9 Accessory Trends To Stay In Style In 2018

Riam Salik

Riam Salik is a digital marketer and fashion writer from London. Always hungry for a new adventure, she loves traveling and exploring new places one place at a time.


To stay in style this year, it’s not just clothes you have to worry about. 2018 is all about accessories. And we don’t just mean jewelry. There once was a time where minimalism rocked the streets but this year is all about chic hats, statement earrings, and see-through materials. Nostalgic about the 70s, 80s, or 90s? 2018 sees the best of these times make a comeback with accessories. From futuristic sunnies to architectural platforms, here are the standout trends of 2018.

1. Transparent Shoes and Bags

I mean come on, every girl loves to flaunt her new shoe or bag whether in the office or on a night out. But now she gets to flaunt what is in her bag too. Thanks to brands like Celine, Chanel, and Balmain, to name a few, transparency is the new essential. This year, we see a lot of transparent bags and shoes make their way to the streets.With options from transparent briefcases to clear purses to plastic clutches, the transparent bag is a must-have. If you have missed the memo, showing off what is inside your bag is the new cool. But if you aren’t daring enough, you could always use your transparent bag as a protector for your more delicate bags. Not only are these bags stylish but they are also the new fashion statement.

2. Belt Bag

The belt bags are back and they are back with a bang. Also known as fanny packs, bum bag, waist bag, and hip bag, the belt bags of 2018 are slightly more than its predecessors. The belt bags of 2018 are more refined, glamorized, modernized and feminized. It’s the perfect hands-free handbag to store your precious belongings close to your body while being super stylish. There unique aesthetic and practical appeal is dominating street style all over the world. Pair it with a dress or your work suite. These fashionable bags surely add a glamorous practical touch to just any outfit.

3. Baker Boy Hats

Also known as the lieutenant, newsboy, pageboy or cabbie hat, the baker boy hats have become a fashion statement this year. Looking better than ever before, these hats have made a comeback from the 20th century. With options in wool, cotton, leather, twill and more, the baker boy hats go with any outfit. We see It girls and Supermodels like Bella Hadid, Kendal Jenner, and Zendaya rock this 20th-century ‘working class’ trend by pairing the baker boy hats with muted jeans, T-shirts, leather jackets, jumpsuits, dresses and chunky knits. Add a big bite size of cool this year by adding this cool hat to your wardrobe.

4. Shoulder-grazing statement earrings

A personal favorite of mine, the shoulder-grazing statement earrings have been around for a few seasons now and they are here to stay. Jazz up just about any outfit with a pair of these long shoulder-grazing earrings. These gravity-friendly and stylish ear candies come in so many different styles making it easy to find a pair that suits your personality. Give your lobes a glam look and select a pair of the longest and loudest earrings out there.

5. Black Berets

The Parisian chic style is back in fashion and we love it. The black beret is a simple mix of edgy and retro with a feminine Parisian touch. If you are looking for a feminine hat this summer, the black beret is your new best friend. It’s the perfect daywear accessory to add to any outfit and make you stand out. Its neutral monochrome color is perfect for any outfit in the day or in the evening. Wear it with your floral summer dress or add it on to your black mini dress before a night out with the girls, the black beret will make your look sleek.

6. Bold Platform Shoes

Boost your height and your style by grabbing a pair of bold platform shoes this season. This year we see the 70s and 90s thick and chunky platform shoes trend return to us with a modern touch. From busy floral sandals to bright solid colored heeled loafers, these architectural platforms let you cheat your way into wearing high heels without the pain. The platform shoes are definitely an essential for fashion-forward trendsetters this year.

7. Matrix Glasses

Gone are the days of over-sized sunglasses and back are the days of slim and retro sunglasses. A big hit in the 90s, the Matrix sunglasses are back in style and are here to stay this season. It seems that that fashion world almost always gravitates towards sci-fi for inspiration. We can safely say the future is modernistic with slim lenses and black frames that sit on the bridge of our noses. Whether you look at the catwalks or the streets, these sharp, slender and narrow glasses eyewear trend is everywhere. Currently worn by A-listers, street stylers and influencers, the matrix glasses add a futuristic glam to any outfit.

8. Velvet Jewels

With the end of 2017, the one trend I am so glad stayed with us was the velvet jewel accessories. Be it shoes or bags or even headbands, the velvet and jewel combo always get heads turning. From a range of mouth-watering and heart melting hues of ruby red to sapphire blue to choose from, the velvet jeweled accessory makes anyone wearing them look like a million bucks. Add glamour to any outfit by pairing these jeweled velvet accessories.

9. Red Boots

Last year this time, if someone asked me to wear red boots, I definitely would have given them a frightened look. But with this new year, things have changed and so has my opinion on these new red boots trend. Red boots are everywhere and red boots go with everything. Pair them with your favorite jeans, a chiffon dress or even a pink jumpsuit, and they will get heads turning. These red beauties have been spotted in different heights – from knee-high to ankle cut- and shades. A style staple for street stylers, these boots have been making their way into every fashionista’s closet.