9 Ways to Wear a Little Black Dress


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It’s an unwritten rule that every girl should own an LBD – or rather, little black dress – but why is it so iconic? For ages, black garments were affiliated with grief, mystery or submission. However, in the 1920’s, when Coco Chanel began using the colour to create a piece that was elegant yet wearable, as well as versatile and flattering, everything changed and the LBD was born.

If you own an LBD but you’re getting tired of wearing the same look over and over, fret not! Here are some ways and tips on how to transform your look just by adding a couple of things.

If you don’t own an LBD yet, on the other hand, read on and I’m sure you’ll be convinced to run out and buy one once you see the various looks you can create with this simple dress.

1. Camo-Print Outerwear

Camo has been making its way back on trend lately, so why not wear it with your LBD? You can even pair this outfit with black Jeffrey Campbell’s and an LBB – a.k.a little black bag – for a mysterious, all-black look. Throw on a pair of sunglasses and you’re good to go!

2. Leather Jacket (with fun colours!)

I’m sure every one of us girls has, at one point in our lives, considered the idea of going rocker chic – we could look so badass! So, why not fulfil that dream? Throw on a leather jacket (this gives me serious Rosa Diaz vibes) and bright sunglasses for a pop of colour. And if you’re feeling fun, pick out a leather jacket with bright and bold colours! This will make your outfit more interesting and noticeable.

3. Floral Pantsuit

Believe it or not, your LBD can be used for work, too, as shown in this picture! You just need to know how to properly style it. If you have tight-fitting LBD, it will be perfect for this outfit. Simply tuck it into the floral pants, throw on the blazer, and voila! And if your workplace doesn’t allow sneakers, just pair the outfit with a simple pair of black or beige pumps and you’re all set for the day ahead.

4. Denim Jacket

This is one of my favourite outfit options because, to be honest, it’s rather effortless, great for lazy days, and super versatile! We all need some dress down days to breathe, but even on those days, you want to look stylish. On these days, you’ll be thanking the heavens that you own an LBD because all you need to do is throw on a comfy denim jacket and a pair of sunglasses! If your LBD is tight-fitting and you’d rather wear something that allows you more breathing room, just slip into a pair of sweats or jeans. Denim on denim can’t go wrong. Now, you look stylish for anything planned for the day, whether it is reading a book, studying, shopping with friends, or simply running errands.

5. Boho-style Kimono

Now, this outfit radiates tons of Coachella vibes if you ask me. Once again, a tight-fitting LBD comes in handy (but even if you have one that’s slightly loose, as long as the bottom isn’t too poofy, it will work). If you’re a fan of the hippie bohemian-chic look, this outfit will totally work for you! Pair your LBD with a long, floral-print kimono, ripped denim shorts, white sneakers and circle-framed sunnies. To pull the whole look together, wear a cute floral crown and some dainty rose gold knuckle rings.

6. Floral Midi Skirt

If you’re heading out on a date, consider trying this look out! It’s elegant, yet not too formal, and not to mention super flirty. Tuck your LBD dress into a floral midi skirt for the night out and I guarantee he’ll be falling head over heels for you. Depending on where you’re heading, you can pair this outfit with a pair of sneakers or pumps! Feeling chilly? Slip into a denim jacket and you’ll still look super cute.

7. Knot-Tied Button Up Blouse

There’s nothing like a relaxing vacation full of photographs that capture all your memories. You want to feel comfortable yet chic – after all, you’ll never know when you might bump into a cute foreign guy (or girl), right? This outfit is super simple – just find a plain button up blouse, but instead of using the buttons, tie the ends together into a knot. Finish off the look with a stylish floppy hat, or even a cute straw one.

8. Fur Vest or Coat

If I’m being honest, this outfit is another one of my favourites. For such a posh look, it is actually super easy and effortless – comfortable, too. If you’re going to somewhere upscale, use the following tips and I promise you’ll fit right in! The outfit features a luxe-looking fur vest (you can opt for a coat if it’s chilly outside), which you can easily match with a statement necklace. Also, you can throw on some red pumps if you want that classic black-dress-red-heels pairing.

9. Floral Bomber

Anyone else getting college student vibes from this outfit? No? Just me? Alright then. The floral bomber has been super in lately – wear this with your LBD tucked into some blue jeans and black boots to get a youthful look! In fact, you don’t have to own a floral bomber to pull off this look. Just find any cute bomber or parka lying around. Why I personally love this outfit (it’s one of my go-to’s) is because it’s easy to put together, can be worn for any casual occasion, and makes me look good even when I feel lethargic.

And there you have it – 9 ways to wear a simple LBD. However, the outfit possibilities are endless with this versatile dress – you don’t have to stick to these outfit ideas. Instead, be inspired to match your LBD in many more ways! Now with these secrets, you can tell your friends, “I’ll never repeat another outfit!”.