Get your perfect summer look with right fashion choices

Aritri Chatterjee

The art of writing does not come to everybody, it can not be earned, it can only be sharpened like a knife with effort and dedication. Once you get hold to it you will never want to let it go.

 Be trendy this summer

We all relate summer with the scorching heat and unavoidable perspiration but that should not stop us to be trendy in this season. Though summer paranoids us but this is actually, the best season to be innovative and trendy with your fashion.

The best thing about Summer Fashion- Go for the colors

Summers are the harbingers of color. A combination of bright colors is what you should be looking for your summer look. Colors like Orange, Yellow, Light Blue, Deep Purple, Black, White, Red, all are gonna glitter in the beautiful bright sun.

What can you wear?

Get all your favorite shorts, skirts, dresses, halternecks, sleeveless and everything that you cannot even think to wear in the chilling winters.


To get this cool look you only need to pair up any denim short with a common white tee, or top, or shirt. If you don’t have any preferable short, then make your own. Find out the jeans that you are wearing for ages and chop them down. this look not only gonna make you look glamorous but also it will let your body play with the wind. The pair of shorts and tees are welcomed everywhere during the summers; whether it be a road trip or a pool party, or a night walk with someone special.

Without shorts; what is a beach trip? Right, you can also choose the printed shorts as well for this summer. pair your printed shorts with any funky tee-shirt you have. You can even wear a boys t-shirt with your printed shorts; this is certainly gonna give you a carefree look that all around you will enjoy.


Get ready to rejuvenate once again your love for florals this summer. We all love florals they are always elegant as well as stylish. What could be better than choosing your floral dress for a summer candle night dinner? This floral dress is a combination of white and dark blue which gives a look of ease under the summer sun.

Maxi dresses will never be out of fashion. This dress is surely your summer BFF.  You can wear any print when it comes to a maxi dress. In this look the straight line makes this dress look so simple yet elegant. Pairing the dress with a thin belt can give you a party look also.

Summers are idle to start fresh

Be as trendy as much you want to be; because summers are idle to start fresh. Why not wear something that will make you stand out from the crowd? To get this look get your gallies trousers and pair them with a crop top. This look is sharp and also casual. For your summer college days wear this look and be the attractive girl of your college.

Accessories: Summer has uncountable options

You can wear all your favorite accessories this summer. Here are some tips while choosing your accessories for your unique summer looks.

Carry your shades

Sunglasses are the most important accessory when it comes to a summer get up, and there are plenty of options. Many of us hardly know about their face shape. You should choose your sheds according to your face shape because of three reasons.

  • Choosing shades according to your face shape gives you the perfect fit
  • Imperfect shades can ruin your look
  • and last but not the least shades do build up personality so we should be cautious about which shed size is right for us, what color tone can compliment the look.

Perfect sunglasses for different face shapes:

  • For round faces; butterfly or the square style, sheds go really well
  • For those who have an oval shaped face; aviators, wayfarers are the best choice
  • If your face is diamond shaped then Cat-eye should be your lucky coin
  • For those who have a heart-shaped face or square face; over-sized, rectangular sunglasses will be your suited fit
  Choosing the color of your shade totally depends on your personality. Colors which you can carry with confidence are good for you. Some people like to wear really different shaped and colored sunglasses. Because they know they can carry it. Still for some small tips-

  • Chose reflecting shade for your aviator sunglass like the girl in this look for a cool summer getup
  • Wayfarers will look more attractive if you wear them with bright colored apparels
  • The floral dresses and cat-eyes are made for each other

Hats are a must

What are summers without hats, Right?  

Hats can make you look elegant with any outfit you wear. Whether it be shorts or dresses hats can give a glowing touch to your look anytime in this summer.

A hat like this, which comes with a rectangular shape not only compliments your look but protects your pretty face from the summer sun.

Oversized curvacious hats are always attractive. Like this one in the above picture is a perfect contrast between a wavy finishing and the beige colored outlook.

So grab your own summer hat because they do make a difference.


Shoes: Let your feet glow

Shoes are like the icing on the top of the cake. In summers you have a large range of colorful shoe options from heels to flats and also in between. These cute sky blue kitten heels are apt for your floral dress. The color of the heels is bright and fresh just like the summer clouds. For those who are not much comfortable in high heels; kitten heels are a really good option for them.


Now to enrich your summer casual look flip-flops are always there. With various funky style and color combination, they are a cheerful lot. Easy and highly comfortable for the summer season especially they can give you a cool look too. Pair them with your long maxi dress to carry beauty with an ease.

You can go for the other styles also such as Wedges, Pumps, Moccasins along with the newly trending shoe style Jelly-bean like this one down here.


So, this summer let the little girl in you enjoy all the colors. Enjoy your summer look with unique fashion styles.