7 Fashion Trends That are Already Taking Over Instagram in 2018

Deni Freebairn

Student of Communication, Media and Marketing. Fashion, film and literature enthusiast.


Alas, we are already midway through the first month of 2018, and it seems as though the first fashion trends of the year are already coming out of the woodwork. So, what can every fashion-focussed individual expect to see on their Instagram feed for the next few months?

The White Blouse

A staple item in the world of fashion is (and will always be) a crisp white shirt. Even though it never really went out of style, it has been showing up even more than usual in fashion photography and ad campaigns on social media. Although the basic white shirt will always be chic and in demand, many brands, such as Maison Cleo, have been designing white cotton blouses with a more “vintage” aesthetic to them; a fitted waist, with large puffed sleeves. Consumers clearly yearn for cool, comfortable fashion because these blouses are selling like hotcakes.

Bold and Pastel Colours

Although the white blouse is on trend, other classic black and white pieces are being pushed to the side in 2018. Bright colours, bold clashes, and pastels are in, as demonstrated by designers such as Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney and Tom Ford in their recent collections. Even those who don’t consider themselves fashion maximalists are experimenting with striking colour pallets. A minimalist wardrobe will never go out of style, but Instagram is being taken over by bright, textured outfits.  


For Fashion, Not Fitness

People who have never stepped foot in a gym are suddenly wearing sporty themed couture. My guess is that many of them have browsed the Instagram of Bella Hadid, model, and trendsetter. As a brand ambassador for Nike, it’s comes as no surprise that Bella is all about outfits inspired by activewear and pairing them with her favourite kicks. I.AM.GIA and other brands are also spreading like wildfire in the online community, inspiring looks that include leather motorcycle pants, racer jackets, and mesh leotards. For the Fenty x Puma spring/summer 2018, Rihanna opened the show by performing an exhilarating live trail-bike stunt. During the runway, a strapless wetsuit fitted with a parachute harness could be observed. Alexander Wang dressed the models in his show in motocross gear and leather racer pants. This is a perfect example of how “fast” fashion can be a positive thing.

Western-Inspired Fashion

It might be your first time at the rodeo, but it won’t be your last. There is a sudden fixation on Western-inspired couture. Brands such as Rag & Bone and Calvin Klein have mastered “cowboy chic” by subtly combining pieces with items from a modern, everyday wardrobe. Influencers such as Kendall Jenner are also enthused by Western vibes. Kendall was recently spotted in a buttoned-up silk, Western-inspired shirt with a floral embroidered neckline. She paired the silky shirt with basic blue faded jeans and pointed black boots. Kendall’s look is more street style than a country music video, demonstrating just how ready-to-wear this trend is.

Sparkles, Sequins, and Glitter, Oh My!

Many of us tend to save our sparkles strictly for festival season. However, pieces adorned with truckloads of glitter and sequins are making it into the everyday wardrobe of the everyday girl. Victoria Beckham is one of the many designers who has incorporated sequins and sparkles into her latest collection, while other more affordable fashion retailers have followed suit, advertising party dresses that will give you flashbacks to Paris Hilton’s iconic 21st birthday dress.  


Political Power Dressing

2017 was a year of intense political and social change – some good, some bad. Donald Trump became President of the United States, imposed an immigration ban and barred federal funding for organisations that have promoted abortion worldwide. Harvey Weinstein and many other powerful men were called out on sexual harassment and assault, challenging the culture of the entertainment industry and its tendency to silence survivors at all costs. As a form of art and expression, fashion reflects the times. Perhaps one of the most iconic fashion items of 2017 was Dior’s “We Should All Be Feminists” shirt. Although it retailed for a whopping $710, the tee was featured on Instagram all year long by celebrities and influencers and remains outrageously popular to this day. Kicking off the 2018 award season was the 75th Golden Globes, where most of the celebrities in attendance dressed in all-black outfits and stood in solidarity to support the Time’s Up anti-harassment campaign, in wake of the online #MeToo movement. Over two weeks have passed and Instagram is still buzzing with talk and snaps of the many empowering looks from the night.

1980s Fashion (Scrunchies Are Back?)

Mum jeans with nipped waists; strong-shouldered jackets; crop tops; fanny packs – it looks like the 80s are back in full force! The more casual looks of the decade seem to be everywhere right now, especially all over our social media feed. In fact, the trend has recently seen an 87% increase on Pinterest. I can’t say I’m surprised what with the booming popularity of hit TV shows and films of 2017, such as Stranger Things and It. There is one particularly interesting (and potentially disturbing) aspect of the ‘80s comeback; the ever controversial scrunchie. In one particular Sex and the City episode, Carrie Bradshaw shames her boyfriend Jack Berger for describing a character wearing a scrunchie in his novel. According to her, there is no way any respectable New York woman would ever wear a scrunchie in public. Sorry Carrie, but there are it-girls all over my Instagram making the scrunchie relevant again, and I must say that I am excited. After seeing beautiful, confident women unashamed of their scrunchie love, it makes me want to invest. Let’s just hope that the return of the scrunchie and other ‘80s trends does not mean the resurrection of any bad ‘80s hairstyles.

There is no telling what will happen in the world of fashion as the year goes on, but you can bet that social media will be one of the quickest ways to recognise a new trend as it unfolds. Stay tuned.