Hair Styling Tips You Need To Know

Ikechukwu Nwuzoh

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Your hair is a part of your outlook and you need to take care of it. Hair styling involves some tips you need to know. Each time you make use of the comb or flat-iron you need to apply the proper techniques for hair styling. The tips below will help you style your hair effectively.

Know the type of hair you have

You first get to know your type of hair. This is the first stage before you start styling. Hairs are of 2 different types and they are thick hair and fine hair. A fine hair is the one of which is difficult to see a strand and you keep trying to keep the volume. It's looks are not too heavy. The strands are fewer and are very skinny.

 A thick hair is one that is rougher and difficult for bobby pins to hold together. Taming the frizz of a thick hair is hard since there are many strands with higher weight.

Manage the type of hair you have

Now you know your type of hair and you have to manage it effectively. You may use low burns,curl the hair or straighten it. Face-framing of the layers and then shortening it is one way to manage the hair. Softening the layers of your hair can promote the volume. Thick hair has more weight. You can manage it using sides, higher buns or use braids.

Thick hair adopts more to hair products. You can make the hair longer by looping or reducing its layers. Do not use cuts that become too chunky or boxy.

hair style

Curling your hair

Curling your hair a form of hair styling. Buy a rod for curling having one barrel of one and half-inch. The rod should have a setting gauge for the heat. Note that the curls are tighter with smaller barrels. Coarse hair needs more heat than fine hair. If the span of your setting is from 1 to 10, you can use 10 and 6 for coarse and fine hair . You can dry the hair by using deranging knots or using thermal protector. To keep the hair shiny and keep up the curls bring one and half-inch of a part the hair close to your neck's nape and use a hairspray preferably lightweight hairspray. Wind the area surrounding your wand but do not touch the ends for about 5 seconds.

 Curl it and mist part by part till you finish the entire hair . Tilt head for the sides keeping a reasonable distance between the rod and skin. This is to prevent burning the skin. If you are not a curling expert, use a towel by wrapping it around your neck. Finger-comb it and pull curls to get a finish.

Straighten the hair

You can straighten the hair using a flat-iron. The flat-iron should have ceramic plates for heat distribution, lesser risk of damage and promoting its shine. You can iron the hair using between three hundred and eighty degrees. Use a spray on the deranged hair and apply light spray on the one and half section of your neck's nape. Use the straightener on the entire hair.

Do not be too fast when you are straightening the hair neither be too slow because this can lead to hair damage or burns.

Boost the volume of your hair

You need some skills for boosting your hair and you may tease it before you start. De-knot the hair and dry it before starting. A tail or fine tooth comb will demarcate a part of the front hair. Hold a part of the crown area straight up. Do not tease the hair from the end and avoid moving the comb downwards and upwards. However you can push the comb toward the roots beginning from the mid-shaft.

You now pull and then back-comb. After this comb the part that was swept aside.

Brushing tips

All brushes are not the same. Some brushes can break or enhance the hair. The best brushes for fine hairs are the ones that have natural bristles. Such brushes are able to promote the shine and smoothness excluding hair tugging or pulling. A combo like that of boar-and-nylon will derange a thick hair. Brushes that have nylon bristles derange the hair. Use paddle brushes for daily grooming.

Avoid round brushes with metal frames and use wooden ones instead to avoid overheating of tresses.

Use suitable hair products

Gels dry fast and are suitable for making spikes, forming curls and sliding the hair downwards. They are suitable for short hairs. Wax has more weight and do not dry fast like gel. It is more difficult to remove and involves a shampoo. Serum is a finishing product including creams and they are suitable for finishing the hair. Use a suitable hair product is an integral technique for hair styling.