Makeup items to use if you want to look natural

Yvonne Nezianya

Yvonne Nezianya is an Instagram writer who has two books to her name. She is from Nigeria and is studying health education in University of Nigeria. She writes articles, poems and short stories for journals and magazines as a freelancer. She has written articles about the rape culture, health issues, girl child issues, social issues, etc.

Heavy makeup is beautiful and it gives you a courageous look but sometimes, your goal may be to look simple and natural. This doesn’t mean that you should leave the house without makeup, although you can do as you please. But that isn’t what I mean. Going easy on makeup looks great too.

There are some natural makeup items that could be worn to help you look as beautiful as you may want.

Photo from Unsplash

Some of these makeup items are:


Yes, powder! It is one of the basic makeup items but it is often neglected and not given full appreciation. Powder helps in giving your face a smooth and even look. The best part of it is that powder, whether white or brown, can be worn without making the wearer feel baked, heavy or artificial. Personally, I always put on powder wherever I go with or without any other additional makeup item.


You are probably wondering what it is doing here. Am I right? Foundation may sound heavy, like what you wear only when your plan is to look made-up, but you can wear foundation with caution to give your face a uniform colour and smoothen it too before applying your powder. How can you do this? By using a foundation that is the colour of your skin and only applying as little as possible. When done right, it gives your skin a glow but applied wrongly or excessively, you may end up looking made-up and artificial and that isn’t our goal. Always make sure that you blend your foundation to your neck and ears because you don’t want your neck being a darker shade than your face and vice versa. That would be an embarrassing look.


Use concealer to hide your spots and blemishes if they aren’t so subtle. If your spots aren’t too noticeable and you are not a fan of concealer, just stick to foundation. It would do the work for you. Also, concealer should be applied before the foundation and powder because the latter helps to cover the concealed spots from identification. Do not highlight or contour with concealer because this may tend to look baked.


Although I am not bronzer’s biggest fan when I want to go natural, but if used with caution, bronzer could give you a satisfying look. Bronzer could be dusted all over the face. Note that I said dusted not worn. This is a dangerous look to achieve because most times, people use it excessively and end up looking too shiny (I am talking from experience). So if you are not great at applying makeup and are not a risk taker, I advise you stick to applying bronzer only on the tip of your nose to make it sharper and under your cheekbones. Do not use bronzer to highlight any other area or you may be shifting from our goal which is to make you look simple.

Lip gloss

This is my favourite makeup item and I prefer clear lip gloss to the subtly coloured ones. If you want to apply a coloured lip gloss but still aim to look simple, I advise you go for a shade that is similar to your natural lip colour and one that matches your skin. This all helps in making you as nude as possible. The problem with the concept of nude makeup items is that some people still do not understand it. Just because it is nude for that person doesn’t mean it would be nude for you. You may see a nude gloss on a friend’s lip and wear it, thinking it would look as great but it will end up looking out of place. Know your skin tone and colour before purchasing your lip gloss. Also, lip gloss aims to give your lips a glossy lustre and who doesn’t love their glossed lips?

Lip stick

Yes, lipstick may not always look artificial. We love our gorgeous, seductively looking, bold lip stick, but attaining a calmer and less colourful look is great too. Every girl loves her nude makeup and if you aren’t a fan of lip glosses then, opting for a lip stick that is almost the same colour of your natural lips and blends with your skin tone may be best for you.


Though there are some artificial lashes that aim to look natural but fuller, nothing sells off the natural vibe than rocking your own lashes. But the problem is that your lashes are scanty, not dark enough and not perfectly curled. So that is where mascara comes in. Apply minimal mascara to your lashes and clean of the excesses. This gives you an easy but beautiful look.


Some makeup artists would advise to stay clear of this item if our goal isn’t to have sharper eyes and wear a bolder look. The thing is that eyeliner aims to give you a feel of mystery, danger or drama but you can apply it in a way to fit your goals. I would advise you let go of your wet eyeliner and use an eye pencil instead. Apply a black eye pencil to your top and bottom waterlines but ensure it doesn’t go above or below the waterline. Clean any excess eye pencil. You could use a dark brown eye pencil for a softer look.

Setting powder

This looks wrong, right? Its main aim is to bake the face so why am I adding it to the makeup items for creating a natural look? But stay calm. I know what I am doing. You can apply setting powder without having that powder edge. Just apply setting powder on the areas you would have applied your concealer if you wanted to highlight, leave it for only five minutes and dust off. It would give you a calm finishing without making you look too “cakey” or contoured. I hope these tips for simpler makeup looks work for you. But remember, everything in minimal works to give you a softer and natural look. Excess of anything wouldn’t do you any good, I promise.