9 Timeless fashion items that should be in every woman's closet

Khadeejah Yunus

Khadeejah Yunus is a digital entrepreneur, freelancer and volunteer. She holds a B.Sc degree in Chemistry (masters degree in view) from The Universit of Ilorin, Nigeria. She owns an online fashion store which was born out of her love for fashion and making herself and others look good and classy with beautiful fashion pieces. She offers freelancing services in form of writing, proofreading and editing to individuals and organizations locally and internationally. She is also an affiliate marketer and volunteer in the areas of youth and community development.


Vogues and trends are a part of fashion that one can’t wait to explore. They change with seasons and years with some lasting longer than others and even though basing your whole wardrobe on trends could be pretty fun, it could also be quite expensive due to the constant evolution of trends.

Through these continuous changes, especially in the dynamic women’s fashion, some items remain timeless and evergreen. These items are always in vogue and remain trendy for years.

Due to their timelessness, these items are “foundation” pieces that form the base of a great wardrobe and therefore should be included in every woman’s fashion must-have list. Putting a big part of your fashion budget on these items is a form of investment that helps you save tons of money and gives you the confidence of always having fashionable pieces to fall back on when in doubt or confused as they stay in trend year in year out, season after season.

To have the maximum “timeless” effect, try to purchase these items in high qualities even though they may seem expensive. Avoid poorly made items that’ll only last for about a year or two and go for those you can always fall back on in five years time or more.

Now that you know there are foundation pieces on which your wardrobe should be built, do you really know what these fabulous pieces are? Let’s explore together and find out. Yay!


A Little Black Dress (LBD)

I couldn’t resist putting this at the top of my list because of the effect it always generates when paired with the right accessories on the right occasions. This is an evergreen piece of women’s clothing that every woman needs to have in her closet. For a more flattering effect, go for knee-length or shorter. Pair this up with flats of medium heels and a blazer for work and business, dress it up for a date or special party or dress it down for a night with the girls.

With an LBD, you can look absolutely fabulous with a little effort, define your style and personality with your accessories, and be totally confident in your looks.


White Tailored Button-up

A tailored button-up is undoubtedly timeless and incredibly versatile, even more so when it is white. Do you want something simple but chick for business, casual or a laid back time at home? Then this is absolutely one of the choices you can make as it is one evergreen clothing item for women’s fashion that can be used in various ways. Wear it to work with a blazer and tailored pants or skirt, pair it with denim jeans and flats for a casual outing, and leggings for catching fun with kids and family at home.

When taking your pick, make sure the shirt fits right with no gaping buttonholes to avoid embarrassments. Full-length sleeves give you the chance to wear them as is or cuffed at the elbows when the occasion demands.

You can also add more effect and versatility by trying out different colours and patterns.

oxford tailored shirt


A black blazer is nice but it is definitely not for everyone. Look for a neutral colour that suits your complexion well like dark shades of blue, grey and earth tones to prevent you from looking weighted down and instead look bolder and more alive. A blazer that hits you just at the hip makes you look more stunning. Make sure it defines your shape and is not restrictive.

This is a piece of evergreen clothing that is amazingly versatile so it has a lot of applications that give you the opportunity to wear it for virtually any occasion. It can be worn for business, different forms of parties, when out with friends or you want to look put together at home. Just put the right additions and you’re good to go.

business wear

A Pair Of Pumps

A pair of gorgeous pumps will always be to your rescue when you’re in desperation or in doubt about what shoes to wear to that classy event you’re planning to attend so make sure you pay special attention to its build and make sure you pick something you’ll be comfortable wearing for a long time. Pumps with closed, almond-shaped toes give the most fashionable timeless effect and matte leather is more suitable for different seasons. Also, black is a great choice but you can as well try nude and other neutral colours. A nice pair of pumps can be worn to work, formal parties and on special occasions.


Trench Coat

The trench coat is one piece of clothing that has stayed in the fashion world through the years because of the practicality and class it presents. It is a great transitional piece for different seasons and it looks good on almost everyone. A neutral trench with detailing such as a double-breasted bodice, medium lapels and a tie at the waist looks even more classic and timeless.

coat for every weather  

A Plain White T-shirt

A plain white T is a great addition to a girl’s wardrobe that’ll always come in handy. Yes, the colourfully embellished and richly designed ones are fun to show off in but they come and go with the season and are soon forgotten. The otherwise “boring” plan white will stay with you every season for years. To get that lasting taste, go for one with a fine knit and a little spandex in it for retaining the shape and fitting. V-neck is always great with basic sleeves and the right length.
Wear it on a pair of trousers or skirt and a blazer for work, or wear it with jeans and a shawl for casuals.



Even-toned Jeans

Different designs of jeans come and go with changing trends but even-toned jeans with minimal fading tendency stay with you. Consider investing some money in one of those and better in a dark wash. Make sure you pick what goes with your body shape and is made from high-quality materials. Wear your jeans with a colourful top for an informal party, a practical top and flats to lunch with friends, or the right gears for a hike.

dark wash denim jeans

Pencil Skirt

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone who doesn’t look good in this, and what’s more? It’s never out of season. Having a pencil skirt should be a must for you as it is a piece of women’s clothing that is timeless and always flattering regardless of your body shape. Get one in a neutral colour and pair it with tops, blouses, sweaters and jackets to match your purpose for wearing it and the weather.

a floral top with pencil skirt


Whether you love to have your clothes in a burst of colours or you prefer to go conservatively neutral, floral prints will always be a great option for you. They’re an all-time favourite that never goes out of trend but are always revamped with colours and designs. Wear a complete floral or pair it up with plains and the right accessories and you’ll always stand out beautifully and elegantly.


Now that you know what these timeless foundation pieces are, decide which of them you need then pick your shopping list and start working on getting whichever one you need the most at the moment. Don’t be afraid if they seem a little expensive, you’ll be glad you made the investments as the years roll by.