going bold in your sneaker choices doesn’t necessarily mean opting for lumo colours and sparkly detail (although, we aren’t ones to say no to a bit of brightness and glitter). Muted tones like pastel pinks, army greens and opaque greys have just as much of an impact. Given the popularity of this colour palette, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to the range of styles available in this spectrum. We’re talking high-tops, low-tops, boosted soles – the list goes on. The best part is that these hues can elevate a casual look to one that is super stylish, leaving you room to accessorise more. Add a scarf or even a statement necklace to your look without having to fear a clash. These sneakers even work when colour blocking, such as wearing army green from head to toe – literally. If that isn’t making a bold statement, then we don’t know what is. Muted toned sneakers are not only reserved for the chillier seasons but work just as well in spring and summer. They can be worn with ripped blue denim shorts for warmer days, and charcoal grey jeans on cooler days.


4. Texture

The beauty of sneakers is that they are extremely versatile, not only in how they can be worn but also in the very fabric of their design. Pleather sneakers ruled the game until suede, cotton and even wool came along. Changing up the material opens up a whole new world of patterns, threads and shapes. It also gives you an excuse to own a range of sneakers specific to different climates and occasions. Suede sneakers offer a more formal look, especially black ones, and pleather kicks are particularly efficient when walking in the rain since the drops slide right off. Texture adds an element of depth to your sneakers and can easily be a masterpiece on their own.


5. A Lil dirt won’t hurt

There are a selected few in the fashion clan who have shelved this trend as a definite no-no. But for those of us who are nostalgic about our childhood, playing in the great outdoors with our friends, are more than happy to hop on this trend. Many sneaker brands have cottoned on to the idea of a worn-sneaker look, with street stylers following suit. Fake dirt is better than really getting your kicks completely covered in mud, let’s be honest. With printed filth already in place, these sneakers look great with flared blue jeans and a printed tee – hitting home with the 90s era. The grunge trend is multi-faceted, and it’s safe to say that this sneaker fits right in with the age of Nirvana-inspired youth. This sneaker trend makes you want to pull out your old band t-shirts, put on your leather arm cuff, and go to the music store to flip through CDs. The point is that these sneakers have an experience already wrapped up in their design. All you have to do is put them on and live your best life.