Mwelwa Malunga

An 18 year old Zambian girl currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree. I love fashion, makeup and writing too.


We are two months into a new year and the fashion industry has gone back in time. I can say that this year, by far, has been a throwback year. Based on the recent fashion shows, we can clearly see the evidence of going back in time. From vintage floral dresses to colorful outfits, this year is definitely making a statement for itself. In this article, I will be focusing on various 2018 trends, how to style these outfits and the accessories making a bold statement and as a bonus, hair and makeup.

1. Trench Coats

The latest fashion shows have showcased many trench coats but these aren’t our everyday trench coats. These coats have major differences as compared to our everyday coats. They are longer, have little or no buttons and are more like throws and are accessorized by colorful belts. Normally, trench coats are usually kept in closets and are pulled out only during winter but this should not be the case. They can be worn anytime of the year with summer being the only exception. For an autumn look, they can be worn over a pair of skinny jeans, a tank top and a scarf. For the girlies out there, trench coats can be worn with a mini-dress and knee-length boots. During spring, wear your trench coats over a pair of your favorite shorts and a floral tank top or a dress and some heels. Accessorize with hats, scarves, sunglasses or even a beret. Hair and makeup: Trench coats are quite effortless to pull off so your hair can be styled in any way while your makeup can either be bold or natural based on your look. A bold look accompanied by classy and work outfits, a red lip and eyeliner are some examples.  

2. Vintage Floral Dresses

We know Vintage floral dresses date back as far as the 1980’s and well, let us say welcome back. The vintage floral dresses are back in spotlight and are taking a toll on the fashion industry. Floral dresses, unlike most dresses, don’t require much effort to pull off. When accessorized with a pair of sunglasses and block heels, this 1980’s outfit makes a beautiful summer outfit. In winter, one can pair this dress with a trench coat, tights and knee-length boots to keep warm. Hair and Makeup: Let your hair loose and wear minimal makeup.

3. Colorful Outfits

  Goodbye natural colors and hello, color. 2018 is a year that bringing life and vitality through colors such as the crazy greens, sunshine yellows, cyan, bright reds and the 1960’s drunk-tank pink. Outfits have up to more than three flashy colors but still look good. It is no surprise that colorful outfits are back.
Dresses can be paired with color-blocking outerwear (such as black, dark brown coats or blazers) so as to obstruct the flashy color.
Accessorize them with a pair of studs, a simple bracelet/chain and at all cost, avoid detailed/heavy statement jewelry.
Hair and Makeup: Laid out loose hair and apply minimal makeup. Red lipstick can be applied to.
For a tomboyish look, grab a flashy colored-jacket and pair it with jeans and sneakers. Accessorize with a cap and gold rings.

4. Block Heels 

  Block heels! Block heels! I mean these shoes are a new must-have. One can rock them at dates, work, various luncheons, red carpet events and they totally look amazing. Whatever outfit that one can pick goes with block heels but here are a few recommendations:
Classy look: Black dress, a white blazer and black studded block heels. Accessorized with a clutch and diamond or silver jewelry.
Tomboyish look: Bikers jacket, black ripped jeans, tank top and, block heeled-boots. Accessorize with Retro gasses and a bandana as a headpiece or bracelet.
Girly look: A Floral dress and strapped block heels. Pearls as accessories.
Hair and Makeup: It is all up to you based on your look.
When paired with anything, these shoes definitely make a statement.

5. Bell bottom jeans and flared pants

  The famous 1970’s trend is back and is mostly worn by business people. When paired with a detailed-cotton blouse and some amazing heels, anyone can pull this off effortlessly.
Bell bottom jeans are back too. When paired with an off-shoulder top or a long-sleeved top and topped off with a blazer, it is easy to make this outfit look amazing.
Hair and Makeup: Varies depending on your outfit of the day.

6. Bustier

  The 1970’s fashion. Bustiers are coming hot this year while ranging from lace to strapless.
Bustiers resemble crop tops but have a more vintage vibe. They can be worn over anything high-waist.
When paired with high-waist pants and topped off with a blazer, this look gives you classy vibe. For a girly look, you can pair them with a high-waist flared skirt and pointed heels.
Accessorize with a clutch and statement necklaces for a classy look.
Bandanas can go with a bustier-skirt look as a headpiece and a pair of retro glasses.
Hair and Makeup: Funky up do’s for the 1970’s and 1980’s vibe. Makeup is all up to you.


7.  Rubber and Plastic

  Yes, rubber and plastic! Outfits of this material are becoming quite popular. Varieties include midi-skirts, the rain macs, rain hats and more. This is a look suited for the rainy weather to avoid getting drenched from the pouring rain but 2018 definitely won’t stop this from being an all-year trend.
Hair and Makeup: Can be daring with eccentric styles like smokey eyes and winged liners.

8. Pastel colors

Pastel colors. Pastel colors such as Dusty pink and pastel purple are beautifying the fashion industry. These colors are mostly used in dresses and jumpsuits. Accessories used are simple and less detailed jewelry. Hair and Makeup: varies with style

9. Dungarees

Our all-time favorite outfit. Everyone grew up with one of these and back in the day, this was our everyday choice. Dungarees can be styled with a long-sleeve top and sneakers for a modern casual look. Accessorize with sunglasses and a bandana for extra edge. 2018 will be an amazing fashion year. As Fashion Week takes place, we’ll be on the lookout on how these trends are taking a toll on the fashion world.