Get a Grip on Best Shoe Trends this Summer

Oshani Weerakoon

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78 organs, 206 bones, 650 muscles all together makes the human body. But only a countable number of features in a body will actually weigh towards the charm we see. Foot and legs surely play an inevitably delicate role in defining the beauty of anyone. Clean feet and nice nails are two essentials, a lady, who makes all the others look like amateurs will possess. After a tedious routine of all-day -standing-for-hours-in-pointy-heels, you can just take a foot soak which will relax muscles and soothe foot skin.

Next, what to wear in these nice feet? True that there are bulk of shoe trends, some- are-old and some-are-new yet not trending! So, we are going to bring you the ‘Trending List’ in the world of fashion.

We are in the summer already. What best for this warm season are open-toe shoes owing to the fact that they keep feet ventilated and set free?

Let’s take a peep at what is trending in the world of footwear this summer. And don’t forget to pin this article to have a look next time you go out for shopping!

PVC Shoes – the see-through shoe trend

Ever feel like you’ve been glancing at see through everything lately? Well, you’re not alone! Many fashion diggers do too! It’s a PVC party this time! After the famous, Chanel’s spring/summer 2018 which was a plastic covered runway, the plastic/PVC began establishing trends not only in footwear but handbags too. Exposure of beauty of your foot, from ankle to the toe is the job of see-through shoe trend. And on the other hand, this feature does not put an age limit to enjoy. Any feet with PVC shoes worn would look nicer and nicer and that is all! The range of PVC Party extends from pointed heels to nice flats which are probably go in line with summer season passing by.

Square-Toe Shoes – when the world gets squared!

We all agree pointed toe shoes are way promising even if a decade passed by! On the other hand, we again agree, that pointed toe shoes especially heels, carry certain difficulty for toes if kept worn for few hours standing or walking. Unlike pointed toe shoe box, square-toe shoe box got enough space that toes can rest comfortably. It has been in and out of style several times. Once again here they are making another come back on the runway along with New York Fashion Week 2018. You should really, really consider adding a pair of square toe shoes-flats, heels or boots to your wardrobe simply because it seems it is never out of style!

Slingbacks – the famous ankle-strap trend

Give me a raise of hand if you watched at least a single spring runway! Did you notice it had everything except the backs of shoes? Here come the all-time-cringy “slingbacks”. The renowned adjustable ankle strap with buckle and open heel being the common feature, the slingbacks hardly go out of style. The Slingbacks, ranges from simple flats with a round toe shape which is ideal for summer, to the heeled pointy toe shapes. Here at Fashion Shopr, we have rounded up some gorgeous slingbacks for summer with the lowest prices online.

Mules – the most popular footwear silhouette

True!, summer has already arrived. But not everyone is a fan of ‘sandal season’. You may want a more covered-up option for your shoe need. That is when it comes the ‘mules’. From stacked heel sandals to closed toe pumps, mules come in every shape, form, and color this season. Whether with cropped pants or midi skirts, the trend works in numerous ways to fit your endless needs. You can pick your favorite mule style out of a range extending from high heels and flats to espadrilles. This summer, mules are a must to get a grip on, as that don’t look like something you’d find in your grandma’s closet. Let’s check an appealing design which is high-heeled yet work with outdoors.

Dad Sneakers – the coolest fashion fall

Did you ever think those ugly sneakers your dad used to put on every time running errands, going fishing or washing car would finally become the coolest fall 2018 runway trend? Well believe me or not, officially it is! And would you like to know an even more interesting fact? It can match with pretty much any outfit! Going to work? Meeting with a friend? Date night? Seems Dad Sneakers got them all covered. Here is one of the compelling sneaker trends you have to give it ago definitely.

Kitten Heels – the famous trainer heels

Even referred to as “trainer heels” kitten heels would prepare young girls for stilettos. Unlike pointed high heels, this shoe type is easy to walk around. This nature of kitten heels makes more practical and chicer! Kitten heels do work for almost any outfit. A low heel will be more suitable for work or grocery shopping. It is advisable that you select more feminine looking kitten heels without chunky heels and heavy materials which will destroy its sophisticated touch. Pay attention to the color when you are buying, and don’t forget to tag to summer colors. Let’s have a glance at a simple but elegant kitten heel!

Toe Ring Sandals – let the ring take care!

One popular shoe choices for any summer is sandals; they are simple but comfortable. If you want a little more attraction to the feet, yet no pointy heels or cordings, but with the ‘sandals’ feeling, your best option would be Toe Ring Sandals! They are stylish, trendy and fit your need so well. And the best thing about Toe Ring Sandals is the support it gives to legs. Mostly Toe Ring Sandals are suitable for any casual wear plus certain semi-formal ventures. But strictly not as to go with any formal wear or occasions. The designs on top are most fashionable and attractive which adds elegance to the feet. But simple Toe Ring Sandals are also available. Choose the best Toe Ring Sandals design that matches perfectly to you and creates your look!

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to try the trending of the season. Your life will stay curious and refreshing forever.

Stay stylish & Win your surround!