5 Timeless Accessories for Winter

Kanra Khan

Hi there! I’m a lifestyle med student blogger. Don’t worry, I’ll be a full-fledged doctor in 2019. I read and write and pretend I can also art. You can find me under the handle @optic_chiasma on Twitter and Instagram. Please do not contact for medical advice.


Winter is my favorite season of the year. There’s so much you can introduce into your wardrobe, not to mention all the different ways you can shake up your fashion styles. There are lots of accessories you can add on to an outfit as well, which prompted this list of five things you can add on to any outfit to spazz it up and stand out! If you haven’t got any of these in your wardrobe, consider splurging because these can be mixed and matched with any and all outfits that are tailored for winter.


Possibly my favorite accessory, scarves look very sophisticated when paired just right with an outfit. They don’t even have to be typical winter fashion scarves (thick, woolen, you know the drill). Light decorative scarves wrapped around your neck and tucked into folds of a coat or jacket would also work just as well, if not better, especially during those confusing days when you can’t tell if it’s really winter or if it has started melting into spring. You know what would look even better with these scarves? Brooches. An underestimated and often dismissed accessory, especially by young folk, brooches are a great way to jazz up an outfit and add character. Pin up the fold of your scarf up on the side of your chest with a fancy brooch (the bigger, the better) and impress everyone with your brand of fashion! They don’t even have to be typical brooches, like the large oval gems that you are probably thinking about. They can be interesting flower pins, jeweled animals, anything and everything!


I would only consider the season to be truly winter when it was time to bust out the coats and jackets. There’s nothing I loved better than pulling on a coat on top of an outfit. For best results, I liked keeping the buttons (or the zips) open to give a peek into what I’m wearing. Of course, for a coat to fit in with most winter fashion, it’s probably a good idea to find neutral colors that are either easy to incorporate with other colors or a shade that is stereo-typically winter (greys, blues, browns). The length of the coat also matters, but it depends mostly on preferred fashion style. However, there is no denying the charm that long coats have! One of my biggest peeves when it comes to winter coats is pockets. Lots of coats look fantastic but often end up lacking truly functional pockets (despite having designs that might deceive you to think otherwise).


How can you go outside in winter without appropriate footwear? One of the first complaints I have when it comes to winter is my nose freezing off my face and the second is my toes freezing off my feet. It’s hard to be truly comfortable when the extremities of the body aren’t doing as well as the rest. When it comes to winter, I like to pull out my boots. Simple, stylish and oh-so-very classic, boots can go with just about any fashion style, although jeans are my personal favorite (however, that can look very casual). The variety in boots also assures that you can find just the right type for yourself, whether it’s the length of the boots (do you want them up to your ankle or just below your knees?) or the colors (typically dark colors are usually seen, although cream and light brown boots also look absolutely gorgeous) or even the material! Buying just two or three different types of boots can be enough to help out with your wardrobe. They also have a tendency to be sturdy and can definitely last you at least two or three seasons, so I would definitely recommend purchasing a few pairs for yourself!


I am so sorry but beanies are the most fascinating winter accessory that I have ever seen anyone wear. At first, I didn’t really think much of them but then I saw a couple of people wearing them and I realized how comfortable and simple and beautiful they looked. Mostly, beanies are woolen, either crocheted or knitted into their round forms. Some even have beautiful designed knitted right into the material, others have additional decorations sewed on top, ranging from flowers to shapes to cute animals. Yet others have tassels attached to the tops. Sometimes, beanies also have matching scarves of the same material! They’re a great way to keep warm, look stylish and also prevent earphones from falling out!


When I say gloves, I don’t mean leather gloves or heavy-duty gloves that you’d buy if you were trekking up to Mount Everest. No, I’m talking about the simple gloves that can be easily added on to any winter fashion outfit. Just like beanies, these are usually woolen and crocheted or knitted. I’ve even been able to knit myself a pair of these too and I’ve loved wearing them so much! They look very stylish and comfortable, especially if paired correctly. I personally go for customary winter colors (ranging from cream to brown as well as greys) but I’ve seen interesting colors too (forest green, royal purple) look just as nice on a professional outfit. These gloves can be with fingers or without and to be honest, they both look good, although fingerless gloves give a better opportunity to show off accessories like rings and nail polish, as well as make it easier to do things like swiping open your phone!  

So? What are you waiting for? Stock up on winter accessories and make the most of the season! A great way to create a long-term winter fashion wardrobe on a budget is to take this list and keep an eye out for clearance sales. I personally purchase most of my winter stock (boots especially) during summer sales at branded stores and save them to use in the coming winter. I can’t tell you how much of a steal most of my winter wardrobe is! Good luck building yours!