Exciting Fashion Tips for Friday Outfits

Precious Ayara

I’m Precious Ayara an enthusiastic and curious writer. I enjoy observing the trends and seeing the opportunities that comes with it.


Your alarm ticks off reminding you that it’s another beautiful day. It’s 5:45 am Friday morning, yet another work day but you are smiling and humming because today is the last day of work for the week. Staring at your wardrobe, you wonder what outfit will set you in the right mood for your usual Friday hangouts, keep you excited throughout the day, doesn’t change your overall routine and set the right mood for the weekend. Here are three areas you can add little adjustments that will enhance your Friday outfit, dressing style and keep you in the right mood for a great weekend ahead.

Tweak your accessories

Your accessories play an important role in making and completing your outfit. Whether you are looking forward to a wild weekend bang with lots of dancing or just to unwind after a long week at work, a slight adjustment in your accessory will definitely keep you excited all day. Below is a list of four accessories you can tweak to give you that exciting Friday outfit.

Ballerina Shoes

Shoes, strike an exciting blend

Most times, after working a particular job for a long while, we establish routines even in our dressing styles. Often times, we find it difficult to switch from our routine dressing styles to something more exciting. So for your Friday outfit, you can retain the routine for your clothes but tweak it a little by wearing off-your-usual-shoe-colour. If you are putting on a clothing with lots of prints, it’s best to wear a plain coloured or at most a two-coloured pair of shoe. But if you are putting on plain coloured clothes, you can try a pair of shoe with lots of prints. The aim here is to ensure that your shoes and clothes don’t blend together too much making the entire outfit boring like a long bodysuit. different types of bags

Choose the right bag for your body

Do you know that the right bag can flatter your shape? Yes, it does. The fact is that your handbag can accentuate your body silhouette be it a petite figure like Eva Longoria or Beyoncé’s hourglass or even Queen Latifah’s curvy shape and Gwyneth Paltrow lean-ruler body. Try picturing Kim Kardashian carrying a slouchy, rounded hobo, it will only make her curvy, petite figure look even curvier but a large rectangular clutch bag will make a great outfit. While choosing your Friday outfit, consider picking a bag with a shape that opposes your figure and the right colours to compliments the other accessories in your outfit, this is a great way of improving your dressing style. A hybrid wristwatch

Hybrid vs Smart Watch

You may be surprised to see a wristwatch on the list but take some time to reflect on how many times you look at your wristwatch while at work? Too many times I’ll say. Most times, we get accustomed to wearing a particular wrist watch every day especially with the advent of smartwatches and tend to forget that we can make wristwatches an exciting part of our dressing style. For your Friday outfit, consider replacing the smartwatch with a hybrid watch and I assure you that this little adjustment will make you smile whenever you check the time. A lady with pretty bracelets

Add the Bracelet

The one thing that draws attention to the beauty of our hands and wrists is the bracelet. The clattering and jingling sounds of the bracelets can add excitement to an everyday outing or routine. The choice of which bracelet to use depends on your preference and the overall outfit you have in mind. Make Friday interesting by wearing a few bracelets and listen to their gentle jingle with every flick of your wrist. woman hairstyle

Hairstyle, add a twist and accessories

Styling your hair can be a difficult and stressful aspect of dressing up every morning, taking up as much as five minutes to more than an hour. To escape this, we tend to find a style that works and stick to it as part of our dressing style. Sticking to just one hairstyle for a long while can make up a boring routine but changing the routine can cause a big chaos. To make your Friday outfit exciting, add a hair accessory here, a little twist there and let a few strands of hair slip the bun. Here are some simple hairstyles you can try out under ten minutes;
  1. The side-swept pony: Make a side part and leave about two inches of face-framing hair hanging on that side, then brush the rest into a ponytail. Works best for thick, straight shoulder length hair types.
  2. The side braid: Create a side part and braid the remaining strands of hair to one side. This style works best on long hair types.
  3. Textured half-up-do: Pull the top half of your hair back into a half-up pony and secure it with a clip. Works best on curly long hair types.
  4. Side-pinned curls: Create a deep side part just above your temple and secure the opposite side with a bobby pin. Works best for wavy, straight, and thick hair types.
  5. Zig-zag parted pixie: Use a comb to make a Z shape diagonally across the crown of your head to the side you want and tuck the hair behind your ear. Works best for short thick and fine hair types.


Makeup, try a new shade

You definitely want to like what you see when you catch a glimpse of your reflection in a mirror or other reflecting surfaces at your workplace on Fridays to set you in the right mood for the weekend. The last aspect you should consider for that exciting Friday outfit is your makeup. Introduce new exciting colours by changing the regular eyeshadow colour and draw more attention to your eyes. Try a new shade of lipstick, it always works the magic. Congratulations you are almost done with this article and on your way to turning your usual Friday look to something exciting that will stir the right mood for the weekend. You can tweak other aspects of your outfit based on your preference but ensure that one accessory doesn’t stand out too much, rather there should be a blend of all your clothing and accessory to give this great look.