How To Take The Best Instagram Outfit Picture Ever

Sintija Ursulska

A student with an undying love for literature and music. Make art to become art.

The ultimate Instagram picture is the key to gaining attention on social media, either you’re an influencer or just want to share moments from your everyday life. Although it seems tricky to get it right, it’s not rocket science and anyone can do it. Here are some tips for becoming a better Instagrammer.

Find The Perfect Outfit

Your personal style is what catches the eye, especially on social media. Find some pieces that reflect your personality and you feel confident wearing.  Nowadays you can get inspiration from all over media and magazines. There are countless Youtube channels, bloggers and Instagram models to get outfit ideas from. Discover what suits you best by going shopping with your best friends and don’t miss out on sales, which is the time you can find real gems for much cheaper. When it comes to taking Instagram pictures, it doesn’t always have to be on trend. Whether it’s last season or bought in a thrift shop years ago, it doesn’t matter. Make it work by combining different textures and experimenting with colors, patterns, and styles. Extraordinary and unique looks always turn heads, and that’s what we want for an Instagram picture. Don’t be afraid to stand out and try not to look a certain way just because it’s on trend. Incorporating popular pieces into your wardrobe isn’t a bad thing, but remember that every other person looks similar. Develop your own style, wear what you love and be confident in it!

Details Matter

It may seem insignificant whether your background is dark brown or grey, whether the light is warm or cold, or how the shadow casts on your face, but it does. In fact, it’s almost as important as the main attention of the picture – it sets the mood for the picture and people notice it. On Instagram, you get limited space for photos, so you have to use it properly. Find the center of the picture, whether it’s a piece of clothing or shoes you’re wearing, it should be shown properly to your audience. Do different poses, angles and have fun taking the pictures. This is when you can show off your sparkly personality and get great candids. Play with colors and filters while editing, but don’t get too carried away, unless you’re going for an artistic theme on your profile. Over-exposed and contrasted photos are not very attractive. Try to keep it as natural as possible, work mainly with lighting and background while taking the picture, as that’s when you are most likely to get it right, not in the process of editing.

Get Comfortable

It’s not easy to get comfortable with your camera and the person behind it, but it’s just as important as being confident yourself. Try to get to know the style your photographer takes their pictures and let them guide you if you’re not entirely sure. It’s easy to say “Don’t be shy!” but, honestly, you have to get over being camera-shy, if you want to become good at taking Instagram pictures. The first step, obviously, is to be confident and know what you want to create. Only by being straightforward with your vision of the photo to your photographer will get you the results you want. Explain what you like and dislike, what should be emphasized and highlighted in your picture. Unless you know the technical side of photography yourself, let them work with lighting and the right angles. Being friends with the person who takes your pictures is always a plus, but even if you hire a professional or ask a person on the street to take a picture for you, be friendly and open to them, and it will look even better on your Instagram.

Be Candid

Modeling is often considered serious and somewhat fake – posing in ways that nobody ever looks like. But on social media, it’s all about being relatable and looking casually stylish. People can tell when the facial expression or pose is exaggerated or looks unnatural. Even if you feel like doing a radical pose looks incredibly cool, most people will see that it’s nothing like in the real life. Keep it casual, don’t wear bold makeup and extremely high heels in every picture. Everyone likes when your natural beauty shines through – let your freckles be uncovered, embrace the beauty mark on your cheek and keep your hair its natural state. Emphasize your natural features and body shape, don’t cover or try to change the way it looks. Flash a smile for the camera and laugh at the joke your photographer just told. Real emotions make the best candids, and sometimes the candids turn out better than the pictures you were modeling in. With millions of pictures and profiles on Instagram, it’s not that easy to get recognized. Start with developing your personal style, incorporating more extravagant pieces in your wardrobe and experiment with the way you look. Find what style works for your features and body type, and start accumulating clothing, shoes and don’t forget about accessories. Make every single one of your outfits stand out. Your style is hidden in details, which never stay unnoticed. If you have bad vision, don’t be ashamed of it, find some glasses that not only suit your face best but add a little extra to your outfit too. This goes with everything you consider a flaw – it should be embraced. That is what makes your personality pop.

Instagram is a platform where people get to express their style, share moments from everyday life, and create content that reflects their personalities. Get inspired and motivated to develop your own profile, share the little things that make you happy, and you will gain an audience that has similar ideas and is interested in what comes next on your Instagram. The key to success on social media is to be open and true to yourself.