7 Must-Have Sunglasses for your Wardrobe

Nicole Bardales

Lawyer and designer at heart. I love trying to mix and match different elements to create something unique that I can identify with. Currently fluent in both English and Spanish and working on my French. I consider myself an eternal student since I’m always looking for new things to learn to keep my mind busy.


In their origins, sunglasses were used exclusively to protect the eyes from the harmful effects of (you guessed it) the sun. Then they became useful tools for individuals diagnosed with diseases that made them suffer from light sensitivity. Once their use became widespread, they still used to be nothing more than a summer necessity and only celebrities or a few select individuals (we might call them hipsters now) would wear sunglasses throughout the year.

Nowadays, sunglasses are a constant part of our outfit since they can be on our body at all times. We either wear them to protect our eyes (or avoid awkward eye contact), put them away on our collar, or on top of our head (extra points for style). So instead of just needing one pair for most of the year, most people are now thinking of them as an outfit accessory, which means we need a pair for everyday use while we go to work or school and then something a little more interesting or quirky for special occasions.

Have you noticed that most outfit ideas on social media today include a pair of sunglasses together with the rest of the clothing items? Even runway shows are now including them in most of their collections since companies are recognizing this new trend and no one wants to be left behind.

Some women and men have a hobby for adding new items to their sunglasses collection; while others want to start including this element in their everyday outfits. However, with all the available shapes, styles and sizes we get so many options that it can get tricky to go beyond the basic black tinted shades. To begin, you need to find sunglasses that favor your face shape. A general rule is to choose frames that are the opposite of your face shape. So if your face is more angular, you would go with rounder frames and vice-versa. Oval frames are a wild-card since they tend to favor many face types. Now that we have a shape, what about the style? This is where we come in.

From all the sunglasses styles out there, we were able to put together a list of must-have styles to help you get started:

Retro Cat-Eyes

cat eye classes Retro always comes back, or should we say it never really goes out of style? This is the case for retro cat-eye frames. These became really popular back in the 50s since most celebrities would wear them to distinguish their look and even nowadays we can see them on the runway, completing a look and adding that final flair. To modernize the look you can opt for smaller lenses and edgier frames, but you can never go wrong with these shades.

Flat-Top Visors

flat-top visors These might not be for everyone, but they are for every season. The frame shape can help add symmetry to your facial features so you can take advantage of them. The best part is that this classic style works year-round since they don’t really have a seasonal look. We have seen celebrities like Victoria Beckham trust these shades to add flair to almost every outfit she rocks. You can pair them with a jumpsuit or a fitted dress for that celebrity look; keep the outfit dark for an edgy look or add a touch of color with a bright coat to contrast your shades.

Tinted Lenses

tinted glasses Doesn’t everything seem happier when we add a touch of color? The same principle applies to sunglasses. Everything will look more colorful while wearing tinted lenses. To try to mix up the basic black tinted shades, look for youthful colors, like soft pink or yellow to lighten up your look. You might even go for purple or blue pastels if you’re trying to achieve a calmer look. This is a simple way to add uniqueness to your outfit with a color piece being used as a bold item, even if the rest of your look is pretty solid-colored.

Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored glasses Right next to tinted sunglasses, you can find mirrored ones. These shades stand out in the crowd since they not only feature color, but they reflect in metallic tones as soon as they get a light source. The metallic appearance can make any formal outfit look modern and any modern outfit look stylish. You can pair your usual white t-shirt, jeans and converse with these sunglasses and I guarantee you’ll look fashionable.

Oversized Frames

oversized glasses Oversized sunglasses are an all-time favorite since they give you that rock star look. And when you’re not wearing them over your eyes, a quick slide to the top of your head can turn them into a fancy headband. It’s practically impossible to go wrong with these shades, just make sure you follow our guidelines at the beginning of this article when choosing the frame shape.

However, if you really want to spruce this look up, look no further than our next style option.

Ski Goggles

ski goggle glasses If you love oversize glasses, you might be interested in Ski Goggles. These adventurous shades, look like – wait for it – ski goggles. These might not work with just any outfit, but if you find black lenses and pair them with a leather outfit they can add that edgy look. The rest is up to you. We’ve seen this style being worn by Kim Kardashian in the streets recently so who knows? They might become a full-on trend soon.

Embellished Shades

embellished shades These sunglasses feature different types of jewelry adorning the frames. You might find anything as simple as pearls and rhinestones or something intricate such as tridimensional floral designs like you would find in a nail salon. We might call them over-the-top and they truly deserve this title, but they will add that unique touch to your outfit and keep you in a good mood knowing you look chic.


I hope this short list can point you in the right direction when adding a new style item to your everyday looks or party outfits. Most of the time, you just need to go with your instinct and let it guide you. So you might find that embellished sunglasses can match with outfits you never thought they could. Don’t be afraid to mix, match and experiment until you find the style that makes your personality shine through to the outside.