Denims: Why I give importance to color combinations?

Manas Patil

Hello, I am Manas, a seventeen-year-old college(just passed out now) student who loves to write! Although I’m an Indian, I’ve spent a substantial amount of time living in Indonesia. I love to visit places from time to time. I also speak about various different subjects and I’m still learning… now I blog and develop my site frequently…

If there is one basic thing that you should know about fashion, it is color combinations. Even people who are filthy rich and have expensive branded outfits and accessories can look unattractive if they don’t have the taste of colors. On the other hand, a common man or woman can look outstandingly perfect with casuals and right colors. So let’s jump right into it! (Note: This is meant for beginners!)

Speak of Denim

Well, I did mention the word ‘Denim’ in the title. Here’s why: Denim clothing- no matter which color you try to blend it in with- it will bend in! Take even some of those exotic colors like neon and striking orange, even those will look great if you have a denim clothing on with it (usually denim pants though). Yeah, like the denim pants above… but better not go for too bright too. Over some trial and errors with clothing, bright denim might come along great but if you’re just starting, go for darker denim clothing: I would personally suggest dark blue or black.

This dark shade that I suggested applies for both, the jeans and for jackets… and if there are more denim clothing that you’re aware of, those too! And no, that is no joke. For a little fun, let’s clear something about denim and jeans here: Denim is mistaken to be clothing. It is actually the fabric material which is used for making clothes… and other products. Whereas jeans is typically a sort of pants or trousers.

Jeans are generally made from the denim material and thus the name: Denim Jeans.

Color combinations other than denim

So denim is a beginner’s ideal choice if he or she is stepping into the fashion world. Let us be honest, denim products are undoubtedly expensive. Moreover, the thick fabric isn’t ideal for all time of the day and for the summer. Referring to the dude sitting on a suitcase above, yes I am speaking of shorts and other clothing apart from pants too. With respect to shorts, trust me, the majority of the options available on the market can all go well with any sort of body wear. Even the bright yellow shorts for men suits with any shirt or t-shirt! Your skin color doesn’t matter here either.

I, myself, have a pair of sharp red shorts which goes well with anything I put on top!

Popular Color Combinations

As I suggested earlier about getting dark blue or black denim jeans, there are more color combinations I’d recommend.

Plain White with a Darker match

I’m sure you’re already aware of this one. Harry Styles, Zac Efron, Tom Cruise- you name it, most of them appear stunning when they have a simple white shirt/t-shirt on with jeans. If not completely white, then let it be a little greyish. But no matter what, keep it plain (the tiny logo’s fine).  

Maroon/ Dark blue with white legwear

White legwear isn’t very common around yet but with a few bodywear colors, it can look stunning. Maroon and dark blue t-shirts are a few ideal colors that can go with white.

Hawaiian colors with black/white

Maybe exotic but these are still on trending! Any Hawaiian top can go well with a black or white legwear- be it shorts or full pants. Apart from the boring black or white, these blend in very well with whichever color they're made of. For example, yellow Hawaiian shirts match with yellow pants… yes they do! Well, these are some of the combinations that I recommend. Over time, I'm sure you'll find a lot more out!