How to wear your jewelry in 2019

Briliant Bimha

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Your appearance in style is an important part of your lifestyle. The way we wear our jewelry speaks to our mood for the day, our overall outlook and what we hope for in the day. It may sound rather mystical but when you want to have a glamorous day you go all out to add the glitz to your glamour and that’s how you carve the path for what you hope for in the day. Jewelry like any other accessory, hair accessory or clothing accessory, adds that final touch that will have you turning heads when you enter a room. Whether you want to look glamorous, elegant or just fashionable, there are certain ways to wear your jewelry to add that cherry on top and we know us girls love to look on point, but a little cherry on top won’t hate! There are many classes of jewelry that determine how we wear jewelry on different occasions, however, we are going to explore the most common and get started on revamping our style to suit any day, any occasion and aura.

Different Jewelry for different occasions…

Diamond necklace

Pearls and Diamonds

The most common jewelry group types are, the pearls which also encompass the subtle and undertoned types of jewelry and the diamonds which also encompass gold and silver jewelry, the glitz and glamour type. Quite frankly you can rock any type of jewelry anywhere but when you are developing your style you want to stand out every time and this is possible when you carefully pick different types of jewelry for different occasions. Point in case is a wedding, you can wear your wedding gown and top it off with either pearls or diamonds, and this is one of the few unique occasions where you can rock either. However, this is not the case with other occasions such as when you go to a party, you definitely have to go with the bright and shiny glitz of diamonds with gold or silver. Whether it’s your bracelet, a necklace or earrings, when you go to a party you want to look alive and vibrant and this jewelry type does just that to set off the mood.  

With that said, sometimes the way we wear our jewelry is determined by why we wear jewelry in the first place. There are many reasons why people wanna bling-up but the most common have to do with how we want to look on that day, what we want to say to the next person without saying a word and how we want our presence to be felt!

3 Reasons why we wear Jewelry

1. To look Elegant (Stylish and Classic)

Elegant jewelry set Elegant is when you want to look like a boss! This is for different occasions ranging from work cocktail parties to dinner dates. It is a subtle look with an undertone that says classic but stylish and is definitely the cherry on top of any gorgeous outfit. More often than not elegant jewelry is mostly associated with pearls because of their subtle nature but you can still look elegant in a gold neck piece or bracelet with simple detail.

2. To look glamorous (glitz and glamour)

glamorous jewelry A glamorous look goes for a party, an awards gala, a girls night out or a movie premiere, just to mention a few. Looking glamorous goes with looking and feeling like an it-girl, turning heads of course and setting a trend. Mostly, the jewelry that goes with this look is the bright flashy jewelry that gives you that glitz and glamorous look. It does not say undertoned or subtle, it’s wild but stylish, erratic and all out which puts you quite in the comfort zone which will get you feeling good and ride on the vibe for the day and it’s activities if you may.

3. To stand out (Fashionable)

fashionable earrings Now, this is your everyday look, when you take a stroll in the late afternoon or when you go to the grocery store and when it’s just another day at work, but you still want to stand out and look fashionable with stylish earrings or bangles. This is where you wear jewelry that is not so over the top, but still cherry! You can always look stylish even in a simple bracelet and you’re working from home or watching movies rather.

How to pick jewelry to wear

Now that we have explored that there are different types of jewelry for different occasions and the different reasons why you would want to add jewelry to your outfit, it’s quite easier to start developing ways to pick your jewelry on a daily basis and wear it better than everyone else! Firstly you would consider where you’re going, who you’re going to meet and what you are most likely going to talk about. This helps you to understand what kind of an occasion it is going to be and how your day is going to be like. It could be playful, formal, classic, extravagant or in party mode. When you have figured out this first step you can then decide the appropriate look and more of how you want to look, you may want to go with #easydoesit or you may want to look glamorous and make sure that you grab everyone’s attention or you may want to elegantly fit in with the rest of the crowd, still looking stylish. After making this decision on how you want to look you may now pick your jewelry which you think best suits your goals for the day! Jewelry, accessorizing your outfits, is part of developing your lifestyle and yes, it requires paying attention to detail. However, you can come up with your own way of picking your jewelry which you may consider being easier such as categorizing your jewelry as you store it by your dresser, such that when you go out to work you know to pick something from the fashionable jewelry stack and when you go for your date later you can pick from the elegant jewelry stack. Quite frankly it’s all about what comes more naturally to you with a bit of effort. Once again, jewelry on its own is an amazing and beautiful add on to your outfit, however, a little cherry on top won’t hate with the right amount of styling and choice.