Fashion Staples That Are Perfect For Your Summer Holiday

Emily F

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As the intense summer heat bears down on us each and every day, it’s time to take stock of our summer wear. If your tees are starting to get permanent sweat stains and your bikini bottoms are riding up, then this is the list for you! Take note of these summer staples next time you’re out shopping or let’s face it in this heat, the next time you’re online.

Required Wear For Those Sweaty Summer Days

Off the Shoulder Tops 

These are everywhere nowadays and for good reason, usually made of a flowy or light material, where your skin actually gets a chance to breathe helping you to avoid the dreaded summer sweats. They are great for showing off your décolletage area and they always add a bit of sultriness to any outfit they’re matched with.

A Summer Dress

Whether you’re at the beach, shopping or even out at bars, a sweet summer dress will be your go-to outfit. Versatile and easy to throw on, you’ll no doubt start to live in it as the summer days start to drift away. Try a strappy a-line or a cute empire waist dress. Add a few accessories, and some heels for night time wear and dress it down with some sneakers or sandals for daytime activities.

One Piece Swimsuit

You may think, ‘why do I need another swimsuit, I’ve already got heaps of bikinis at home.’ But if you don’t own a one piece then you’re seriously missing out. They add a certain edge of mysteriousness that you just can’t get from a bikini and don’t underestimate their sexiness, have you seen Baywatch? Try a black one piece with lace tie-up detailing or cutouts if you’re feeling adventurous. Or if you’re just in the mood for a hearty swim without the fear of something slipping out, then a patterned one piece is the way to go.

Denim Skirt

A good quality denim skirt that hugs your curves in all the right places and is the perfect shade of blue. Maybe it’s a bit distressed, acid washed or frayed, but regardless of the condition as long as you’re feeling great while wearing it, is all that matters.


You either love them or you hate them, but either way, they are a great addition to any wardrobe. I’d go for short denim dungarees, with just a little wear and tear, perfect for those lazy days. Chuck on a striped tee and some sneakers and you’ve got an easy outfit ready to explore your summer destination.

A Beach Cover-Up

Walking from your house to the beach, or grabbing a coffee up the road after you’ve been for a swim and not keen on walking the distance just in your swimmers? Then a cover-up is what you’ll need, light and easy to throw on, these are great for lounging around with that added layer of modesty.


If you’re lucky enough to be able to pull off a bralette then take full advantage, as they are lighter then normal bras and allow for more airflow, almost like you’re going bra-free.

A Maxi Dress 

A brilliant option if you’re heading out for the night and need something that’s classy and yet still has those summery bohemian vibes. Throw on some heels, a clutch and you’ve got the perfect combo.

Denim Shorts

Everyone needs a pair of these, really in every season as you never know when the weather will call for them. So easy to pair things with, they are the ideal starter item for when you’re concocting an outfit. A simple white tee for a casual look or a cute blouse for an evening out and add boots for a little edge and sexiness or sandals for a daytime adventure.

Shoes That Go From The Beach To The Bar


A cute pair of wedge heels will be ideal for your nights out, avoiding the hassle of sky-high heels that you’ll end up hobbling along in at the end of the night, complaining about blisters.

Gladiator Sandals

Practical yet pretty fabulous at the same time, these beauties will add that extra something special to any outfit. Go beyond plain brown or black and try out a range of colours, or be brave and go for the trend of the moment, pom poms. Remember, the higher the straps, the fiercer you’ll look, it’s a guarantee.


If you’re in the mood for long walks and seeing the sights of your summer destination, then sneakers are key. Just make sure they are really comfortable and aren’t going to pinch your toes or leave you with massive blisters at the end of the day.

Don’t Forget These Simple Accessories

Aviator Sunglasses

You can’t forget your sunnies, and aviators have definitely come back into fashion. Stylish and perfect for keeping those pesky crow’s feet at bay.


Where would a summer staples list be without a sunhat? They offer protection against nature’s harsh rays while also serving as a chic wet hair coverup after you’ve been for a swim. Try broad-brimmed if you’re looking for maximum sun protection.

A Duffle Bag

Going on a weekend getaway and your oversized handbag just isn’t fitting all your clothes, let alone your makeup? Well now’s the time to invest in a good quality duffle bag, one with both short and long straps and made up of fairly decent material, so it isn’t easily wrecked. Now you’ll have plenty of room to shove all those souvenirs you’ve collected from your holiday.

A Clutch 

Great for those nights out or even those days when you don’t want to take a heavy bag, and they are so easy to pack away in your suitcase for your summer getaway. The crazier the patterns and fabric, the better!

A Beach Tote 

You can’t go to the beach without one of these, and the bigger the better, think of Mary Poppin’s endless bag. After all, you’ve got sunscreen, sunnies, books, a hat and of course heaps of snacks to pack so you’re no doubt going to need a lot of space. Straw bags are also a cute way to incorporate the beach vibe if you’re stuck in the city for the summer.