How to wear Guess Nude Open-toe high heels


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Open-toe Heel

The open-toe or peep-toe style heel is known for being flirty and girly with the usual bow or flower right above the open end. Having Marilyn Monroe as a fan of this style completely ups the sex appeal of this glamourous heel. Combine this style with the innocence of a flesh coloured heel, you will get the perfect amount of elegant femininity. The subtlety of purity and sexiness that every woman possesses.

The Nude Heel

The great thing about any nude high-heeled shoes is that the flesh colour is capable of flawlessly elongating your legs giving off that sought-after illusion of great proportions and obviously height. Which is why I must stress the importance of choosing the right colours for your skin tone in the nude range. It is rare to find your exact skin tone but shades lighter and darker than your own skin tone can change the mood of your entire outfit.  

How to wear a Simple/Basic Open-toe Nude Heel that is darker than your skin tone

Dark Nude Peep-toe Heels

Dark Nude Guess Open-toe Heels

This is my favourite style in both colour and shape because it is a heel highly committed to being the understatement of the outfit without actually being hidden beneath maxi length bottoms while still illuminating your desired length and proportions for an outfit. I especially prefer these heels for a more professional occasion. They look really amazing with ankle-length bottoms, I would recommend a black formal high-waisted skinny pant but a midi-length skirt/dress would look just as alluring.  

Outfit and Nail Colours that compliment darker shades of Nude

Whenever you go for a darker shade of a nude heel, you have the option of going for much bolder, mature and intense colours for your outfit and these are your usual fall season palette. As your go darker in the nude range, the colours become woody which makes it perfect for the winter/fall season. Rather than a brighter red/orange, you will do better with a more smoked/roasted and deeper shade (these colours are also perfect for a toenail colour). In the same fall spectrum, the bold white, off-white and cream colours of the season’s knits create an amazing contrast of snow against leafless branches. As I mentioned before the shade of your nude heel can truly amplify the mood of the outfit. As a winter lover, these shoes are a perfect match.
Winter Colour

Fall Color Palette

Nude Heels with pants

Dark Nude Heels with Black knee-length pants

How to pair Stockings/Socks with lighter shades of nudes

I am not against a good pair of stockings or even socks when it gets nippy but I find that they usually dilute the entire purpose of the nude coloured and open-toed heel, so if you must I recommend a similarly coloured ankle length stocking or socks that give an illusion of a boot. The rule is to avoid the socks/stocking disappearing beneath your bottoms, show a refreshing amount of skin to keep the concept of flesh coloured (nude) heels alive.  

How to wear an Adorned/Embellished Open-toe Nude Heel that is lighter than your skin tone

Light Nude peep-toe Heel

Light Nude Embellished Guess Open-toe Heel

As Guess has gone out of their way to add a little metal tag with their name on it, these shoes bear no subtlety except for their colour. They are the classic frilly and flirty peep-toed shoes that turn everyone into a little girl that doesn’t mind having their shoes look prettier than themselves. You look down at them and are reminded that shoes are the most magical piece of your outfit. These shoes require that you show a large amount of leg or skin if you want to get your money’s worth.  

Outfit  Colours that compliment lighter shades of Nude

They look especially great in glamorous or fun-filled occasions where there are a lot of moments to be captured on camera. For this particular heel, a metallic gold/ silver mini skirt would look amazing with it but the recommended muted spring/summer flower season palette would also be perfect. These are your baby blue, rose gold and light pink. Nothing too bright but also steering away from fiercely dark tones except for black, a summery black jumpsuit of any length (not maxi length, you are not trying to hide your shoes, ever!) would look exceptional. White looks great with nude and this an unquestionable truth and with lighter shades of nude, you have to indulge milk coloured oranges, reds and blues.
Milky Spring Colors

Milky Spring Palette

Light Nude Guess peep-toe Heel

Light Nude Heels with black knee-length pants

Often lighter shades of nude look brighter and despite blending well with most colours, I am against wearing brighter coloured clothing which may take attention from the shoe unless you’re showing a great amount of skin in between your competing bright colours. The lighter colours look brighter because it is already contrasting with your darker skin tone. So definitely go for light blue faded denim jeans (at the recommended ankle length) when wearing these nude open toe heels.

 Nail Colours that compliment lighter shades of Nude

Not to entirely kill the idea that bright reds and teal look good with flesh colours but there is a great opportunity to go H.A.M on your nail colours. A light blue high-waisted denim mini skirt with plain white to a milky blue choice of summer top would look appealing with glistening teal toenails. These shoes are a chance to showcase innocence of being girly in an elegant fashion. Open toed shoes require that your nail art game be absolutely on point from muted hues all the way to adding dashes of glitter.

How to pair Stockings/Socks with lighter shades of nudes

I am all about trends and mesh, lacy and transparent type stockings are a definite yes for the lighter shades of nude though I still believe that actual skin must be shown in between the stockings/socks and your chosen bottoms/ dress. I recommend for the mesh/ lacy sock/ stocking to have the complimenting bright colours of your chosen outfit and keep the length beneath the knees and remember to pick stockings/socks that show more skin than fabric. Transparent stocking/sock usually have small graphics and art so you can either go for more bows and flowers on your feet or be content with the one already on the shoe, I am on the fence with this one because it can give the illusion of a really trendy boot or fiercely cutesy one. With both options, I am glad to keep all the crazy in the same place, which I recommend to be ankle length with a “below the knee” length as your maximum.