7 Cosy Outfits for Travellers

Sneha Bisht

A writer and a poet. An aspiring pilot as well as a travel and fashion blogger. I am a passionate creative writer and traveller, more of a wayfarer. Enthusiastic about life, I believe in one step at a time.


Wherever you go, go with all your heart. -Confucius

(Chinese Philosopher)


Travellers have a unique way to look through the world. For some, travelling quenches the thirst of their soul while for others, it serves as an adventure. With the advancement of the people around the globe, we come across many travellers nowadays. When women are the active members in all the fields, why lag behind in travelling!

The very first concern that comes while wayfaring around the globe is what to wear, so that fashion gets along with comfortability. There are a million types of dresses for women in the markets across the globe. But the question is can you wear anything when you want to enjoy the trip and do not want to have comfortability issues? The answer is an absolute NO. Every fashionable dress is not comfortable, while every comfortable dress is not fashionable. And how to get both the qualities in one dress?

Here is the solution for the women travellers who are looking for fashion with absolute comfort. Seven cosy outfits are discussed here that you should definitely try when you are out, wandering either in the hustles and bustles of the cities or in the calmness of the serene places across the globe.

Casual Outfit

A combination of black joggers, sweatshirt and shoes while exploring places you are travelling to, is a choice no one can refuse. It provides flexibility to the body parts along with the cosiness and the style. For being more fashionable with this snug combination, you can either keep your hair open and wear a cap or you can tie a knot to your hair. Black goggles will make your outfit even more attractive. With the kind of fit and comfort the joggers offer, these are the ones that will never let you down. Make sure you buy a good company’s sweatshirt, otherwise they can be a burden on you instead of comfort. Shoes are the most adaptable footwear of all time, never letting you cause any difficulty with walking. So, this combination is the casual comfortable outfit that will make you look cool while travelling.

Jumpsuits and Rompers

A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment with sleeves and legs and typically without integrals coverings for feet, hands or head while romper is a one-piece combination of shorts and a shirt. Available in different sizes, patterns and designs, jumpsuits and rompers make you feel slouchy and free of any kind of hassles. When it comes to fashion, they are trending in the market as well with the little girls and women wearing them to any casual trips and travels. You can wear shoes or any comfortable sandals along with them. As an add-on, you can add a wide statement belt to your solid coloured jumpsuit to make it look even more attractive. You can wear a cardigan to prevent your hand skin from getting tanned. Jumpsuits and rompers are a great way to avoid attention from your dress, look fashionable and get most out of your travel trip.


Dungarees, being easy to get matched for different styles, can be paired with tees, off shoulder tops, shirts to give a distinct outlook to you while you travel providing comfortability all along. Suitable to wear in all the seasons and to all the places, they give room to fashion along with a cosy feel. Sneakers will go perfectly along with the dungarees. You can also try wearing your sandals, comfortable to you. Keep it simple and plain with no added jewellery. A watch or a bracelet will go in hands to make it look more stylish. Rounded metal earrings that go off well with the dress will make your outfit look more appealing.

Denim Shorts

Denim Shorts give the most pleasing and appealing outlook, while in the comfortable zone. You can wear them with striped T-shirt, Oversized white button-down shirt, casual lace top, structured blazer, silk top, simple tee, lightweight long jacket, statement vest, or sheer blouse. Shoes or the sandals will work absolutely fine if you are looking for comfortability along with fashion. Bracelets and watch on the hands, cap or a hat along with it with black sunglasses will give this outfit some extra colour and shades.

Tunic Dresses

With the length of dress from shoulder to upper thighs, tunic dresses come with variable design and in unique colours and styles. You can wear a tunic as a one-piece or you can pair them up with shorts, slightly greater in size than the tunic itself. Adding a belt to a tunic will give it a different style, but don’t forget to put on a necklace to make it more appealing. If you decide to pair your tunic with shorts, wear wedges along with them to give a shape to your body. Try to go for cotton tunics for they are light and provide great comfort to your body while you are out in the sun. To make it more stylish, you can put on a shrug with patterns going along with your tunic.


Skirts come in varied style, shape and size. You can adopt one such style and create an outfit by wearing the skirt just below your breasts and pairing them up with an off-shoulder top or a crop top. You can pair a tunic with a long skirt, crop top or an off-shoulder top with a short mini skirt. You can try wearing some light jewellery to give it an attractive outlook. You can wear sneakers below mini skirt or sandals with long skirts to make it comfortable during the trip. Hats and skirts often make a great combination to make an outfit even more appealing. Not every skirt is comfortable, for example, pencil skirts are really uncomfortable. So, it would be a wise decision to choose your skirt to wear during your travel trip.

Linen Pants

Linen Pants, being light and comfortable, along with some tees or the tops is a good outfit for summers and if you are a traveller. You can pair the linen pants with a tee, flat sandals, and a cute hat. You can also wear a T-shirt with it that is tied the front and simple wedges. Try with a crop top and a light kimono.Or you can also try it with a simple tank and simple sandals or sneakers. The outfit looks good, is comfortable, and makes you look fashionable at the same time. So, these were some of the outfits that you can go for in your next travel trip. Travelling is successful when you face the minimum amount of problems. The biggest challenge for travelling women is what to wear. Trying the above-mentioned outfits will not only make you look fashionable but also maintain your comfort level throughout the trip. The better the outfit, the better the trip. The better the trip, the better will be your life.