How to wear the right colors according to your skin tone


A dreamy young girl born in Granada, Nicaragua 1993. Studied Fashion Design in VĂ©ritas, Costa Rica with a M.A in Fashion Styling for Publicity & Audiovisuals in LCI – Barcelona. Now owner of low-fashion local brand COTĂ“N AZUL, and passionated about drawing, teaching and creating audiovisuals.

Have you ever seen a garment that catches your attention due to its vibrant color, but once you try it on … the magic is lost? Don’t worry, you are not alone, this happens to me all the time. This isn’t bad luck nor anything similar, it is a simple “Game of Colors”. Yes! You read well, it is a game.

Contrasting color tones

We all know colors are the product of light filtration through our eyes; we perceive color tones according to the amount of light reflected over diverse surfaces in our surroundings. For example, in a dark room; it will be so difficult to find the difference between brown, blue and dark green because there isn’t too much light to reflect. On the other side, in a full enlighted room, we’ll be able to differentiate every color. Well, the same happens when we match colors according to our skin tone; the color of the garments can alter the semblance of our skin. I will guide you on how to find the perfect color spectrum to match your beautiful skin!


Warm and cool skin tones

This is the first step, to test if you are warm or cool, take a piece a letter side white paper and place it next to your face (this will isolate your skin from any exterior surface). Now pay close attention to your face-skin; if it looks yellowish, then you are warm; yet if you notice it turns pink-blush or strikes a blue light, it means you are cool. If the previous test doesn’t help you much, try to look at the veins of your wrist. If they’re fully green, it means you’re warm; if they are blueish or purple, it’s cool.

Warm-warm? Cold-cold?

The second step is to find out if you are warm-warm, warm-cold / cold-warm, cold-cold. I know it sounds too complex but it is easier than you imagine; your eyes are the key. If the skin is warm with honey/brown/dark eyes, it’s warm-warm; warm skin, but green/blue/grey eyes; it’s warm-cold. On the other hand, if the skin is cool with honey/brown/dark eyes, it’s cold-warm; cool skin but green/blue/grey eyes, it’s cold-cold.

Your perfect color spectrum


Fully passion; your color spectrum is based on earth warm tones; such as yellow, mustard, ocher, orange, squash, coral, scarlet red, etc. All those colors, from yellow to reddish are excellent to match your skin. Even fuchsia is a plus for you!


Secret Nature; your color spectrum is based on earth cold tones; such as leaf green, dark green, copper, caramel, cinnamon, bronze, sepia, terracotta. Colors from oranges to brown are suitable for your skin.


Sunny cloudy; the palette turns into a sea sunset, the colors to suit you perfectly are forest green (this green turns more into blue), blue navy, sky blue, dark blue, purple, soft pink.  As you can notice, the tonality is the in-between of warm vs. cold.


Tundra sunset, the best suitable colors are; every blueish, lavender, grey and pastels are matches for you! This palette is very soft due to the lightness of your skin. Finally, just a few “colorful” advice; there are colors that suit everyone, for example: black, full white, eggplant purple, dark navy blue and rose red. Those colors will always be there for anyone. I hope these tips can help you to style the perfect combination for your beautiful skin.