Comfortable Heels every woman should own.

Jeenal Vyas

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Heels have charmed and troubled women for decades. It’s fascinating how a good pair of heels can escalate your look from ‘not working’ to ‘jaw-dropping’. You can pair it up with your ankle length formals, your jumpsuits, and your knee-length skirts; heels will make your everyday look seem stylish yet subtle. We usually see women wearing heels on special occasions and to the office.

Well, there are some pairs which are suitable even when you’re just going out to have a cup of coffee. These trendy heels will help to outshine your normal look. Don’t worry about the aftermath of wearing them all day long.

By the way, do you know that heels were originally made for men? Cowboys and Wartime soldiers wore high heels while horseriding. This gave them a better balance while using weapons. But gradually women started wearing them and heels were something which added a star to a woman’s wardrobe.

Heels lure you towards them. Let’s call it a She, because well she knows all our embarrassing moments. How did she end up in your wardrobe? She looked at you, sitting silently on the shelf. Your heart started racing when your eyes met. She winked at you and it was love at first sight.

But did she start hammering your legs after your first hour at the office?

Did you prefer holding her in your hands after those 3 hours at the party?

I know you think twice before buying them because you don’t just want to put them in a box.

And wearing them for longer hours is a bigger challenge than breaking the glass ceiling.

Is there a way out of this vicious cycle?

It’s time to give comfortable heels some space in your wardrobe.

Women Rule

Conquer the world with your Heels

  These are the 3 heels which will give your legs comfort and space to breath. On top of this, they suffice your needs of following the latest fashion trends and add a notch to your look.

1) Why Kitten heels are the best pair of shoes to wear for any occasion?

Kitten Heels have solved 90% of a woman’s problems. The swing with which they have entered the top fashion trend and its comfortable yet stylish appearance make it worth having a look at. These heels range from 1.5 inches to 1.75 inches. They were perceived as heels for young women; the reason they were called “trainer heels” explains it all. But then, later on, women of every age group rushed to the store to buy a pair of them.

They became famous when Audrey Hepburn carried them beautifully in the movie “Sabrina”. Women started to switch from “hard to balance Stilettos” to comfortable and stylish Kitten Heels.

I saw them for the first time while I was watching New York Fashion Week. Then I started to notice that a lot of celebrities, models and even women from royal families wear these heels. They were eye-catchy and I tried to imitate these women. Mixing and matching my heels on different outfits until I figured out what goes with what. Hopefully, I was successful and there has been no turning back.

2)Mule Heels: “When I look at them, I see comfort.”

Mules are a fairytale come true. Whenever I wear them, my feet think that their prince charming came to their rescue. The broad front, the minimal heel, and the open ankle are all you can ask from a shoe. If you think that mules are old-fashioned then you need to re-think. They have taken the shoe game one step ahead by bringing in various styles. Also, you can style them with multiple outfits and add a tinge of a classy look.

Why I prefer them?

It’s easy to just slip in and out of them. There are times when I want to bid adieu to my heels but still crave for a few extra inches; I look at the top shelf of my wardrobe where the queen of all rests, my signature black heeled mules.

These go with my work wear, ankle-length jeans, mini-skirts, and shorts. I don’t think twice before putting them on and they stay with my feet all day long.

3) Wedge Heels, the support you need!

You can stand all day long. You find comfort in them. You get that stylish chic look. What else does a woman need? Make these heels your partner if you are planning to attend a concert or a party where you have to stand for a long time. They give you the look you want without killing your feet. These heels give you that chic and sexy look in a casual way. Your summer dresses and formal attires go best with wedge heels.

These are the go-to shoes you can wear without giving it much thought. Women have been too picky when it comes to their footwear. Why not? A right pair of shoes changes the look, plus the ease with which these classic pairs can be worn is commendable.

Now you’ll not see yourself limping on one foot after a party or carrying your heels in your hands. We have managed to mold fashion according to our convenience. There will be several articles and opinions about what a heel says about a woman who’s wearing it. You don’t let all the noises get inside your head. You do yourself girl and pick out the most flashy and best pair of shoes you can find.

After all, it’s truly said that shoes are a woman’s best friend. They will be there to comfort you. They will be there to make your outfit stand out. They will be there to give you balance. And they will be there to give you a head-start of those few extra inches you crave for.

But in all of this hassle, I have to tell you that your comfort comes first. You don’t want blisters and sore foot the next day. Choose your companion wisely.