Colours of Spring Summer 2018


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The time is ticking unbelievably fast as we are now at the end of winter already. It felt like winter was just here a few days ago but not. It’s almost time to bid farewell to it. Spring has finally starting to show itself. Anyone excited and looking forward to it? I do, too but before that let’s prepare ourselves so that we can welcome it warmly with the right shades of color for this year’s spring-summer. Make this season your own runway (in fact, every season) and let me help you by sharing this season’s color palette. This year’s color trends are somehow similar to last year’s only that the tone is slightly faded or what we can call them as the pastel shades. Some even named these shades as the gelato hues which has the same tone to our favorite dessert, gelato. I bet you all will look as sweet and cute as those gelatos!

I’ve picked the colors from what I can see on the spring/summer 18 runways and some of them are really on the list of Pantone’s ss18 palette. Shall we take a look at the colors now?

Pink – Cherry Blossom

Who loves pink? Well, who doesn’t but if you’re especially a fan of pink, this tone should be in your wardrobe for this upcoming spring. This tone is called Cherry Blossom but if you can’t find the exact same tone, you don’t need to worry as you can try to get something similar to it. To get to know it easily, you can try to save it in your memory that it somehow looks like a smooth pinkish strawberry flavored ice cream, right? Easy! Plus, spring is time for cherry blossoms, too. So, you can also take that into account for this color. Once cherry blossoms or strawberry ice cream appear before you, hopefully, this tone will pop up in your mind.

Peach Pink – Blooming Dahlia or Peach Bud

Next, the must-have colors in your wardrobe this season is a pastel tone of peach. We can already quietly call peach as a pastel tone of orange but for this spring, the tone has gotten even more faded than an ordinary peach. This particular colors: Blooming Dahlia and Peach Bud is somehow a mix of pink and peach, too. You’ll see them as pink at one glance but the more you look at them, you can then tell that they’re indeed peach. As for these colors, you can easily recognize them by interpreting them as the flower, Dahlia or whenever you’re eating a peach, you’ll definitely know the tones.

Yellow – Yellow Iris or Meadowlark

Yellow is on the list, too! Never own even a single yellow piece in your wardrobe before? It’s time to get some of them to bring home. I’ll guarantee that you’ll love these shades. It’s because of they aren’t at a very bold or neon side. It still can be considered as ‘tame’ for a first timer who wasn’t so brave being in a yellow. You all know that the whole concept of these colors I’m listing is a faded pastel tone. So, Yellow Iris and Meadowlark aren’t exceptional and they are soft tones. Even though Meadowlark may seem to be bolder than Yellow Iris, but it is still not on the very bold tone of yellow. It’s only darker than Yellow Iris but not as bright as the other yellows you’ve seen before that makes you think you can’t work it. If you see these creatures: meadowlarks and yellow iris flowers, they’ll help you remember about these tones for sure.  

Green – Nile Green or Lettuce Green

Let’s also go green this season. Not only for our health or better environment but go green in the means of dressing yourselves up in green tones. This time, the greens are on the side that can be seen as a mix of greys and green with a slightly faded tone. Both of these tones are quite similar to each other but to compare, Lettuce Green is obviously a tone taken from lettuce and Nile Green isn’t. Lettuce Green can also be mistakenly seen as an Apple Green tone. So, you guys should pay more attention to those two tones.

Blue – Vallarta Blue or Blue Bell

Blue lovers… don’t worry Blue is also listed as one of the spring/summer colors. When it comes to pastel blue tone, you guys must have had this in your thought, which is, of course, a baby blue. However, this season’s pastel blue isn’t it. Instead, they are the same tone to green which is a mix of greys and a faded tone. They are totally far from baby blue. Vallarta Blue is a dark-greyish blue while Blue Bell is lighter. You may think of it as a Virginia Blue Bell flower which has a slightly lighter tone of the common bluebell and its tone is more towards the blue than to a purple (Common Bluebell has a purplish tone).

Purple – Orchid Hush

The right time to talk about purple after bluebell flowers, huh? Let’s move on to Orchid Hush. This color will remind you of purple colored Wonka’s Bottle Caps candy and vice versa. The similarity of their tones can be said really close where both of them has a mixture of greys and pastel purple. This tone definitely is one of the softest tones in the list besides than Cherry Blossom pink. Both Orchid Hush and Cherry Blossom have the same vibes of a very sweet, soft looking candy color. So, purple lovers… let’s rock your spring in this tone!  

That’s all for the ss18 color palette. Hopefully, this would give you some ideas on how to rock your spring/summer seasons and make them as your own everyday runway. You can also try to mix-matching the colors! Let me share with you of the color combinations that I think would work out prettily. You can try combining pink and blue, pink and purple, pink and yellow, pink and green. Woah, looking at the example of color combinations listed previously, I think you now know how to match them and I do think that all colors work very well with each other, too. So, don’t be afraid to be more experimental.

Have a sweet season and stay adventurously fashionable,
Dayn R