Fashion World: Dress with Style and Comfort

Himali Gupta

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The world without fashion would be a little dull, don’t you think so? Fashion makes the world a little interesting, more colorful and helps it serve as a treat for the eyes. The fashion industry is booming, every day you see a new fashion trend that is making an impact on our lives, even we evolve with the fashion industry.

“The apparel oft proclaims the man.”
-Shakespeare, Hamlet

Fashion accommodates the chameleon in us. It becomes the medium of self-expression and allows you to try different roles in life. It talks even when you don’t. Fashion is a way to celebrate diversity and is that change which keeps life interesting.  It is a way to assemble yourself for the public and can amazingly be an instant language. It can help you to transform the way you feel about yourself and boost your confidence. It’s rightly said, “Clothes can change our view of the world and the world’s view of us.”

Dress with Style

The way you dress can become the style statement for others! Fashion works in the most unique manner, you just can’t predict what people might start loving. You just need to keep experimenting. The style of influencers, musicians, cultural enthusiasts followed by thousands, they don’t predict the style, they just use the creativity and bam! It works! Whether it’s about paring the classic boots or the shiny new limited edition, the artists and celebrities are using them in the most creative manner and that’s what makes people follow!

Can’t decide what to wear to the upcoming party? Well, this year you need to know what to bare and what to keep under wraps. So if you are planning to put on a dress, choose one part and show it off! If it’s cleavage, keep your legs under covers and if it’s your legs, then stay covered on the top. If you get to know the silhouettes that suits you the best, you know how to walk with the trend. If you are short, avoid tall columns and maxis.

Make sure you buy clothes that are versatile!

So, next time you are in style dilemma, you know what to do!

Dress with Comfort


For some, fashion is synonymous to comfort. You can rock the look even when you are in sweats or boyfriend jeans and tee! We live in a hectic world and to deal with it you need to feel comfortable. With tons of errands to do in a single day, it’s hard to keep up with the fashion trends. So, why not be comfortable and still look stylish in your own way? Let’s not only look good but also feel good!

You can just ditch the heels and put on your comfy socks and stylish boots. Find that perfect stretch for the comfort of your legs. The last thing you want is to sit on a couch uncomfortably. Pair your stretchable jeans with a quality shirt, that would not only make you look good but also will make you feel comfortable.

Choosing athleisure when you are off to work or doing your daily chores is the best option! You look presentable as well as sophisticated. Well, who doesn’t love comfortable yoga pants, right?

Achieve The Perfect Balance Between Style and Comfort

The perfect amalgamation of style and comfort can be a tricky task but isn’t impossible! If you follow the latest mantra of fashion which is “anything goes”, you are good to go! You no longer need to make compromises and sacrifices because the diverse fashion industry accepts the authenticity with open arms. If on a runway of Fashion Week, the crocks work with a tulle skirt, you are just perfectly safe to put on anything you feel like! The fashion game is shaking hands with athleisure, you will now see the companies are upping their game by producing items that are not only comfortable but also presentable. The high-end brands are also focusing on creating products that will not confuse the customer to choose between style and comfort. Athleisure is now taking over by changing the way industry works and everyone want to be part of it and create collaborative lines. Fashion and comfort now coexist, and the industry is expanding its wings and is coming up with more innovative combinations. Look good, feel good!