Essentials for a Summer at the Beach

Oluwaferanmi Ogundipe

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Getting ready for the summer holidays can be super exciting from shopping and planning workouts to fit into that bikini or maybe not, regardless it’s a burst of energy. What other places will be awesome than to spend the summer at the beach, granted there are other options but the beach is definitely on the list, so we put together some tips to get you looking stylish and comfortable on your next trip!

The Three Must-haves for the beach


Sunglasses, this are to protect you from the glare of the sun, from the aviator lense to the stylish cat eye or even box frames, you could have a few but you basically just need one, most preferably black, black is chic and it would leave you looking effortlessly stylish.


Slippers, yeah, you could be thinking…seriously?! but slippers are one of the most forgotten items when going on a trip, you do not want sand in your Manolo sandals or any other brands you prefer, also they are easy to wear and take off if you want.


SPF Sunscreen protects you from sunburns cursed by radiation. While chilling or laying around on the beach is fun, getting a sunburn or radiation isn’t pleasant, so find the perfect Sunscreen for your skin and pack a bottle or two, you never know what you get into on this trips.

Clothing Essentials

This is a bit tricky but we are doing things in three’s so here are  essential items of clothing that should be in your suitcase:


Even if you do not plan on taking a dip in the water, chances are you would change your mind due to the sheer heat from the sun or from watching others take a swim, hence why this is important. Depending on your style, go all out with bright colors such as yellow or blue, alternatively, you can tone down the colors in basic black, white or grey, solid colors or patterns you can’t go wrong… You’re on the beach, have some fun.
Beach swimwear

Crop Tops

It’s almost impossible not to include this piece of clothing, especially if you want to be a bit covered up, also a perfect look paired with shorts when you need to hit the shops. Crop tops are guaranteed to spaz up any look.


Playsuits which are basically short jumpsuits are usually made in the lightest fabrics making it an easy choice. It allows for a lot of airflow for your body, just in case you’re thinking of skipping the beach to go sightseeing or get a bite to eat in town, playsuits are your go to. Try to keep all clothing items in light/bright colors, because light colors are nonconductors of heat and will keep you from feeling too hot.

Extras….Maxi Dresses

Now we never know what could happen during a trip, you could meet someone, who could be a potential “the one” *winks* and get invited to dinner or a lunch date. Maxi’s can be elegant for a dinner or casual date depending on how you dress the look and as a plus, they have a lot of room for moving around comfortably.
Maxi dress


While there are no rules on what to take along,  here are a few important options:


Sandals, although not ideal for the beach but there are a number of other things planned for a great summer getaway, sandals are a easy wear for sightseeing, tours, and shopping, nude and pastel colors work best, also black because it goes with everything!
Black Sandals


For all those who might like to go hiking and traveling, sneakers are safer and very comfortable, also an alternative to going out in, just they could leave you feeling hot if you are out in the sun a lot, either way, still a must-have.


This is a perfect match for both the beach, outings, and shopping, it doubles as an elegant twist for an evening out, a nice addition to a swimsuit if you are a little extra, it can turn a simple outfit completely around.


These range from earrings, neck pieces, bags and even hats, here is a nice mix of ideas: Statement Earrings, these go first because they are the easiest to pair with a swimwear, either studs or big hoops they always leave you looking extra sexy on the beach, studs for a more laid-back look.

Body chain, for the outgoing person this would make a killer add-on to a bikini.

Henna is body art that is drawn with a dye from the henna tree, they always look gorgeous and exotic, a little extra if you kinda sorta want a tattoo.

Necklaces, between a dangle necklace and a choker, I usually can’t choose but if you’re like me and can’t decide, you can easily put both on at the same time. Bangles are bit extra but they can also work magic to an ensemble.

Beach Bags, you need a space to put all your little tinkles, sunglasses, sunscreen, your wallet, keys and so on, beach bags can also add to your overall look, there are major variety of these but there is also the alternative of a sling bag, whichever way you decide to turn a bag will come in handy.

Hats protect you from the glare of the sun, so grab a nice straw one or just a simple face cap, also optional but could make a difference.


For all those that do not wear makeup, please carry a moisturizer with sun protector specifically made for the face, rosewater, and glycerin products are a good option, but ensure whatever you choose works for your skin. If you do wear makeup here are a few tips: I usually say no need to carry the entire make up kit, but if you want by all means. Majorly you will need a primer in case you get a little sweaty, also take your concealer for outings during the day while its not advisable to have a full on face beat, a simple concealer, some powder, eyebrows, eyeliner and a nude lippy, usually red works for the beach, But if you are getting a lot busier at night, go all out.

I do hope this helps you on your next trip.

Love. XOXO.