How To Look Stylish At Work On A Budget

Nyaree Munodawafa

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When Olivia Pope burst onto the scene, her closet and fashion style made waves. She is a boss woman who is confident and she dresses the part. Her work wardrobe is to die for. A lot of women struggle when it comes to defining their work style whilst trying to be professional all at the same go. It is a real struggle to be that woman who is fashionable at work, not a lot of women have quite mastered that as yet. Style enables one to showcase their personality, confidence as well as creativity. Its quite simple really, if you look good, you feel good and if you feel good, you can easily take on the world.


When it comes to defining your work style, it is important that you have a style icon who regularly inspires you, as this will help not only be stylish but be constant as well. When it comes to discovering your style, there are no rules that is the beauty of clothes. We do have a detailed guide that you can use for inspiration to get you Olivia Poping at work.

Love A Little Stretch

  When it comes to body shaping clothes, Olivia Pope has never been one to shy away. It should be the reason why mothers always insist in one investing in a good pair of spandex, you most certainly can never go wrong! Spandex has a lot of pluses, its versatile and light and allows for easy movement. It does well at bringing out that body shape and helps you get only positive attention. When buying for your work closet, find a piece that would be easy to layer with, comfortable and above all simple. With one good investment, all you will have to do is switch your tops.


Air conditioning at work can be a horrible nightmare, and that can completely mess up your outfit. Whatever the reason, the air-con temperatures are just unpleasant. Others argue that it is a way for people to be productive and efficient and the best way to beat it is by layering so you might as well embrace it and add a little style to it. This method is inexpensive as you simply need to reach for the existing basic pieces that are in your closet and spruce up the look with a statement clothing item. You can pick out your bottoms and tops and simply add a statement jacket or coat and you will look effortlessly amazing.

Embrace Your Body

One of the best ways to save up on work clothes is to own your body type. Its easier to buy comfortable and fitting clothes when you know what works on your body and what doesn’t. So how do I own my body you may ask? Well the first thing is by being brutally honest with yourself. This will help you be confident with who you are and it is easier to buy things that work and those that do not. You will not waste money on clothes that look good on someone else but in your closet they will remain hanging for 5 years

Get clothes that have a comfortable fit and clothes that you will be able to wear at work all day


Climb The Ladder In Your Heels

The right pair of heels is the perfect way to stand out and to establish your authority but you have to be comfortable in your own shoes right? When you are working and are constantly on the move, the key is in comfort. As a working woman, it may be ideal that you do not wear heels that are too high, your have to keep the heel size in mind all times. If you are in meetings or doing presentations, you want to avoid drawing everyone into your pain when you wear shoes that are comfortable, remember you are aiming to excel and your confidence is what will help you get there and it all starts with buying the correct pair of shoes.


Accessories have the power to transform your outfit from boring to everyone asking, ‘who is that girl?’ As a working women a simple pair of studs is an absolute must. No questions there!Investing in a statement necklace can also be a way of transforming your minimal look to an elevated one. Getting a good watch can also relay the Boss-woman message and a great handbag or purse will be all you need to get the respect you deserve. Accessories are the best inexpensive way to have the difference you need but when dressing them up, remember balance is key.

Be Realistic About Your Budget

As a working woman, you will often get the temptation to buy things you do not need. Clothing is on of the areas most women spend money on to buy things they do not need and some even run up their credit line just to pay for a clothing piece that they have in their closet but in a different color. There are women who have mastered the art of looking like a million bucks on a budget. Whenever you are going shopping for your work clothing style, have your budget clearly outlined and do not forget the list of what you will be buying. Do an inventory check to see what you already have and list down what is needed and the maximum expenditure before heading out.

Become The Queen Of  Off-Season Buying

This is most certainly one of the easiest ways to spend less on your work wardrobe. All you simply have to do is spend money on your clothes when they are off-season. What this means is you buy those winter pieces you have been eyeing when its summer as their prices would have gone down quite significantly. When you set aside time for shopping, you will see most retailers changing their floor designs to make way for in-season clothing and rest of the items will have major markdown. What an opportune time to be buying!