How To: Look Expensive on a Budget

Damie Faniyi?

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There used to be a time when fashion was enjoyed only by a select few rich people. Thankfully, the world of fashion is constantly evolving, making it easy for just about anyone to look luxurious, stylish and well put together – on a budget! However, looking expensive by pairing high street pieces can be a bit tricky. It’s usually either a smash hit or a miss. Follow these simple guidelines to help you look rich and fabulous, without breaking the bank!

Looking expensive on a budget

Stick to Neutral colours.

There is something about neutral colour tones that give off an expensive vibe. Styling your outfits with colours like nude, grey, black, white and even a bit of blush pink can definitely make all the difference in your wardrobe. White screams class and black always look sleek. Nudes make you look really put together as well so don’t be shy to gravitate towards neutrals when next you are out shopping!

Go Monochrome

Even though pairing complementary colours can be a lot of fun, wearing one colour head to toe can add an extra something to your style, while making you look like you spent a lot of money on your outfit. Pairing pieces in the same colour or pieces that have different shades of the same colour help to create a certain flow to your outfit that is never found with cheap pieces of clothing. Next time you are styling an outfit, try wearing one colour head to toe and see all the difference that makes.

Buy Designer Inspired Pieces!

Thankfully, many high-street brands now provide a wide range of designer inspired pieces. These pieces capture the vibe and colour scheme of designer pieces, usually giving the same luxurious look and feel when paired with outfits. It is important to note that these designer inspired pieces are never of the same quality as the designer ones but is just such a great way to be involved in the world of fashion whether you have a fat bank balance or not!

Wear clothes that fit

Ill-fitting clothes rarely look good. Give yourself a clean look by ensuring all your clothes fit well, and flatter your body type. Ensure you have all loose-fitting clothes tailored to perfection. If you must wear something with a loose fit, using a good belt to cinch the waist will make your outfit look sophisticated.

Keep accessories minimal

Big, chunky jewellery tends to look cheap because it is automatically assumed to be costume jewellery. Wearing dainty gold or silver jewellery gives off an expensive vibe. Several high-street brands stock dainty jewellery that is affordable. Stack dainty rings on your fingers to add to the vibe. Wearing pearls also do the trick and no one will ever know it’s not the real thing if you don’t tell them.

Scarf it up!

There’s just something about a good scarf. Maybe it’s the silky smoothness of it or the array of gorgeous options you could use it for. It’s such a versatile piece that every lady should own and as an added advantage, it can take your look from basic to chic in seconds. Tie a scarf to your handbag or tie it around your neck. You can also drape it loosely over your head and it instantly makes you look like you’re from the Hamptons.

Grab your sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only a great go-to for covering up eye bags, they also conveniently add that much needed extra to an outfit and they don’t have to be expensive at all. Several high-street brands have a wide range of options you could choose from. Glasses with metal frames are best for the expensive look you’re aiming for although regular glasses also do the trick.

Wearing sunglasses make you look expensive

Straighten it up

Wearing wrinkled clothes are not an option when you are trying to look like a million bucks. Simply ironing your outfit could be the thing that makes all the difference. Wearing wrinkled clothes not only make you look cheap, but they also give off the impression that you are untidy and you don’t look after yourself properly.

Show some clavicle

You can definitely go wrong with showing too much cleavage or too much leg but you can never go overboard with showing off your gorgeous shoulders. The off the shoulder trend is not going anywhere anytime soon and the best part is that wearing something off shoulder makes you look classy and elegant without even trying so much. Next time you’re shopping, remember that you need something that helps you flaunt those shoulders.

Keep your makeup moderate

If you study the designer wearing fashionistas, you will certainly notice that they never have too much makeup on. Not only does wearing layers and layers of makeup on your face make you look trashy, it also makes you look cheap. Rather, invest in your skin so it glows through a minimal amount of makeup.

Moderate makeup looks classy

Pay attention to your nails

I doubt that there is anything that gets ignored as much as nails but they are such an essential aspect of tying up a look. Your nails do not necessarily have to be painted all the time but by all means, ensure you do not have chipped nail polish on and that they look well filed and tidy. Also, keeping your fingernails short will make you look more polished than wearing long fingernails.

Well groomed nails help you appear more polished

Don’t be afraid to invest a little

Although this entire article is about helping you look rich, expensive and fabulous on a budget, splurging one a few designer pieces is never a bad idea. The best thing about them is that they can last a lifetime and just owning an authentic designer item or two in your wardrobe can do justice to your outfits. For starters, you can purchase the most affordable item from a designer range which usually is a brooch or a belt. Adding these simple, timeless accessories to your outfit automatically takes it up several notches and the designer vibe is instantly added to it.