Latest Fashion Trends 2019

Azeem Mehmood

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Many people consider fashion as a trend which is related to a particular culture but it’s an important persona reflecting our inner psyche along with charisma. Evidently, the dualistic nature which fashion has is so popular that the latest trendy fashions are followed by the majority. With the uniqueness that comes in the choice of adopting and selecting the best styling which reflects your personality and captures the essence of your individuality in its purest form.

Following are some of the latest trendy fashions and best styling that are currently hot on the runway showcases. So if you want to keep your wardrobe up-to-date, here’s what might pique your interest.

It can be easily said that there are many buzzing fashion trends such as:


1). Animal Instincts (Bold and Wild)

Everyone has a beast that’s caged deep inside their consciousness. A fiery mixture of bold and wild prints is the perfect mirror reflecting the shackled and tamed instincts of the animal. This summer, you can cat-walk these exclusive designs under a leash with the latest trendy fashions of the fierce leopard prints appearing on the entire collection of garments that includes pants, coats, dresses, suits and many more according to a choice of your best styling. Bold or bright colors paired with dominating and striking looks overall matched on these designs are the perfect gateways to unleash your hidden satisfactions. With such fabulous designs, your get-up can easily manifest the intended look and style it with a pair of leopard shoes and a bag.

2). Boiler Suits

With addressing to the professional diversity of the crowd in the corporate cities, the satisfactory boiler suit designs depicted as an absolute change in the pace of what the latest trendy fashions have to offer, a style that boldly stood out from the rest and brought out the true appeal of the dull suit to life. The Boiler Suit was originally designed as a one-piece garment with the purpose to protect the people who were involved in rigorous manual labor. But due to a little creativity from the fashion artists, this design was soon renovated into the suits which have now made it fashionable in the same ratio as it is functional. The suits come in different varieties of fantastic styles, with a rich selection of options offered; choosing the best styling for yourself is completely up to your preferences regarding the cut and color that suits you best.

3). The Classy Lavender Tones

With the rise in the publicity of the sophisticated and hypnotizing Ultraviolet in the Pantone color, the street artistic models and stars preferred such a trend that would be softer and classier. Thus the Lavender Tone ignited the sparks of being one of the latest trendy fashions of 2019. With Lavender’s family housing a shocking range of different colors that are unique and stylish in their own sense, fashionistas of different brands exhibited how the light purple tone is extremely stylish and classy and completely in a different league. While looking for the best styling, Lavender’s classy and stylish essence can be found in almost any type of garment and accessory. Whether if you choose boots, dresses, coats or even head-to-toe ensembles, Lavender’s complimentary feminine quality adds an overall lovely and sophisticated touch to every piece of fashionable piece of clothing. This design matches well with a tone which you will pick and will bring out the best glamorous look hidden within you.

4). Neo-gothic Style

Most people are afraid to let the dark side take over. But some choose to embrace it. Among the latest trendy fashions of bold, bright and wild styles, the Neo-Gothic look offers a different outlook on fashion as a whole.  The best styling for this trend is best achieved by following the street styles stars that are rocking the look by pairing an all-black ensemble complimented by garments and clothing that are hot on the trend list. With this trendy style fashioning, you can essentially what you want as long as you keep the overall vibe dark and moody with a playful twist. To add an even sexier essence to the styling, a dark red lip will easily do the job.

5). The Colored Tartan

If you thought that the bold and wild leopard prints were the only contenders in the fashion market, then you’re in for a surprise. Tartan appeared on the fashion streets of New York, London, Paris, and Milan as a trend that brought out the true beauty of checkered prints. With genius color pairings and amazing fashion choice of clothing and accessories, the colored tartan is sure to attract attention to your unique taste.  The major reason for its popularity as a buzzing fashion trend of 2019 was because the colored tartan is not worn subtly, in fact, it is donned all over in eye-catching and alluring colors of what the fashion pack has to offer. This trendy design can work well on you if combined with the right pair of colors and giving an edgy look towards your overall dominance in this style. The most popular selections include blue, green, yellow and even red.

6). Bike shorts with Blazers

In the fashion world, Athleisure is a particular trend that continues giving life to new trends and its latest invention is as unexpected and unique as it is stylish. In the summer fashion month, the bike shorts were shown off with blazers by many fashion-savvy brands and models. This trend offers a fresh blend of sportswear and tailoring mixed to concoct, a unique look that leaves a striking impression. Although this fashion is not necessarily appropriate for purposes such as an office or gym use, However, this look is most appealing when strolling down the streets or even attending a Sunday brunch with your colleagues and friends. Such type of fashion is the prime example of the millennial culture that is now readily exhibiting itself in today’s time.


In the fashion weeks of the recent months, many fashion trends caught the attention of different brands and stylists. But the boldest, fiery, unique, exotic and wild trends that perfectly exhibit the unique personality of the individual were a select few which have been discussed in our selection of the buzzing fashion trends of 2019.