How Hair Color Affects Your Clothing Choices

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We learn how to match colors as a child, and for the most part, it seems fairly easy. When it comes to picking out colors that match (or go with) your natural coloring it can be a little trickier. Do you know if you have warm or cool skin tones?  Knowing this helps to avoid picking clothing options that drain your color and do not highlight your best features. Cool skin looks best with color choices having pink or blue undertones. The preferred choice for warm skin is more peach, coral or yellow undertones. If you are still not sure whether you are cool or warm, look at the veins on your wrist. If they appear blue, then you have cool skin tones. A green tint means you are warm. Another popular test is the look of jewelry against your skin. If your skin looks brighter with silver jewelry, most likely you tend to be on the cool side. If it is gold that highlights and makes you sparkle, then warm it is. Having this basic knowledge is very helpful in knowing which colors will create your best look, but what about hair color?

Does Color Choice Based On Hair Color Make A Difference?

The answer is YES! When you dye your hair, you up the ante even higher. With the newest trends in hair painting, it is very important to know which colors go best with the hip new hair color you have just tried. Picking the wrong color will give a washed out appearance to your tresses (or your face) and sometimes even appear to change the hair color itself. Choosing a new, trendy hair color is fun and adds splash and funk to your look, but it may also change up what you thought you knew about which colors to wear. Even natural hair color has signature colors that strike the best look. Today, we will look at the best colors to wear based on several different hair color options.

The Best Colors For Silver/Gray Hair

It used to be everyone avoided silver/gray hair like the plague. No one wanted to be seen with gray hair and even went to great lengths to cover it. Not so today!  One of the most popular new hair colors, in all age groups, is Silver! Now, this is not your grandmother’s shade of gray. No, this is a vibrant, jewel-tone shade with shimmer. When thinking about clothing choices, go with splashes of color! You can still wear black and white (not ivory), but pair them with a spot of purple or red or navy blue. It is best to avoid similar shades of gray as that will tend to wash out your complexion and may even age you. Green may also be a color to avoid or wear sparingly, as it could give your hair a greenish tint depending on the light you are in. Silver hair is a great fashion statement all by itself. Choose clothing options that spotlight your style and add just a touch of flare.

Great Choices For The Redhead

Red is the color associated with fire and all things hot! Picking the right clothing can make your look sizzle. Green is the perfect choice for red hair. Purples and violets are also good choices for your strawberry-hued tresses. Royal and bright blues also pop against the backdrop of red hair. Now, there have been those in the past who have told redheads to stay away from red in their clothing choices! Not anymore! You do need to be careful to pick the right shade to compliment your skin tone, but pull out that red dress and go for it! Gold is a classic color and when worn by a redhead, creates a unique and glamorous combination. And of course, black and white both are great choices to offset the brilliant crown of color on your head.

Winning Colors For Blonde Hair

Blonde is one of the most popular universal hair colors. Typically most colors go fine with this shade as it is more on the neutral spectrum. There are different shades of blonde though, and that can make a difference. Pale blondes are one of the few hair colors that pair well with pastel shades. Mint, pink, baby blues; these all look beautiful with that hair choice. Warm blondes should go with varying hues of yellow and orange. They also do very well with the browns and charcoals. Of course, black is also striking on blondes. The key with lightened hair is to avoid any clothing color choice that makes your hair look brassy. Depending the actual shade and your skin tone, this may take a few trial and errors to get it right.

What To Wear When You Have Black Hair

Some people think of black hair as drab, dark and depressing. Not at all! Natural black is actually very lustrous, shiny, and striking. Even dyed black hair can create a dramatic look that is hard to beat. Sharp colors, like bold blues, reds, and greens look good with black hair. This rich hair color can also pull off shimmering pastels, but it is best to stay away from oranges and corals. Ivory and gold are not flattering, but gray and silver work well in this color family. And obviously, black will be a classic winner every time. The key here is to offset it with a splash of color or white accent.

Choosing How To Match With Brown Hair

Brunettes sometimes fall into the underrated category, but not here. Rich shades of brown and mahogany form a striking background for bold colors. Fuschia, orange, cobalt blue and rich greens are all great colors for brunettes. Even varying shades of brown itself compliment the overall look as well as gold. For those with brown hair, but fairer skin, more understated colors like pale yellow, mauve, taupe, and ivory are great choices. Be careful with the pastel colors however as they tend to wash out your overall look.

The Wrap Up Of Clothing Choices And Hair Color

The bottom line of any color, or hair choice, is how you feel when you step out of the house. Trends come and go and advice is just that, advice. We all want to look our best and many of us strive to create our own signature style. Explore, experiment and try different combinations. The key is to find what suits you and makes you feel fabulous. Hair colors can be changed, and new clothes bought, but it is how we view ourselves in this world that makes us beautiful!