An essential winter wardrobe Item – Black Leather Jacket

Mashaal Jamil

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Black Leather Jacket

Mazikeen from Lucifer show

Don’t you just love winters? The cold, the snow, the rain (sometimes), the coffee in the night out in the garden by the fire. Winters are usually perfect! However, they can be a very tricky time for fashion because of all the layers you have to put on to keep yourself warm. No matter how stylish your jumper or shirt is, the coat or jacket that you wear is your actual look when you go out. Now I know they say that comfort comes first, and fashion later, but I beg to differ. I am not saying that pick fashion above comfort. I am saying take them both hand in hand and I am just going to tell you how. Remember the jacket that Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) wore on Lucifer (the TV show) when she was trying to hunt a hunter in Canada? It is a Faux-Shearling Moto Jacket by Aqua with a soft fur collar along with a fur rim at the border of the jacket and the sleeves. The front has two zipped diagonal hand pockets with a belt on either side, shining in silver; making it rough but classy. A leather jacket is a winter wardrobe essential that one must definitely own and here is why.


I am sure you are all well aware of the feeling where the winter chills always manage to seep into your clothes, making you shiver and leaving you defeated. Well, in a leather jacket is our solution, especially one that is furry on the inside, keeping you warm and fuzzy and the leather on the outside acts as the best windbreaker you could ask for.


Did you think that umbrellas or raincoats were the only way to protect yourself in the rain? Well then, I have a surprise for you. Leather jackets are rainproof! They are better than a downs jacket or a coat. They speak class and keep you dry in that never-ending rain. Moreover, the leather does not get ruined in the rain, it just shrugs it off.

No more fear of pickpocketing

A leather jacket with two huge zipped pockets, right under your arms on either side is always a great purchase. It can be worn without the fear of being pickpocketed; in a concert, or carnivals or even in the rush hours at the metro or inside a cramped bus. You know you will be safe and relaxed owed to the very firm grip but light zips.

Spacious pockets

Do you want to take along your cardholder, lipstick, headphones, money, keys and your phone without carrying a purse or wallet? Well, this jacket has two huge pockets to carry all your necessary belongings. You could easily tuck in your gloves, too, and a few snacks for that long day ahead.

Social fashion statement

Wearing oh-so-many layers tend to make you look like a potato or leave you feeling fat, thus making moving about stiff or with a lot of effort. We have all been through that. I understand that one jacket having so many advantages may look impossible, but leather jackets are generally amazing at magically covering all the clothing layers, giving you an uber chic look.

Black is always good

Black color never goes out of fashion. Black is also sensual because it looks great on you, no matter what skin tone, figure or height you have. It also always manages to make you look slim and smart. I think you would all agree that owning a black leather jacket could never be a waste. You can dress up and down with it. You can carry a casual look with blue jeans and white sneakers or you can style it by pairing it with black leather pants and velvet boots. However, that is not it. You can also add this to your glamorous look of a gown or dress, carrying it just on your shoulders as well.

Comfortable and convenient

I know we are all fond of traveling. With that, what we all adore is fashion that can be easily carried with us, looks good with everything and is worth the value. With all that traveling, comes lack of sleep. The jacket is more of a lifestyle at this point because it rolls up into a very nice pillow for head support or as a blanket for your legs. The plus point is that leather jackets get no wrinkle marks. They are an all-purpose-no-high-maintenance fashion item which is a must-have for your closet.


Black Leather Jackets can be found in numerous shops; local brands or international ones. You can buy a high budget leather jacket from an expensive brand or from your favorite local store. Because they are an international need, they can be found easily in a variety of designs, fitting well into your budget. Just ensure you try it on before you make the purchase so you know it suits your body type and is warm enough (unless you’re looking for a leather jacket in a tropical country, in which case, just try it!)

Timeless elegance

Black is timeless. A leather jacket is also timeless. Add both of those together, and you have yourself a fashion item that is double timeless. You do not have to fear that it might run out of fashion or the trends might change. Both the features that I just mentioned are so everlasting that you could probably see yourself handing your leather jacket down to your sister or daughter or granddaughter. Do not forget the amazing pictures you would get in this jacket. You would never have to cringe at your embarrassing old style (as we all have done, countless times).

A leather jacket is an essential fashion item that everybody needs to own because it really completes your wardrobe and that too, available for a less than 50 dollars with extreme protection and all the benefits I just told you, I assure you it will be worth every penny.