5 unique ways to use your scarf

by Margaret Sitawa

May 29, 2019

Scarves were originally made primarily to keep our necks warm during cold weather. On cold nights or chilly mornings, you’ll see many people adorned in beautiful scarves. They come in various types, fabric, and color and for some of us hold immense sentimental values. It is one piece of clothing that has been passed down from generation to generation. From toddlers to old folks, the scarf is a fashion accessory that can be found in each and everyone’s closets.
Through the years, scarves have revolutionized to items not only for our necks but also used for purposes other than warmth. Listed below are 5 other ways we can use scarves.

1. To tie your hair back.

As a hair accessory, scarves work beautifully not only as a means of complementing your hairstyles but they also keep the loose strands in place. Whether you have straight, curly or kinky hair, it helps you tie your hair to the back, front or side depending on your preference, can add glamour to your chosen look, counter and also add emphasis to your hair color.

2. As a trouser belt.

Is your trouser hanging loose and you can’t find your belt? No worries, you can use your scarf too. A clearly overlooked benefit, the value of a scarf as a belt holds your trouser to your waist, adds a certain gist to your appearance and can give your outfit a new look.

3. On your handbag.

Whether you love handbags or not, they have a way to inspire confidence other than carrying a number of our prized possessions. A scarf either of long or short length can be tied on the base of the handles, around the handbag’s body or through the holes at the top of the handbag to give it a beautiful exterior. The beauty of this is that you can use as many scarves as you want and feel like you’re carrying a new bag each day.

4. As an extra shoe strap for your sandals.

Personally, I fancy sandals but they can leave you with a ton of dust if not fastened to your feet well or if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t know how to wear them properly. Well, scarves are here for you not only to hold your feet tight but also to make your slippers look unconventional and lovely. You can use a variety of scarves with different styles on the same sandal and have yourself a distinct pair of shoe every day. This is by far my most practiced use of my scarves.

5. To tie around your dress.

Sometimes that pretty floral or yellow dress in your closet seems a little too loose around your waist and your scarf may just be the best addition to put it in place and still maintain or add on to its look. Granted it’s a rarely utilized practice but can be tied on your lower waist, upper waist or chest and make your dress come out as exceptional design.

Margaret Sitawa

By Margaret Sitawa

Sitawa is a paper artist who loves creative writing. She is a fan of color, the great outdoors and nature.

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