8 Style Items With a Fashion Heritage


August 10, 2019

Because everyone has a past and so does fashion, and just like Darwin’s theory of Human Evolution suggested it is all about survival of the fittest, the confident and fearless. It is about the refusal to bow against anyone and spread nothing but panache. Read on to know about the articles that are synonymous with elegance and poise the pieces that were often scene adorned by the women who were no less than fashion connoisseurs.


If your agenda is to cross the fine line between coming out as a girl or presenting yourself as a lady all you have to do is get yourself a string of pearls. This one is timeless and is appropriate at all times Adorning the simplest of accessory in this materialistic world is the reason why this classic piece is a part of fashion heritage.

All Black

Needless to say, black is the colour of all seasons. While all other colours out there tell a different story, a black ensemble is poetic. This colour is something to everyone and because it somehow transfers all the styling power into your hand, it is a happy colour in its way.

Hats & Scarves

Not only a part of fashion heritage, but these also have an unsaid association with royalty. Adorning these headgears is all about being on the next level- It is about next-level elegance, a next-level personality and above all being the most loved fashion child.

Subtle Nails

A less outrageous style for the shy girls out there, because in fashion there is something for everyone. The most underrated and versatile style of all times Adorn these and no one tells if you are a saint or a sinner.

Stiletto Heels

If we were to describe these in one sentence “We would say that this is an age-old recipe of instant confidence.” Women from all the era’s have been embracing the beauty and poise they exude.

Tweed Suit

Because somewhere down the line real style is being something on purpose, and what better than being a someone with a purpose. There are some hints about who you are, in what you wear wearing and this is the beauty of conservative dressing it is not everyone that pull of the look, and the ones who do are outrageous in their way!

Polka Dots

Wearing a polka dot print is just like being a flower because all you are left to do is bloom. This one has been a constant part of the wardrobe of royals and actresses all over the globe. In addition to being subtle and loud at the same time, this is the most versatile print you will ever own.

Fur Coats

There is a reason that it is loved by all and adorned by few and the reason is the vibe. Not all can handle it and the only ones who can do it are the ones already lost in the world of fashion and style. Because for some girls fall is never complete without boots and fur and as they say “Trendy is the last stage before tacky”


In addition to these suave and dandy articles we are thankful for one more trend sported by colourful women through the black and white days of fashion and that is Dangerous Curves, because fashion was always about right proportions and one of the best combinations has been Hourglass Figures and Confidence!



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