Dressing Psychology: What Your Clothes Reveal About You

Ivy Amase

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Finding the right thing to wear in the morning (or evening) can be hard. If you are not careful you might find yourself the subject of unwanted stares. This article explores what your clothes reveal about you and how to improve on some of the clothing issues you might have.

You have probably heard this term too many times: You are what you wear. According to Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner, this cliché is actually very accurate. Every outfit you put on says something to the world.

Whatever you are dressed in is affected by:

• Your mood
• The occasion
• Your personal style and preferences
• Your body features
• Your age
• Your religious beliefs
• Your career

If you work in a corporate environment, you will most likely spend the whole week in formal attire, but if you are a weight trainer then active wear might be more of your thing.

Not surprisingly, our style says a lot more than just where we work and how we feel that day.


Common Dressing Habits You Might Have and What They Mean

You Keep Old Clothes from Years Ago

If you keep old clothes that you never wear simply because they remind you of an earlier time in your life then you could be holding on to the past. It is possible that your clothes were bought by someone special and you are still holding on to them because they remind you of a time in your past and holding on to them reminds you of that time. If this sounds familiar, then you can start by getting rid of half of your clothes first and see how you feel. Then you can get rid of all the clothes you don’t wear and get new ones.

You Prefer a Minimalist Style

There’s no harm in being a minimalist. It keeps your mind clear so you can focus on making other decisions apart from your wardrobe and reduces your stress levels. Even though being a minimalist is great, sometimes it could be a sign that you are too scared to try out new styles and trends. Another possibility is that you don’t like the attention that a more outgoing style would get you.

Try to incorporate more color into your outfits by adding toned down colors to your wardrobe. Simple accessories are another way to spice up your wardrobe. You can also maintain the neutral colors and instead go for bold styles like big shoulders and interesting shoes.

You Are Always Dressed in Oversized Clothing

There’s nothing quite as edgy and stylish as draping an oversized denim coat over your shoulders or wearing an oversized shirt dress with a pair of sneakers. There are some instances, however, when you find yourself wearing oversize clothing for other reasons. Maybe you have gained some weight and are not comfortable in tight-fitting clothing. In other cases, it could be that you have lost weight and are still attached to your old clothes.

If you have a deeper reason for wearing oversize clothing then you can start with loving the skin you are in. In the past two years, there have been a large number of designers showcasing curvy women on the runway and there are better clothes now to fit curvy girls than ever before.

You Are the Sexy Dresser at Your Office or Group of Friends

If everyone always gives you strange looks at the office or while you are out in public, then it is probably because your sexy dressing is inappropriate for those specific places. Some people have even been as bold as to tell you to your face that your dressing is inappropriate for work, church or whatever. It’s not your fault. People have different perceptions and some of us are more comfortable in sexy clothing than others. However, if you are making other people uncomfortable it could be because you only dress in a singular way for all occasions.

Try dressing a little bit more modestly during the day and see if the looks stop.

You Dress Inappropriately for Your Age

Nobody really wants to look their age. Everyone is always trying to portray themselves in a manner that takes years off their real age. The problem is that it can be inappropriate to dress like a teenager when you are in your thirties. If you are told you dress young for your age it could be you are dressing how you feel instead of your real age. If you have a meeting with a group of investors who are a bit older than you then dressing younger than you are will further increase the divide between you. A good tip is planning your outfits well in advance for different days depending on what will be happening during the day.

You Dress Formally Even When You Are Not Working

Some people love their jobs so much that they dress formally even when they are not at work. This could be a sign that you value your job and it is a big part of your identity. There are plenty of benefits to dressing down. It makes you more approachable and relatable to your family, friends, and even business partners. If your colleagues or potential business partners see your casual side then it might make it easier for them to interact with you on a personal level.

You Love Clothing with Designer Logos on Them

Chanel, Gucci, Michael Kors, Versace, you name it. The list of clothing designers is endless and so are their logos. Donning a Versace tee will definitely get you appreciative glances, and that’s why you probably love dressing in conspicuous designer clothing.

If you want people to value you for your money, they will. There are so many things that they could value you for though like your generosity and kindness, your personality, and your jokes.

Mix up designer wear with nameless pieces for a good balance.

You Live in Jeans and a Hoodie

Jeans and a hoodie can be quite attractive. They feel good and are easy to put on with no fuss. If you are a mom who is always in jeans and a hoodie, it could be that you are neglecting your own needs in favor of the needs of your family. The case for dressing up is this: It makes you feel good. And a happy mom is a happy family.

Always remember that even though everyone can dress the way they want, oftentimes our style is reflective of who we are on the inside.

What are some of the ways you have been dressing, and do you think it has affected your life negatively in any way?