Dresses: Colours and Style In Fashion.

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Dresses are garments that are sewn into a bodice and skirt, usually worn by females. They can be sewn into cocktail, formal, casual or maxi styles. Dresses are mostly designed to suit women of all shapes, sizes and ages. The shapes of dresses vary through various ranges; there are the flare, mermaid, sheath and pencil-shaped dresses.

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Dress Fashion

The trend in a fashion never goes into extinction. However, styles evolve and numerous designs both complex and simple emerge year to year. More and more designers develop newer ideas to place more trends before the public. Likewise, dress styles which have also rolled through the years. Evolving from complex, uncomfortable designs with numerous attachments such as smocks, kirtles stomachers as well as dresses made from fabrics which were usually combined in colours and designs that were rather unfitting. These days, dresses have delved into better fittings and silhouettes that possess design appeal.

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Colour Combination

Researchers have discovered that colours have a psychological effect on sighted people. Imagine a world void of colours, I believe there would have been a different perspective to the view of the world. Colours create a form of softness to the senses. For example, the sight of red juicy cherries can cause a person to salivate. I know I would. Therefore, in fashion, colours have played a huge role in its appreciation and understanding. Different colours are applied every day to designs, for instance, red, blue, yellow, pink, purple, gold. These days, designers utilize colour codes that help in climate improvement as well as in human development. A beautiful dress is a type that appeals to the sense of sight. Hence most dress designers make use of colourful fabrics to create astonishing styles. Colourful dresses appeal to the aura of the owner. Women who wear colourful dresses often possess a sort of glow that attracts people all around them. In addition, these colourful dresses cause a form of comfort and relaxation to the owners. With proper accessories, these women turn out to possess a positive energy as a result of colourful dresses.

How to Dress For Body Shape

As there are numerous women in the world so do their shapes differ. Women are beautifully born into features many that distinguish them from each other. A person is appreciated by many factors one of which is appearance. When a woman dresses in the right outfit, she becomes an icon to be respected. The right outfit only turns out good in the right shape. Hence it is necessary for a woman to have knowledge of her body shape before she buys a dress. Designers create dresses that suit various shapes. Therefore the trick to it is ‘Know your body shape’. This helps to build confidence in a woman. No woman wants to experience a fashion accident. Five known body shapes of women which actually hold no similarities; The Rectangle Shape is the straight boyish shape, also called the supermodel shape, which is void of obvious busts or hips. Women who belong in this category are advised to put on dresses that highlight their features. In addition, they should put on belts to focus the attention of lookers on their slender figure. The Pear Shape has a small bust and large hips. Their waists are also slender. Hence dresses with scoop necks or boat necks, which will give them broad shoulders, are advised. There is also The Apple Shape body which is characterized by big busts and small hips. ‘A’ Line dresses, plunging neck dresses and also flowing dresses facilitate their looks. Let’s not overlook the figure ‘8’ shape which is characterized by proportional busts and hips. Dresses that define their waists are advised. Finally, The Hour Glass Shape which turns out to be every woman’s dream is one where the woman has proportional large busts and hips with very tiny waists. Such women should flaunt their curves by wearing dresses that are fitted. They can also include belts. The Moment this is figured out, then the technique of colour wearing in fashion would be understood.

How To Choose Accessories For Dresses

The proper accessory choice, style preference and the dress actually complement each other in fashion. They are like peas in a pod waiting to burst into fashion success. Accessories are bits and pieces that are added to a dress to give it a lift. These are implemented based on the person’s style and personality. When a woman favours noticeable outlook, she tends to put together accessory pieces that will be obvious to onlookers; a style of sophistication. Hence she would favour bold statement accessories with embellishments. For instance shoes, jewelry and bags in bold colours and bold embellishments, even hair pieces, are such important accessories that a woman with such style would combine. Women who favour a style of subtle elegance often implement simple accessories that would be glamorous but elusive of obvious attention, yet stylish. Possible accessories used to accentuate such style and personality are tiny necklaces, small statement necklaces, tiny earrings with small embellishments; like gemstones on them.

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Daring Fashion

When a bee sees colourful petals, it makes a beeline towards that flower and does its business. Such law of attraction also applies to humans and colourful items of clothing. C/MEO collective, Macy’s, Camilla and Marc, Finder’s Keepers, Alice McCall to name but few are designers that create dresses in a wide range of colours for women. A number of women usually lack confidence in wearing dresses with colour. A popular colour they avoid is orange; unaware that accessorizing an outfit with such a colour is considered BOLD and DARING. They believe their sense of style would be an object of ridicule. On the contrary, women putting on dresses with colour reveal the inner adventurous and daring character embedded within them. It makes the woman confident and able to achieve goals because she sees herself as a style influencer.

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Hence It is safe to say that a woman that can wear and accessorize colourful dresses is ‘Fiercely Bold’ and ready to take her world by storm.