7 steps to create your own personal style

Joanna Mercedes MechoLed

I’m Joanna (also known as MechoLed), I’m from Dominican Republic, and I love to do exercise (weight training, Yoga, cardio, etc.), to do domestic traveling, to write, among a lot of other things.


Have you ever met someone with a very distinctive style? or, do you know someone that can be recognized from a far distance, just for the way they dress? This is because that person has a very unique style and aesthetic.

We’ve heard that clothe don’t define a person, but actually, it says a lot about who you are, it helps you to express your inner self and uniqueness. So, you might be wondering, “Ok, so, how do I create my own style?”. Here are 7 steps to create your very own personal style.

1. Define yourself

I know this step seems to have nothing to do with creating your personal style, but actually, it does. Just try to picture it this way, you are your style, not the other
way around, so in order to express through your clothes who you are, your essence, you have to define this. So, how do you do it? you can go through this questions:

  • How’s my personality?
  • Do I like to call the attention or I rather have a low profile?
  • Which parts of my body are my favorite and which ones I don’t like?
  • What do I think I’m projecting with the clothes I already wear?
  • What colors do I usually wear? Am I happy wearing that color’s palette?
  • What type of body do I have?
These questions not only going to help you realize a lot about yourself, but they’re going to further help you with the next steps.

2. Look for inspiration

This is one of my favorite steps because all you have to do is go through the web pages of your favorite clothing brands, Pinterest, magazines, or any other web page or place where you can find outfits or pieces that you think can suit your personal style. You need to save pictures of all of these resources to then evaluate them (which I’m going to explain how to do it in step number 3).

The trick is never close yourself to any option, even if you see Rihanna in a magazine with a gala dress, and you like it, just save it. This exercise is about let you be, open your mind and heart to any outfit or piece you think you like or you fell in love with.

3. Evaluate

Now, after you saved all the looks and pieces you like or love, it’s time to evaluate them and see what was what you really loved about that aesthetic or piece.

I have to warn you that a lot of the pieces you’re going to see again and probably you loved at first, won’t like you as much as you thought they did, cause’ maybe, you thought you loved the whole dress, but actually you really loved the color and not the cut of the dress, or maybe is the other way around.

You have to go picture by picture and define what you like of each look or piece and write it down next to it. You need to take note of the colors, cuts, fabric’s texture, clothe print or any other detail that you like or love of each garment.

At the end of this exercise, you’ll end up without even realize it with a concrete color palette, a group of cuts, favorite fabrics, etc. This is because we choose from the very beginning what we already like, even if we’re not sure of it, our subconscious does; of course, you also are defining what you don’t like that much or at all, even if you thought you did at first.

4. Try them on and discard

Ok, so you have the colors you need to look for, cuts and everything, now what? go to the store, look for the pieces you’re looking for and try them on, see how they look on you and on your body type, see what suits you and what doesn’t. This step will help you to discover more about what you like what fit you better and what doesn’t.

Try to experiment by combining different types of cuts, fabrics, colors and everything you want to try. This exercise is about being bold and have fun, you need to do this in good mood and with good vibes.

Don’t buy anything yet, this step is to discard, approve and/or discover, not to start buying.

5. Be honest with yourself

Sometimes we want to choose pieces we love, but unfortunately, we never going to wear, because we think about our dream lifestyle but not in the one we actually live. That’s why you need to ask yourself, what style of living you have, cause’ trust me, you don’t want to end up with 20 different party dresses or pieces when you rarely go to parties, that’s a waste of time, money, and effort.

So, be real with yourself, and even if you really love a certain aesthetic, if it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, don’t buy it, or at least don’t buy hundreds of pieces of that style, instead just buy one look, and really try to wear from time to time.

6. Buy

It’s time to buy, for this steps you also need to be honest with yourself and define what you really need parting from what you already have. If you really want to change your whole closet (and you have the budget), then go for it, otherwise, be comprehensive with yourself, with your bank account, and really ask to the inner you what you want to change from your closet or what is missing to complete your personal style.

After you define what pieces you want, create a budget and go to the stores to find exactly what you’re looking for, if you can’t find it in a store, go to other one until you find exactly what you’re looking for.

7. Be flexible

At this point, you might be asking, what if the color palette that I end up with is missing a color I really like? just add it. There’s no need to be rigid about everything, if there’s something that you think you like, fits good on you, and has a color you love, but resulted to not be included in the final result of all the past exercises, just add it.

These steps are not about only and exclusively stick to what your subconscious chose or anything like that; is about discovering yourself and try to express it in the best way you could through your clothing. This article is about having fun finding your very own personal style, is for you to own it, to create an aesthetic that is unique as you are.

So don’t be afraid to change, remove or add anything, as long as what you create represents you. Be bold, make a change in yourself and have fun.