Fashion – Dress for Comfort

Michelle Marie Cassar

Michelle Cassar is a Malta based Pharmacist by profession but a writer and traveler by passion. She writes about anything that seems interesting especially traveling, medical blog posts as well as promotional content for innovative products. She is also dabbling in script writing.

Fashion – what is it really? You watch catwalks and fashion shows and sometimes you wonder how certain clothes are comfortable to wear. Do you have to be uncomfortable to be fashionable?


Comfort – The #1 Priority

Through these busy lives we are living, it is very important to be comfortable so that you can function better throughout the day. If you are wearing something that is not comfortable, you spend a good amount of time and energy dealing with the clothes. Comfort is key to efficiency at the workplace and during the day to day chores. Yes, those stilettos look so good on your feet but will they be comfortable after a whole day of running around? And that dress…so figure-hugging…so sexy. But, will you be able to enjoy your date in it?

Photo by Alexandra Gorn on Unsplash


Style vs. Comfort

The golden question is: can you be stylish and comfortable? Yes, you can. By choosing the right pieces, you can be comfortable and stylish at the same time. The right size is key to comfort. Buying a smaller size just to have a tighter fit is not the answer. Alterations are the best way to be stylish as well as comfortable. Choosing a larger size will be comfortable but then it might look less stylish than the correct size. It also has to do with the style and the different pairings that put the outfit together. Accessorizing and styling your outfit according to trends is a good way to stay fashionable.  

Photo by MARK ADRIANE on Unsplash


Keeping Up With Trends

Updating your wardrobe every season is expensive and exhaustive of both money and space. Key to staying stylish throughout the year is to choose basic and classic clothes that will stay in fashion no matter how different trends are. To make an outfit up to date, you can choose just one piece of clothing that is the trend of the season and pair it with other elements in your wardrobe. That way you can buy just a few pieces of clothing every season.

Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash


Dressing to the Occasion

It is important that you dress to the occasion. Not every piece of clothing is appropriate for everywhere. If you are going to work, it is important that you do not show up in an evening dress. Likewise, if you are attending a wedding, unless stated on the invite, you should not wear joggers or jeans. It is nice to dress up sometimes but being overdressed might lead to unwanted attention and more self-consciousness.  


The #1 Accessory

There are millions of different accessories and stylish add-ons for an outfit. You can buy so many different items to spice up your wardrobe but the most important accessory you can have is free. The solution to being stylish and fashionable all the time is confidence. You can wear the most expensive garment you can find with all the diamonds in the world but if you are not confident in it, it is not worth the trouble. Being confident will make any outfit fashionable, no matter how long it has been in your wardrobe. Confidence comes from accepting yourself as well as having reliable clothing that makes you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Photo by Tony Ross on Unsplash