How To Choose The Best Style Of Shoes For Women

Ikechukwu Nwuzoh

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Some shoes are suitable for certain occasions and make up a suitable outfit for women. Different styles of shoes exist but some are suitable for certain events than others. Going to the market to buy shoes involves making choices to choose suitable styles. Shoe styles vary and in this post we look at the tips for choosing the right shoes. The tips are below:

Choose a shoe that match your bag or belt

When you are choosing a shoe, choose the ones that match your belt or your bag. It is more fashionable. You may repeat a particular colour twice to make it more cohesive and uniform. However if the colours of your outfit are uniform, you may simply match the colours with your shoes. Go on and add some accessories if you need them, however match your shoes with your jewelry, belt or bag.

Compliment your outfit with your shoes

The aim of choosing a shoe is complimenting the output you put on. If a woman is wearing a flashy dress as a top, she will go for a less flashy shoe. However if you have a monotone outfit or a plain one, then wearing a pair of shoes that are flashy is more suitable. It is more of balancing. Avoid having just one item of your outfit as the one standing out to make the outlook more gorgeous. However if the output is just a colour, do not wear the same shoe colour rather wear something more complimentary.

Choosing shoes for women

Consider your body type when you choose shoes

Consider your type of body when selecting your shoes. Do not take boots which cut off very much on top of your calf making your legs to narrow downwards on the knee. Avoid putting on flat shoes and do not wear skinny jeans since this can make you heavy. This style is more suitable for thin people and if your feet is large do not wear pointy toed shoes since they make your shoes longer in appearance. Petite women should not wear heels that are above 4 inches in height since they make the legs larger in appearance.

Those who love fashion and have short legs should not wear heel and ankle straps since they do not make the legs longer like the high heels. Go for shoes that enhance your body type and your legs by selecting shoes of high quality. Premium brands like Spylovebuy, Hush puppies and Clarks have suitable shoes for women.

Choose shoes that are suitable for your occasions

Ensure that you choose shoes that match the occasion you are attending including the weather. Some boots are more suitable for winter and autumn when women wear more of skinny jeans, dresses and shirts. You can wear heels for attending formal occasions. Shoes for work are more conservative while wearing flip-flops and sandals are more suitable for warm weather.

Choose brands of quality for better fashion. Those who train will find training boots more suitable even though wedge and fashion trainers can work in certain trendy environments. Nevertheless make a reasonable choice.

Choose the right colour

Choosing the right colour is among the most difficult choices especially in terms of matching shoes. The best way to handle this is to get similar tones that match an outfit like dark with dark, neutral with neutral and light with light. You may wear shoes that are black apart from pastels. However there are tones you may wear like nude and brown. Silver shoes are more trendy and you may put them on using pastels. White, black, purple and blue colours are suitable too. You can wear cream or white shoes with pastels, whites, neon and light neutrals.

Nude shoes let you put on higher vamp that will make the colours to contrast. The colour of your hair has the same tie-in and balancing effect. Your shoes may not tally with your hair but make it similar enough.