Fashion Jewelry Trends of 2019

Shannon Fogden

I am a 24 year old Marketing Major with a special interest in fashion, design and fitness. I have been blogging for 10 years, have published a series of teen equestrian novels on Amazon. I am a featured blogger on Horsealot and was head hunted by Roxanne Legendre to join the platform.

There’s nothing more fascinating than a personalised jewellery collection, one that tells a story of the owner’s personality and style. Whether it’s clean, simple and modern like a silver bar necklace, refined and modern like a pair of pearl studs, or eclectic and bohemian, it’s all about representing your personality and style.

A few years back, statement jewellery pieces were en-vogue, in a big way. The era of chunky necklaces and flower crowns may be waning but jewellery is still a staple in every fashionable woman’s closet. Curating the trinkets that your gran left you with today’s modern styles may seem impossible but part of the joy off fashion is stamping your style with individuality.

Layered Rings

Layering rings has been on trend for a few years, whether it’s stacking fine bands or layering on chunky cocktail rings, nothing seems to cause a stir quite like a woman with jewels dripping from her fingers. It’s a conversation piece and a statement all in one.

The key to achieving a cool layered look rather than mad-aunt who found the jewellery box is to find the line between mixing metals and textures. Mixing fine silver bands with a chunky stone makes for an interesting contrast in size and style and can compliment simple summer dresses and cocktail outfits. Or, try adding a chunky gold cocktail ring with an ornate signet or pinky ring.

It’s all about adorning your finger tips with a mix of midi rings and textures so don’t be afraid to mix styles and metals for a truly individual look.

Elegant Necklaces

Each neckline lends itself to a unique pairing. Whether it’s a deep V neck sweater that suits a single pendant charm or a boatneck that showcases your pearls, a necklace allows you to show a bit of personality.

This year we have seen layers of golden chains on show, mixed with delicate stones and crystal wear. Chokers have made a big come back and can add extra edge to otherwise simple outfits. The trick to achieving an effortlessly layered look is choosing fine chains of different lengths and pretty pendants to complete your look.

Alternatively, mix heavier chains and metals to create a more bohemian look,. This can be exceptionally beautiful when paired with a delicate top and will draw attention to your neck and décolletage.

Arm Candy Bracelets

Whether you choose to layer on wrap bracelets or stick to delicate cuffs there has never been a wider variety of arm candy available.

A statement cuff can take you from office to party and be the perfect pairing with a killer pair of earrings and a cocktail dress. We have seen more and more jewellery designers coming out with a variety of beautiful gem adorned cuffs that are tough enough to face the office too.

Alternatively, delicate silver or gold chains or charm bracelets can add a whimsical touch and draw attention to the delicate lines of your wrist and hand. These pieces are the perfect companion for summer dresses, layer them with pretty beaded pieces or charms for some extra
impact, mixing and matching is your friend, combining metals and stones gives it a unique, fashionable feeling without trying too hard.

Sophisticated Smart Watches

Over the past few years, smart watches have become a staple. Smart watches now adorn our wrists at all times and are growing more and more sophisticated in style, and technology. If you’re adorning a smart watch, you have a variety of options. Whether you choose the athleisure approach that reminds everyone that you run 5km on the weekend and have a paid up subscription to your gym or choose a more classic strap to carry your smart watch with you into the office, the world really is your oyster. We have even seen luxury fashion houses coming out with their own smart watch accessories to ensure that fashionistas are never without the ultimate style essentials.

Of course there are the morse classic options too, choosing a large, masculine style of watch can compliment a more androgynous style and bring a unique detail to any look. Mixed with a button down shirt, a great pair of jeans and a pair of heels, this screams cool girl and adds a touch of the unexpected.

Alternatively, delicate straps with smaller faces pair beautifully with a classic little black dress and can make an elegant statement as well as being practical. Why not have a watch for every occasion?

Beautiful Body Jewellery

This has been a new class of jewellery that has risen to popularity over the past few years, adding a bit of glam to any look, a body chain adds both attitude and a layer of adornment. These chains can be found in almost any accessory store and can vary from barely there to heavily layered jewels. With the option for them to be worn over or under garments, or even with your swimwear, there is something particularly glamorous about this extra layer of adornment. Try layering them under your normal dress or button down shirt for an added bit of interest. Whatever style of jewellery you choose, make sure that it’s your own. Adding in vintage finds or mixing chunky bohemian pieces with your designer pieces ensures your look is completely your own. You can draw inspiration from the myriad of looks showcased by bloggers and style icons on social media and in magazines everyday. The key is to remember that the devil is in the detail and that the old rules of sticking to one style and metal have been thrown out the window, variety is the spice of life. There is also the option of adding in custom made pieces to truly own your look. Whether they are reminders of your loved ones or just beautiful designs you may have dreamed up yourself, a custom jewellery piece will always be a treasure, as well as a great conversation piece. However you choose to style your jewellery, make sure it’s completely your own.