5 Versatile Items to Have in Your Wardrobe


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You don’t need to have a million clothes crammed in your wardrobe to be able to put together different and exciting outfits everyday. With just a few simple items, you can mix and match to create new outfit combinations for every style and every occasion. You will need more than just these five items to complete such outfits, but these are pieces that will arm you well with their versatility.


1. LBD

black dress outfit Every girl needs a little black dress in her wardrobe, and not just for nights out and cocktail parties! Of course, an LBD is perfect for those events, with a simple, all-black look creating the appearance of effortless elegance. But with the right black dress, you can wear it on plenty other occasions too. Minimal accessories is good for sophisticated look, or add brightly coloured jewellery, heels, or a bag for a party night out – black definitely doesn’t have to mean boring! The right style of dress can add to its versatility too – pick a style that is loose and comfortable, and you can wear it as a day time look too, with casual sandals or sneakers. And a dress that is light and breezy in summer, can be layered up with tights, and boots in winter. Take your pick of outerwear too, with a smart blazer or jacket for business or evening occasions, or a loose cardigan or chunky sweater on top for day time wear.


2. Fitted jeans

outfit of jeans, boots and checked shirt These are another must for anyone’s wardrobe anyway, as a pair of well fitted jeans – this doesn’t mean skinny or slim fit necessarily, just a pair in any style you like that’s fits you properly and comfortably! – will be your new best friends. Jeans typically have casual connotation, but styled in different ways and they can help you create outfits for many occasions. Naturally, with sneakers, a simple t-shirt and a sweater, they are the perfect daily wear piece of clothing. Or, with a smart shirt, blazer, and heels or ballet flats, a flattering pair of jeans can be used in a casual business type outfit. Or, dress them up with a fancy top and some killer heels, maybe with a leather jacket thrown on to complement the denim, and you’ve got a fabulous party night outfit. Experiment with different colours as well; jeans don’t always have to be blue, so try black or grey for a sophisticated look, or bright colours for something really fun!


3. Black ankle boots

low heeled black leather ankle boots A good pair of boots will get you far, and black ankle boots are one of the most versatile types you can have. The ankle height makes them easy to style, as they won’t overwhelm any other clothes you’ve picked for the outfit, and of course, black is the most versatile of colours, effortlessly cool and easy to pair with anything else. You can style these with most trousers, skirts, or dresses, and how fancy the outfit is depends on what you’ve picked! Ankle boots can be worn day to day with jeans or a simple skirt, or with smart trousers for a more business like look. Flat boots may be preferable for wearing all day, but the right low heeled pair can still be pretty comfy, and can also be used for dressier, party night outfits!


4. Leggings

outfit of short dress, black leggings, and sneakers Every girl should have a couple of pairs of black leggings in her collection, as they are such a useful item of clothing to have, easy to mix and match with all sorts of outfits. Black is the most versatile colour of course, but you can experiment with other colours too, to create some fun and exciting looks. Simple, cheap leggings can often be a little too see-through to wear alone, but they’re ideal for underneath a tunic style top or a short dress, that are maybe just too short to wear with tights, and are understated enough to be used in dressier outfits. A thicker, sturdier pair can be worn alone, with any loose fitting top or sweater you like for a cosy, comfortable day time look. Leggings are also great for allowing you to carry summer clothes into the cooler months, by wearing them under skirts, dresses, or even shorts, allowing you a wide range of outfit options all year round!


5. A-line skirt

outfit of black skirt, red top, and ballet flats A-line skirts are wonderfully versatile, as they can easily be styled as casual, business or party wear depending on how you choose to put your outfit together. As we’ve mentioned, black is a simple, elegant colour which is easy to match with other clothes, but definitely don’t be afraid to try different coloured skirts, or even prints. Skirts transition easily through the seasons, worn alone in summer then layered up with tights or leggings when it gets cooler, and similarly, can be paired with shoes for any season, be it sandals in summer or boots in winter. A-line is a particularly versatile shape, as it’s more relaxed than say, pencil skirts, but has more structure and formality than loose flowing maxi skirts and the like. Wear it with a simple top, sweater of cardigan for a day time look, add a blazer for a smarter style, or dress it up with a nice top and jazzy accessories for a night time look.


Fashion is all about experimenting and finding the styles that you like best, and the wonderful thing about these items of clothing listed is that they can be adapted to suit anyone’s style. While shopping and having a large selection of clothes to choose from can be fun, it’s also interesting to see how many outfits you can style out of just a few different items – especially if you’re trying to do so without breaking the bank! These are also great items to have in your wardrobe if you need to get dressed in a hurry, as they’re so easy to pair with other items. So grab these clothes, add a few more of your own, and see what looks you can throw together!