How To Look Rich On A Budget

Elyssa Paul

I usually go by El. I possess most of the characteristics of a grilled cheese sandwich and enjoy skateboarding and creating romantic fiction novels in my head.


A girl in her mid-20s was seated in a quiet corner of a café, sipping on her coffee, clearly waiting for someone as she kept peering out the glass window beside her. The door to the café jingles open, and immediately her gaze diverts to the stunning blonde sashaying towards the counter. She was clad in merely a simple pair of blue jeans and a sheer white shirt; her beautiful blonde mane gleaming in the sunlight in its pulled back ponytail. It was like the model of an 80s fashion magazine had emanated in front of her.
That girl gawking in the quiet corner- was me.
There have been too many times in my life where I’ve admired both men and women who just seem to have had it all- elegance, class and an impeccable sense of fashion. It was only until recently I’ve discovered, you don’t need to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth to look like a descendant of Julia Roberts.

Funky Fashion 1. Personalization

As one of my favourite fashion icons say, “Fashions fade, style is eternal” –Yves Saint Laurent. As cool and trendy as you may want to look, being true to your own sense of style is key to maintaining your own branding. Fashion is merely an expression of your personality and creativity spilt out onto the clothes you wear. I could hand you all the tips in the world to look like Megan Markle, but at the end of the day if you don’t feel comfortable and happy in the clothes you’re in- it won’t fly. So yeah, wear that denim jacket with iron-on patches and rock it.

Neutral Fashion 2. Neutral Colours

If there’s a recurring pattern that I’ve picked up from observing people who dress to impress- earthy, soft, neutral tones definitely do it best. These monotonous colours scream more class than having the rainbow’s colour palette painted onto your clothing. It’s also incredibly easy to shop for, easily diversified for any sort of occasion, and attention-grabbing while also being modest. If having a pop of colour is more of your thing, then try having your outerwear or most heavily covered area be dominated in neutrals and leave the rest to play around with. Simple staple pieces are key; your new best friends are plain tees, spaghetti strapped tops, turtlenecks, jeans and you’ll find that you can wear them with anything and still look bomb; it’s just a matter of dressing it up or down. “I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman.” –Vera Wang

Natural Makeup 3. Simple Makeup

A somewhat on-going tip from the last point, simplicity is key- even with makeup. Have you ever seen Jeniffer Aniston, Kate Winslet, or Natalie Portman strut out and about with dramatic intense makeup? No! The trick is to perfect your own ‘glowy-nude’ makeup look. Falter to a nude shade palette for your eyes, don’t overdo the bronzer and make sure your concealer or foundation is well blended when applying. Use your makeup to enhance your features rather than alter how they look completely. Appearing effortlessly beautiful is probably the most effort a girl could put in. Fashion Accessory Watch

4. Killer Accessories

This may come as a shock- but having great taste in your accessories is miles more important than having a lavishly expensive wardrobe. The first and most crucial accessory to add to your daily wear is a good classy watch. I’m not too much of a watch girl myself, but there’s something about having an elegant timepiece on your wrist that makes you seem like smart, intelligent, confident woman. If you’ve heard the phrase “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, this is where they come into play; wearing a couple of diamond stud earrings will do wonders and goes with everything! Now they don’t actually have to be real diamonds, you could get knock off ones that can play the part with the same effect, as long as you feel great wearing them. Think of it this way, every time you push your hair back behind your ear –you’re revealing to your audience just how much you’re willing to invest in a pair of earrings. Women's Fashion

5. Styling

Believe me when I say, you could have the wardrobe of Emma Watson but if you don’t know how to style yourself, you might not be making the impression you think you are. First and foremost, if you want to seem like you could be royalty it is of utmost importance to have royally cleaned and trimmed nails –and definitely no chipped polish! Take good care of your talons, you use them for everything. Think of yourself as a lioness, and your hair is your mane –long, beautiful and fierce. If by any chance the adjectives running through your mind are frizzy, unruly and messy make sure you head down to your local stylist and get that sorted out. Another rule of thumb that I generally apply when picking out daily outfits is to choose if you want to show cleavage or legs –a lady never shows both. A maxi dress with a high slit makes a much more lasting impression than a strapless bodycon tube dress. Pastel Colored Fashion

6. Shoes & Bags

It’s really expensive being a girl, from our hair, clothing, makeup, shoes, personal grooming, the list of overheads never ends. However, when debating what to splurge on when a little money comes your way my go-to answer will always be to get yourself a quality pair of shoes and a good bag. These two things can take you a long way, especially if they’re of top quality. Whether it be flats or kitten heels, something you would wear very often and of a neutral colour will definitely add an air of sophistication to your everyday look. If you can’t afford to splash out a couple hundred on a new bag, go for a cheaper option that has little to no pattern or design to avoid being recognized as a tacky buy. Remember: Simplicity is key, and if you’re going to get something to use every other day –you’d want it to go with most things. Although these tips very basic and obvious at best, you’d be surprised how differently people will start looking at you upon making these small changes. There are so many tips and tricks when it comes to women’s fashion, but ultimately as long as you’re working towards improving how you feel and how you look outwardly, the rest of the world will start to notice too.