Caterpillar Machine Pants: What The Modern Man Needs

Luz Rosales

Hello, my name is Luz Rosales from El Salvador. I’m a graduated Associate Degree Graphic Designer and a Creative Writing student at I work drawing and writing my own comics but I spend a lot of time illustrating fashion.

A Fashionable Pair of Pants

Soft, durable and comfortable, these high-quality trousers are the perfect fit for the working and stylish men. Stretch fabric for flexibility and slim cut with multiple and reinforced pockets front and back. Triple-stitched seams for long-lasting wear, broad belt loops, multi-functional pockets and Velcro closures.

Elegance in Colors.

Don’t forget modern and lightweight for a day to day use and sturdy enough to work under the sun with a 100% lasting color. Absolute cotton with 3% spandex. Beige colored (Creme), night blue (Navy) or Pitch Black these pants bring a time-honored and still standing approach to men’s fashion that can complete the elegant and sophisticated appearance of masculine nonetheless, keeping it chic and totally professional—if that’s your thing, of course.

Building the Perfect Match.

Brand matching extra accessories are preferable for a consistent look in design and color palette. Either way, you can still build a semi-formal look with black shoes and a Polo T-shirt, it’s a matter of playing a little bit but it does take time to carry a style that will speak volumes about you. Let’s wander a bit in outfit possibilities. The Creme toned pants can be easily sported with any color, yellow, pink, orange if you want bright hues or in other cases, dark hues do the same trick. Very important note here, neutral colors (like Creme) are better off with one of the two hues and NOT with another Creme tone. It’s basic color knowledge. The night blue tone, also known as Navy can also be matched with bright and dark hues, but also neutral tones. Which means it’s compatible with most colors of the color wheel spectrum. Finally, we have the Pitch-Black tone and as we all know—just like the color white—Black is one of those colors that can play with every existing color of the spectrum and keep it fashionable.

Classic is the New Trend!

Now, like I said before, it takes time to build a great collection of clothes but it’s easy when you have set your mind into what you think would be your best fit whether professionally or not. Just remember that Caterpillar’s style is keeping it simple, and that’s how most men should think when picking a fashion identity. It really is your identity, it’s the whole point of fashion. First impressions do matter, and God knows the golden rules when we talk about selling your image: everything you do, the way you talk, the way you carry yourself and the way you dress mark standards. That means you are the center of attention, but you need all the help you can from what surrounds you to make you pop out! Yes, even in the masculine world, these rules apply. Classic, for this brand, means timeless, flawless. It’s critical and tasteful, its own persona in fibers and thread, it’s a representation and blueprint of good quality creations. And I bet you want to be associated with these points. Straightforward and uncomplicated. It. Is. Classic. And that’s a tendency in modern fashion. So, that’s what you must look for in these pieces and the good thing is, there’s a lot to pick from in the catalog.

The Men in The Brand

Caterpillar—also known as CAT—products are known for their vintage/ageless design, their topnotch standards in fabric and giving value to their own unique personality, that’s a recap of what we discussed earlier. Whether you are in the earth-moving industry, you love gardening every now and then during the weekends or want to bring a tendency to your wardrobe with class, this brand is for you without a doubt! Even for those occasions where heavy rubber boots and dirty work are a crucial need and struggle in the workplace. Don’t miss the chance to wear this brand that brings neutral colors to the next level. This company should always be your first option—with worldwide success and acclaim—the company has brought characteristics that are now part of their trademark that we can’t overlook. Their fashion statement is EVERYWHERE in their most iconic pieces. Belts, hats, socks, and shoes are part of their wide variety of accessories that can produce a fresh look in any man’s closet, but we’ll break the essential ones down for you. Here are a few of our top recommendations apart from the beautifully crafted machine pants. Three extra additions to start your CAT journey in a fashionable and easy way:

Caterpillar Madison Belt

The company produces genuine leather belts in all sizes and in a large diversity of excellent designs with good finishing. Single prong buckles and steel single-loop keepers and etched logo touches. You’ll recognize high-rank leather when you see it, and trust me, knowing you’ve done a good buy is worth the money. Any of these will give you that extra species to your new luxurious look.

Caterpillar Men’s Denim Work Jeans

These are exactly what they are. REAL rinsed indigo denim fabric! These days it’s hard and expensive to find authentic denim jeans in fashion apparels. Most of the ‘jeans’ these days are made of 100% cotton, and that’s a shame, we already know those are still expensive and less resistant. I’m pretty sure we all have a pair of those deep in the bellies of our closets. And you know that’s not worth it, right? Well, you know exactly what to do about that. Buy real denim jeans and stop worrying about what they are made of and their life-span.

Caterpillar Honey Rest Men’s Founder Boots

These boots are the absolute classics of classics in their catalog. These pair of boots are iconic and I’m not being overdramatic, all of us have seen these boots in T.V shows and movies! Made of full grain leather, with nylon mesh linings and EASE midsoles. Get ready for the pair of boots that will last you a lifetime. These indeed are a pair of good boots and a very good investment that will make you re-image your idea of fashion and style and what we need to do to achieve our own fashion identity.